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Title: Natural Movements
Post by: jbeegoode on November 04, 2019, 04:44:25 PM
We often discuss more natural states of being in nature, as naturism is a a segue to discovering our true nature in nature.

I began looking through Xero Shoes Sashen's podcast list and came across the Natural Movement recording. It is an interview with a guy who has developed a natural movement method he calls "Movnat." I have been discovering bits and pieces of natural movement that we have lost in our modern lifestyles and environments, like the importance of squatting and ape-like hanging. Both actions revive lost motions that support lower back, soaz (sic.) muscles, etc. prevent maladies associated like hernias. Barefoot walking is another such lost natural movement. The less restricted body movements when naked, another.

So, this guy has been into this for 20 years with a passion. He has a book out. His website is found googling "movnat." Youthful elasticity comes back with movement and stretch, use of forgotten abilities. He shows many skills that hunter gatherers used to use. He shows how these movements kept us alive and our bodies need this. He has a ton of exercises for these forgotten necessary bodily functions.

I'm just getting into his spiel, but it is fascinating. When my health resumes, I'll be at it...experimenting naked.
Title: Re: Natural Movements
Post by: jmf on November 04, 2019, 10:37:38 PM
I'm also a runner. Following achile heel injuries, I read a lot of what could be written to prevent this type of injury. In particular the book "Born to run" by Christopher McDougall. And I changed the way I set foot. I now run on the forefoot instead of the heel (I run two to three times a week and ran a marathon ten days ago in October)
Title: Re: Natural Movements
Post by: jbeegoode on November 05, 2019, 06:59:15 PM
I read "Born to Run", a fun book.

I like the story of the 85 year old man who runs 24 miles to town on a rough trail.
"How does he do that?"
"Well, nobody even told him that he couldn't."

I'm behind on my exercise. I have to get caught up...again.

My running form still needs work. I grind the ball of my foot, or forefoot when barefoot. My body is stubborn, but learning. I like to take off free and naked, but sustained running hasn't been a favorite since I ran track in high school and it became work. I enjoy swimming, hiking and walking on trails.
Title: Re: Natural Movements
Post by: MartinM on November 10, 2019, 10:54:57 AM
I came across Movnat a few years ago and there is a guy who set up sessions quite near me, so I attended one time, but not close enough to go regularly. I believe in the principles and am always barefoot, have been so for around eight years, and have been taught how to run/walk properly on my forefeet. I rediscovered the joy of climbing trees, but donít get to practise enough weightbearing/hanging with my arms etc. Itís all good stuff.

Most of the photos I saw show them practising, walking on logs etc, just wearing shorts. I of course dispense with the shorts whenever I can.
Title: Re: Natural Movements
Post by: jbeegoode on November 10, 2019, 05:18:20 PM
I have been hindered when climbing trees nude and even shorts. Scratchy bark.

The ability to climb trees is about gathering fruits, and spying to surprise animals while hunting. It is a great way to ambush enemies and prey. It has been used to escape being prey and sleep safely. Hanging is one of the few good exercises for the psoas and thorax muscles. it has to do with the lower back, and the abdomen and crotch system. If we used these, hernia would not be the most popular operations and prostrate would be less a problem.

I'm getting to recovery from illness. I've been walking on all fours over uneven granite surfaces. It is a workout and I can definitively feel which muscles it is exercising.

I'm also noticing that movnat movements show me imbalance in the use of different sides of me and can correct much of these habits.

Quite a trip.
Title: Re: Natural Movements
Post by: jbeegoode on November 15, 2019, 08:57:38 PM
I'm recovering from being sick and less mobile. I have been starting out with easy moves. I'm still not back to wellness.

The one that I have been enjoying is getting out my front door onto my sloping uneven rock slab on all fours. It is amazing to see the body moving in so many ways, without thinking. The balance and compensation, and then, it is exercise. I'm moving things that don't get that, some not for years. After crossing the short distance a couple of times, I'm breathing hard.

I just walk out absolutely naked and go for it. It feels primitive and very natural and somehow very nude. Five minutes here and there. Maybe watch a sunset while I catch my breath. I could walk quite awhile and a distance to get what I do from this short exercise.

I am trying various patterns. Instead of left right as I may naturally do, I'll move both right foot and hand at the same time, alternately. This begins lifting and different muscles are used, not to mention the mindfulness to go against habit.

