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Title: Cover Girl!
Post by: jbeegoode on August 27, 2021, 03:10:00 AM
Just got the latest issue of "N" magazine in the mail. Guess who is the cover girl!

When we were asked, the original picture with both of us was going to be used. This is what came in the mail.

She knew it was coming, but she had the strangest look on her face as she saw herself, as I pulled it out of the white envelope, whisper singing, "On the Cover of the Rolling Stone" by Dr. Hook and the Medicine Show.

She was on the cover once before in a group photo, she of course is on the website each week or so, she has been in the pages of the magazine several times before, this ain't no staple in her belly button (good), but I think it hit as sort of a surreal experience.

A photo of us and one that I shot are back in the pages of this issue.
Title: Re: Cover Girl!
Post by: Greenbare Woods on August 28, 2021, 05:43:23 AM
Nice photo.  I got my copy today.   One might wonder why they didn't use the photo with both of you.  Actually it looks like they cropped you out of the picture.
Title: Re: Cover Girl!
Post by: nuduke on August 29, 2021, 12:14:26 AM
Well well, famous!
What was the subject and content of the article which you two feature in, Jbee?
Can you share a scan so we can read it?
Title: Re: Cover Girl!
Post by: jbeegoode on August 29, 2021, 07:09:46 PM
Yup, Probably snipped me to fit the tall thin mag cover. I'm not THAT homely! ;D

Nuduke, both of our printers are on the fritz. It was an article about a friends journey into naturism and two mnemonics, or an-something, can't remember those words right now. RSVP Routine, Social, Vacation, Public, which are how you get yourself into it. Then 4-H, Happy, Healthy, Honest, Human, which are how he remembers his talking points when talking about naturism to outsiders.
Title: Re: Cover Girl!
Post by: Greenbare Woods on August 30, 2021, 11:31:56 PM
Yup, Probably snipped me to fit the tall thin mag cover. I'm not THAT homely! ;D

Probably snipped you out to maintain the image that Naturism is about hot naked women.    A mature man would not attract their market.

Title: Re: Cover Girl!
Post by: jbeegoode on September 01, 2021, 03:19:35 AM
Uh Bob, this is "N: magazine. The content has never been of that sort and the covers have always reflected that.

Although DF will surely feel flattered by your description of her as "hot naked women" she wouldn't have consented to the use of the picture, if that was all that is going on. On our website there are inevitably some who get a sexual kick out of nude pics, we have to accept some of that. Any comments otherwise are deleted and we are pleased to see nearly all comments as naturism. That's our attitude. Promote free range naturism, naturism and body freedom.

"N" magazine is published by a female staff of long time naturists. It rarely sits on newsstands. There is no need to entice the general public with sex. Their market is naturists. The articles and pictures are generated by members.

A mature man next to a babe could often be an opportunity for fantasy for mature men. Dang, I hope you were joking.
Title: Re: Cover Girl!
Post by: jbeegoode on September 01, 2021, 10:42:52 PM
Here is the article that our few year old pictures inside the magazine were used to illustrate:
My Journey Into Naturism Article:

My Journey into Naturism

By Dr. Ken Sunwalker

Nearly twenty years ago, I began my naturist exploration freehiking in Utah.  Nude hiking has become my passion, and I now help manage Naturists of Northern Arizona (a MeWe and TNS group) that freehikes at least once a week ( ), and post about freehikes nearly even day on my blog ( ) which you’re welcome to follow for free.

During my time as a naturist, I’ve had many experiences, some of which I’ll describe below, and I’ve also noticed that many naturists/nudists are just wanna-bees, fearful, and not actually living a nude lifestyle.

While I don’t fully understand that fear, as Martin Luther King said, ‘I have a dream’, that one day we will be allowed to freehike and otherwise participate in nude activities without fear.  But that day will only arrive if we claim nakedness proudly and are ‘seen’.  If naturists/nudists are ashamed of nakedness and are ‘never’ seen nude, their nakedness will ‘never’ be normalized, they will ‘never’ feel good about living or being seen nude, and they will ‘never’ be able to convince others that naturism/nudity is okay to try – ‘NEVER’!  I’d like to change ‘never’ to ‘ALWAYS’!

