We used Provia 100F for the Hasselblad. I was still bracketing using full stops at this point (EV 13, 14 and 15) whereas I have since started bracketing using half stops. We also used Provia 100F for the 35mm SLR.

There was one position with the four mountain peaks in the background that just kept on giving us many good shots and we ended up not using many that we would normally be very happy to use. There is a Colin Prior photo that I have always liked taken of the same mountains but probably from the other side.

I took some black and white photos using the Hasselblad using Ilford 50 with orange filter but after seeing the results after applying Nik software Silver Efex Pro, I don't think I will bother using black and white film again. Although if I ever get room to develop black and white film I may reconsider. Here are the original colour photos before they were processed to emulate black and white film. One of the photos from this trip is on the main page for this section.