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General Naturism Discussion / Re: Coping with cold weather
« on: February 17, 2020, 04:20:19 AM »
I feel like I should be naked all I possibly can be.  I need it,  it's just good for me.    It's been a very mild winter so far and had more than normal naked work time for January.   And I generally sleep naked beside the wood stove until the temp gets too cold at night and it seeps in through the cracks and thin walls too much.    But in the interest of staying naked all possible time,  and in the interest of healthy diet.  I decided to just go for it and build fence around some acres up on the mountainside where I can finish clearing it in time and plant orchard and gardens.  So this winter it's back and forth between working on equipment and clearing fence row with chainsaw and cutting fence posts.  Nude when I can be and clothed when necessary.    The track loader I've been working on for many weeks is finished and hopefully will run good to finish making fence row,   then I need to haul the rolls of fencing up and roll them out,   go borrow the fence post auger and set the posts.     Etc.      Hopefully get it done before time to plant in the spring.    But then there's the mowing machine I need to build in the shop yet.    At least the ole kubota is ready to go.  It's my roto tiller.   It's definitely easier to work both in shop and forest when it doesn't drop below freezing,  fortunately it's not been dropping below freezing very often,  one or two nights a week more or less.    When I find time in the next year or three I plan to build myself a much better dwelling,  small and simple but tighter and well insulated,   with a fireplace to lounge in front of. Just one room with fireplace in the middle perhaps.  Haven't decided where to build it, somewhat portable might be nice so I can move it.  But fire places don't lend themselves to portability.  So maybe two such dwellings would have to do.  One down by the shop and the other back of the naturist farm area.    The old log cabins around here built back in the 1800's were generally one room,   sometimes two cabins face to face with a breezeway between them,   I pass two such cabin remains on the hike Saturday,   just two tumbled chimneys on each one. And a 3rd obvious homestead site where I can't find the cabin site,  probably obliterated by logging since then since the most likely spot was made a log loading site sometime in the last 60 years.   Homesteads of the pioneers who settled the area,  their farms reverted back to forest.  As I pass by I imagine the many years of hard work they did to survive way back in the remote reaches of the Tennessee  back country.   Far more remote then than now,   with a 4 lane highway within a couple miles.  Back then it woulda been an all day rough trek with mule and wagon to get out to civilization.  Stay overnight in town and return the next day.

Free Range Naturism / Re: How was your month for Free Range Naturism?
« on: February 17, 2020, 03:43:29 AM »
In 1927  (the year my dad was born)   the writer may have known of inventions which would have developed into just what was predicted.   However such inventions although many and varied were all conveniently hidden away in favor of what keeps the money flowing toward the marketers of energy products.    One such invention was made by a Paul Davies of New Zealand not long after WW2,  it was ever so good at generating quantities of hot water with next to nothing for energy input, (using sonic resonance vibration to generate standing pressure waves to cause water molecules to heat themselves by friction)  but he tried all his life to get the interest of industry in it,  but to no avail.   Industry doesn't want anything like that,   a one time sale of a simple device that works forever after,  replacing what they make lots of money on continually. 

Oh well;   so much for the love of money over honesty and good of humanity.   Our Tennessee winter has been exceptionally mild,  got in plenty of naked work time In Jan,  but Feb so far has been just chilly,  not real cold,  but not warm enough to get out without the insulation fabrics. And lots of rain, we're some 9 inches above average already since Jan 1.   Yesterday was close,  got in a 5 mile hike back from church through the forest,   was pretty cool and I didn't loose any clothing for the first mile,  but started warming up when I started going uphill and went bottom free the rest of the way.  It was 45 F when I got home an hour before dark.  Might get in some tomorrow,  I have the trackloader ready to go (I hope)   need to use it out there to make fence row around my developing naturist farm,  (too many wild critters eat what I try to grow,  needa fence them out.)  and it's supposed to be 60 tomorrow just before the next rain arrives Tuesday.  Just warm enough to be comfortable without fabric if the wind don't blow too much.  Today it was barely up to 50 and I spent it doing repairs and finishing up some details on the equipment.  A hydraulic pump replacement on the little kubota and a ring welded on the old trailer coupler so it'll stay on a ball, and the radiator put back on the track hoe.    The old trailer coupler was off a burned house trailer back in 1985,  I used it for my flatbed trailer and it's been in service ever since.   Getting where it jumps off the ball hitch when it's locked on,   so I fixed that.  It's been through hell and back and falling apart,   think I'll rebuild it eventually and use it to carry the refrigerated truck box to haul produce off my naturist farm.   