I'll be doing this on a curb, or a park cement strip soon, to add balance to it. The nudity adds much to flexibility. In the park I'll try a pair of stretch pants.
Title: Re: Natural Movements
Post by: jbeegoode on November 15, 2019, 10:30:01 PM
Title: Re: Natural Movements
Post by: nuduke on November 18, 2019, 01:37:33 AM

In my view you can't beat a bit of yoga for getting your strength and flexibility going again.
Title: Re: Natural Movements
Post by: jbeegoode on November 18, 2019, 05:43:27 PM
There is yoga involved with this MovNAt. They are natural movements, so they can't avoid each other.

This stuff is more of a workout and gets the oxygen popping. It is what the yoga is for, movement, running, climbing, crawling, just less spiritual, but then again....
There is harder breathing and heart. Yoga used to hurt more, now this hurts. I'm doing some poses with it, however. So far, it is showing me how amazing the body is, so complex, without thinking and figuring it out. Muscle memories work before I can think it out. Changeup messes with old habits that I learned growing up. Just walking on all fours up a slope brings natural movements that are amazing. However, there is a tendency for the body to start to standup. "What the ---- are you doing? Standup and walk around this bush, not under it, fool!"

The floor exercises make the imbalance of each side of the body more apparent. Or squatting and rising up on one leg. One side might go right up and the other side couldn't cut it if it had to.

I get into a yoga pose and then meditate into a deeper, or higher state. It is to awaken originally, toward enlightenment. Both can be a Zen, I think. Both are good for us.

Title: Re: Natural Movements
Post by: nuduke on December 01, 2019, 12:21:20 AM

Indeed, exercise seems to be the No1 policy for retaining the faculties and capabilities into old age.
I wish I enjoyed it! 
I've done something to my knee that is making it ache when I kneel or squat.  Not conducive to good yoga practice.  It's taking ages to clear up, if it is clearing up.  I think I must have pulled a ligament or a tendon.
Title: Re: Natural Movements
Post by: Peter S on December 01, 2019, 09:05:58 AM
Itís a sign of age, John - we used to have a left knee and a right knee, now we have a good one and a bad one!
Title: Re: Natural Movements
Post by: jbeegoode on December 01, 2019, 11:09:41 PM
Use it or lose it. Lack of use begets potential injury, or too much too soon. I think that all of this stuff is much less old age as lack of use. It takes decades to lose the knack of a fully moving body, so it will take a while to get it back. I've been getting it back, slowly, as I'm not in good habits, but I am seeing noticeable differences.

The old Tarahumara guy, who runs 24 miles to town. Nobody ever told him that he can't. We can't be telling ourselves that we can't, or we're old. There is significant and powerful biology in belief.

Nuduke, may I suggest collagen powder. I get a good one from DF's 94 year old momma has bad knees and can now get up the stairs again, after the collagen. My whole body is more fluid. The body just quits making enough collagen with age. Perhaps get a bucket and try it for a month. There are subtle little differences.
Title: Re: Natural Movements
Post by: nuduke on December 06, 2019, 02:39:15 PM

Use it or lose it - wise words indeed.  Applies to all sorts of things.  I was doing some spreadsheet work a couple of days ago which I do rarely these days in retirement but frequently in the working past.  I was horrified how many things I had to look up on the help screens.

My knee is improving although not fully healed by any means yet.
I think one sign of getting older is that things like that take much longer to heal.

What do you do with the collagen?  Eat it?
Title: Re: Natural Movements
Post by: jbeegoode on December 06, 2019, 08:57:51 PM
It comes as a powder. About a tablespoon a day in a smoothie or a cup of something. It is easy with little taste. I read up on it. Heard about it helping people that I knew, especially DF's "97" year old mom. I read how it is so prevalent and integral in a body and that it becomes depleted with age. Supplements seemed to work. So, I tried it. I bought a bucket of quality organic collagen from "Amy Meyers" as it is an animal product.

I experience much less stiff and sore and groaning. I'm more flexible when doing say yoga. That is what it is supposed to do. That's what keeps those young whippersnappers so dang elastic. I used it for three weeks, laid off a week and then on a couple more, and by golly, I noticed a difference. I continued and I think there is more improvement. It apparently has made exercise less painful after not doing it for too long. I know of no other reason.

Here's Amy Meyer's detailed take on it. She's a doctor and has to keep her products medical grade for her licensing. Her stuff is a higher quality and more expensive. She has it done in South America organically. Less expensive is Amazon or Wallymart. That's what DF's mom was taking, but the cattle are....