But is that desire realistic?  Everyone’s approach to naturism is so different.  Marc discusses the journey that leads to ‘nudist enlightenment’:

“. . . The more I reflect upon it, the more I see this as a series of epiphanies.  Some people discover nudism and decide on the spot this is something they like.  Others require more time but eventually embrace nudism.  Some are sitting on a fence, not sure they like it.  Others are finding nudism gross and unacceptable.  However, all nudists, from all day to holiday ones, discover nudism step by step. . . when . . . you stop, ponder, and reflect on your various nudist experiences, you realize that there were small events along the way.  You were told about a book or a blog about nudism, you were invited to a naked barbecue, you experienced your first nude hike or nude yoga session, you met new nudists, etc.” -

So, if everyone’s movement towards nudist enlightenment is different, it’s difficult to make suggestions, even after being involved twenty years.  But I will share a few guides from my personal experience.  The process I’ll share uses the mnemonic RSVP to help me remember and include the steps I follow:

1.     Routine - establish a naked routine.  (If your significant other doesn’t understand your naked need, you MUST share this with she/he first; waiting just messes up relationships and leads to hiding and unfaithfulness.)  Slowly or quickly introduce a naked routine that works for you, i.e. sleeping, meditating, exercising, computing, eating/drinking, gardening/watering outdoors, doing housework, stripping when coming home, relaxing, watching TV, etc.


My routine: At first, being naked was an occasional activity for me; that will probably also be the case for you.  I was raised in a very conservative, religious family, and tried to hide my feelings about nakedness from others.  But over a lifetime this changed.  I now live a naked lifestyle - sleeping, eating, freehiking and meditating nearly every day, computing, gardening/watering, doing housework, stripping when coming home, relaxing, and watching TV.  I visit a naturist resort with my wife most weeks (Shangri La Ranch), sun and swim, sing naked karaoke, and build/maintain naturist trails.


2.     Social - make your nudity social.  Look for and join small naturist-interest clubs in your area (i.e freehikers, hot springers, skinny dippers, swimmers, free-beach groups, sun bathers, nude gammers) (search the web, and ask experienced naturists about potential groups), and if you can’t find one in your area, start one.  Plan events and share them with others.  Visit naturist resorts.  And be sure to join national organizations such as AANR ( and/or TNS (

I began by reading naturist-related Internet sites, then joined Internet groups.  I remember my first social naturist experience.  I went freehiking with someone I didn’t know.  I was scared but determined and found social freehiking totally natural; it felt great, and we talked lots; I was hooked.  Soon I was attending naturist swims and parties.  Now socializing with other naked people seems the way things ought to be.  I’ve lived at three naturist resorts.  I created freehiking trails around several naturist resorts.  I organized and ran (for two years) the Bare Burro 5k at Olive Dell Ranch.  I started freehiking groups in several states, and now help manage the Naturists of Northern Arizona and host my own naturist blog.

3.     Vacation - take naturist vacations.  Nakedness and vacations just seem to go together.

I’ve visited many local attractions and taken naked photos.  Even in crowed places, I just drop my clothes in a quiet moment.  I often carnude; naturists should drive naked whenever possible (no one will see, and I definitely follow the laws if naked).  I’ve expanded my naked vacations to more exotic spots; I’ve been to thirty-three naturist resorts, visited many hot springs and beaches, taken two nude cruises, and freehiked in half the U.S. states.  Along the way, I’ve taken lots of memorable naked vacation photos to share afterwards with those I love and trust.

4.     Public - spread the word by telling/inviting others.  Sharing your naked approach to life is hard.  What if family, friends, or others reject you (a few might)?  What if my boss or church leader finds out?  What if, what if, the fears go on and on.  I decided to live openly and stop living in fear!

I started by telling my family; surprisingly, they accepted me anyway (I guess they love me).  I found a naturist wife who participates with me (my wife told her family as well).  We decorate our place with an entry sign, statues, pictures/photos, and naturist literature/magazines.  Over time, I’ve become more and more comfortable telling those I meet (my wife is even more comfortable than me).  I’ve shared my naturist feelings with church leaders (to no avail) and know a person who shared that he was a naturist during a job interview with Brigham Young University (he was hired anyway).  I have run into textiles while freehiking (they were surprised but just stared, waved, or stopped to talk with me).  I respond to others’ Internet posts and share my own experiences and photos.  I even host a blog on which I share my naked thoughts and photos.  I’ve written published articles for the N Magazine (with photos).  We’ve sponsored naked events at our place.  I’ve advertised and taught workshops about naturism.  I’ve invited potentially-interested people to attend events with me (a few have accepted).