General Naturism Discussion / Re: What’s in your Pants?
« on: February 10, 2020, 07:28:34 AM »
That is saying that the Indian women envy the English women for their  seemingly easy life,  the men taking more work,  (while the Indian men seemed lazy and forced the squaws to do more of the domestic labor)    But when the Indian men came to fetch their squaws from the houses of the English women,  the woman having a pot of stew on the fire with ladle handy threatened to throw boiling liquid at the Indian man,   who apparently was in no gentle mood toward his mate. 

The Creator gave humans brains instead of pockets.   Gave them the ability to use tools and make pockets or bags for themselves if they wanted a container to carry things.  He gave us tender feet instead of hooves,   and figured we could make our own foot protection.   He gave us no fur for a coat,  but instead intelligence to make coats for ourselves to insulate against the cold. 

General Naturism Discussion / Re: And you thought clothing was bad
« on: February 10, 2020, 07:06:03 AM »
Yes,  I think clothing is bad for us in some ways,  but our common diet is bad as well. 

I came from a predominantly vegetarian culture on both sides.  My mother's family used a little meat but she decided to drop it before her children arrived.   Both grandmothers lived past 90,   94 and 96.   My dad's father died at 68 from heart attack,  My mother said he was a foodaholic.  Severe overeater.   Her father died at 87.  He was a Wisconsin farmer and cheese lover.  My dad passed away last year at age 92.   Although he was vegetarian he was not a consumer of health food particularly.  Processed and sweetened was his breakfasts and snacks.  I am sure he would have lasted much longer with more natural and raw foods.  But that was his choice,  we have a right to make our own choices and live or die with their results.

I research many things;  nutrition and health,  natural healing is one area we've worked on for a lifetime.    In regards to longevity the difference between Mongolia and Japan is significant.  average of 67 versus 87.    Mongolia diet is heavy in meat,  since the country is pastoral in nature,  while Japan is more rice/vegetable oriented.  Seems like Okinawa was 89 average with a lot of over 100's   

I have gradually assembled my own opinions and  plan for life and diet.  It's Eden oriented.   I've decided to be a serious naturist gardener/farmer.   Due to my early experience of nudity repression,  and subsequent break from it.  I feel the need for all the body freedom I can get.   It looks like the closer I can get to Eden style living and eating the healthier I can be. And the better chance I have at living to be old healthfully and working condition.    And so I am working on heading that way.     And we also study fertility,  and plan to use and experiment with nutrient dense type fertility ideas,   getting heavy minerals on the soil in the best balance we can achieve for best results. Monitoring plant brix levels to watch how they respond.    With my grandfather being a grower of produce,  my mother raised with that and being an avid gardener,  I grew up in the gardening scene and it kinda comes naturally.   Any time I miss gardening for a season it feels like something just aint right. 
  So in pursuance of that I'm working on equipment to help out,  and fencing to protect my food plants from critters.  Working on clearing fence row and cutting posts in the vicinity of the fence from the cedar and locust trees.  Closing in maybe 7 acres. Most of the fence the posts are coming from within 100-200 ft of where they will go in, and a lot within 20-50 ft.  But there's excess posts in some places and limited in others,  so we'll have to transport some around to the lower side.
   The old track loader I've been reworking in the shop is practically done,  ready to start up and make sure all the repairs are working.    Need to build a mowing machine to maintain the orchard and collect mulch and compost material from cover crops.  And eventually I need to take a road trip in a truck to pick up the trace mineral product I can't buy and have shipped.   I bought a "new" truck that should work for that.   It's antique but in excellent condition, being predominantly garage kept, continually maintained and just 22,000 miles on it.   A 1975 IH, fire dpt water tank truck.  I will remove the tank pretty soon and put a flat bed on it.  Since I want to go full time naturist gardening I have to make it large enough to be "commercial" in order to not have to resort to sideline jobs to keep the finances in shape.  Besides once I get the brix up, it'll taste so good people are going to want it.   I may not be able to keep up with the demand for it. 

Free Range Naturism / Re: How was your month for Free Range Naturism?
« on: February 10, 2020, 05:41:48 AM »
January was unusually good for Tennessee.  Got in a number of days of unclad working time.   But so Far Feb is chilly and wet. Well:  Jan was wet too but plenty of warm days with one day that topped out at 70F.     We are over 6" in excess rain above average since Jan 1.   2 years ago ended with around 25" excess and last year about 10" over.   The moisture is constantly blowing up from the gulf of mexico mingling with cooler air and dumping it's load on us frequently. 

General Naturism Discussion / Re: Testosterone and Vitamin D
« on: December 23, 2019, 02:29:45 AM »
That's why I got so hot feelin when I was driving the tractor for hours and my balls got baked.  Not temperature hot either. I didn't know what was doing it at the time.   

Everything says naked is better,  even the Creator exclaimed over all creation, that it was very good,   and that when mankind was naked. 