My wife and I recently shared with our new neighbors that we were naturists and that we occasionally held nude events at our place.  We didn’t ask permission, we just informed them.  The neighbor lady said that everyone had different “strokes”, that our nakedness wouldn’t bother them, and that everyone was born naked.  Do I tell everyone?  Not yet – maybe in the future.

So, that’s where I am in the RSVP process; where are you?  For some, things happen quickly; for others, even experienced naturists like me, it may take a lifetime.  You may be stuck on step one, Routine; if so, look for others and socialize so you can move ahead.  Or maybe you’re stuck on step three, Vacation, but haven’t gone public yet.  Well, start spreading the word.  And always remember, while everyone’s step-by-step process is different, the important thing is not the process, but the goal of naked freedom you eventually reach.

I’m Proud to be a Naturist!

The other day I watched a video of Scottish Highlanders, in kilts (no underwear of course), march to drums and the sound of bagpipes.  I lived in Scotland for two years so that sight and sound always makes me feel “proud”.  “Naked Pride” – that’s a goal many naturists lack.  I believe we need to follow the lead of “Gay Pride”.  We must be “proud” to be naturists.  Try thinking like that and you’ll see it makes a huge difference.  Maybe we need a song like Scotland the Brave, or posters, or bumper stickers, or a slogan, or even a parade to rally around?

One way to express pride in being a naturist (if that is your desire) is to take the 4-H Pledge (I came up with this to use as a mnemonic that helps me remember and share the wonderful benefits of naturism):

The 4-H Pledge:

Nudity makes me:

Happy with amazing feelings, fun, and freedom.

Healthy, both mentally and physically, with reduced stress.

Human - less judgmental, with realistic body image, more sociality, and environmental consciousness.

Honest – proud of being a naturist, confident with who I am, more open with others, and humble to accept the truth.

Therefore, I pledge to live a normal naked lifestyle as a: (nudist, naturist, nudie, clothing optional person)


Now it’s your turn to proudly expand your naked rights.  Will you?”  Remember, if you remain a person who is ashamed and afraid to claim your nakedness and be seen nude, you will ‘never’ normalize nakedness or feel good about living or being seen nude, and you will ‘never’ be able to convince others that naturism/nudity is okay to try – ‘NEVER’!
Title: Re: Cover Girl!
Post by: nuduke on September 07, 2021, 05:50:50 PM
Nice article.  Today my wife went to a local coffee morning with local Womens Institute colleagues and the subject of nude people in Sherwood Forest (I'm sure you have heard of that - Robin Hood's hideout and all that) came up.  One woman opined that she had completely stopped going there because she had heard that there were naturists that walked in the forest (which there are!) and she wouldn't go near such disgusting behaviour.  The area, being a tourist attraction in the uk, is all made up paths and not a dense forest at all (but nice!) so any naturists would pretty inevitably have encounters with textiles.  My wife then reported that several others of the women there chimed in on the conversation and started clucking their intense disapproval!  I was gratified that she also said that she had added to the discussion by saying she would not mind and it wasn't a bad thing that people wanted to be naked. 

At the time of this conversation with my wife, It being a very hot day, we were in the living room cooling off from earlier sunbathing, she in a light sundress and me completely naked. She asked me to put something on.  "Nope!" I said "it's too hot, sorry.  I'll be naked all day" to which she just gave a non committal shrug and accepted it.  I've been naked since.  Incrementalism at work.  ARE YOU LISTENING LARRY! Thank you for your wisdom!

Title: Re: Cover Girl!
Post by: jbeegoode on September 09, 2021, 02:58:35 AM
I see her concerns about her peer group finding out that you are naturist. Reading that made me squeamish, as well as gratified that she stuck up for us, as do most people.

Well, one thing is evident. Her peer group won't ever discover you in Sherwood Forest, so are you off for a walk in Robin's realm? ;D
Title: Re: Cover Girl!
Post by: nuduke on September 16, 2021, 11:55:28 PM
No plans for a visit to Sherwood Forest at the moment but if you ever came to the UK and visited us, I could show you it (less than an hour's drive).
Title: Re: Cover Girl!
Post by: jbeegoode on September 17, 2021, 08:48:47 AM
Cool, we're on our way. Not this year, probably not next, hopefully, the next, on our way to Greece.
Title: Re: Cover Girl!
Post by: nuduke on September 22, 2021, 08:34:58 PM
Cool, we're on our way. Not this year, probably not next, hopefully, the next, on our way to Greece.
OK I'll reserve 2023 for your visit!! :)  Not July please, am already booked for that!!  8) :o