General Naturism Discussion / Re: Eradicating Prudism
« on: December 23, 2019, 02:24:21 AM »
back to the original article,  it's one of the best concentrations of truth on the subject I've seen in awhile.    And that point mentioned.  "Religious models that typically portray nudity as sin and prudishness as obedience to divine instructions." Is one I've especially had experience with. 

I'd have to ask   "What divine instructions?"      Considering Isaiah 20 we have an example of divine instruction to one man to go naked for 3 years at a stretch.     That's the opposite.   We have Gen 3 where the layout of the original perfect divine plan of life for man was naked in paradise gardens.     All the instructions i can find from anything resembling a divine source are actually slanted toward nudity, not against it.    The against it mentality is all mans inventions based on erroneous reasoning.   It's the pharisee way of life,   invent yer own rules to live by and never mind if they violate God's rules. 

And for sure;  isolating children from the sight of their own species natural form is definitely doing them much serious harm.  It really is akin to child abuse,  driving then to lust addictions and sometimes even crime.  But the world is so blind to what they're doing it's sickening to see it happen.

General Naturism Discussion / Re: What’s in your Pants?
« on: December 23, 2019, 02:06:00 AM »
my pants is fallin to pieces right now.  Can't bear to part with them so end up wearing them till they fall off in rags.   That's the ones I was using for woods and shop work today.   Just because it was too chilly to not wear something.   What's in em?  dirt and grease for the most part,  I'm still sort of in em and spillin out.  as for pocket fillin that's usually a folding knife, either swiss or that generic old thing that stays sharp better than the swiss.   But the swiss has a saw blade on it that comes in really handy sometimes.   For going places a comb and billfold and some change gets added.   Of course I switch to a better looking version to go places. The old fallin apart kind is just for chilly weather home work.

General Naturism Discussion / Re: Happy Nude Year
« on: December 23, 2019, 01:50:55 AM »
Well,   at least try to make a happy nude yule ya'll.   It it don't work don't blame me. 

I'm glad to see things beginning to turn around. Although the temperature takes a little while longer to get it'self turned around.   I still have a whole lot of work to do before it starts warming up.  hope I can get in enough of it to get where I wanna be by spring.  A fenced orchard/garden area ready to start planting is the goal. But I have to get a machine fixed an going before i can start on that,   so I been working on it. 

General Naturism Discussion / Re: Definitions
« on: December 23, 2019, 01:30:01 AM »
since the world in general has sort of adopted naturism as a term for runnin round naked,  I guess it's OK to identify with it.

I try to keep things as simple as possible and maintain accuracy. 

Of the two I prefer naturist over nudist because it gives impression of more nature oriented.  While nudist  has no defining slant,   a sex obsessed criminal could be a nudist,  but he's definitely not a naturist,  because he's not operating in harmony with nature, (which includes living in harmony with those around us) 

And while many other definitions may fit,   language is for communication and if someone I talk to does not understand what I'm talking about,  i might as well shut up. 

Like saying I drank some Di-hydrogen Oxide today. Such a chemical concoction has caused the death of many,  but I can't live without it.     Or I just had some ghoughphtheightteeaus for supper.    Huh?    poughteighteaus perhaps?   

General Naturism Discussion / Re: clothing is really bad
« on: December 15, 2019, 11:51:42 PM »
I'm just identifying a definite link in my own young life from the repression of nudity to the rise of a lust addiction,  and then I see the same going on in others.    Naturist cured the issue for me.     I just hate to see more children getting the same deal I did and have to contend with it.  Because many never do find the solution. 

General Naturism Discussion / clothing is really bad
« on: December 14, 2019, 03:55:19 PM »
I've been locked out for weeks.   Tried to change my email and the link to confirm the new one kept failing,  click it and it always redirects back to the main sign in page and won't confirm the email.   But I finally got the thought to try a copy and past thing with the address.   Put it in the address bar and go to it that way.   And it worked.   

But anyway.    Lately I've been thinking through my own experience to figure out just what happened in my childhood that made my lust pop up out of nowhere and attach itself to my naked self.   I suffered and fought it for 35 years,  while it kept getting worse.   Finally realized there was no way I could deal with it and just sort of gave up trying.   Started telling God,   "you will have to clean up my mind, I can't do it"  Shortly after starting that prayer the concept of naturism came my way.    It was the last thing I'd ever been likely to do,  I thought naked was always lust inspiring,  and I also had an automatic fear response with the slightest chance of being seen naked.   But the website convinced me what I needed,   and Isaiah 20 convinced me God didn't care if we went naked in public.  So I started intentionally going naked in private work back in the woods,  and it started working,  the lust response started fading.    But now a few years have passed and I've been thinking it through some more,  and I come to realize just what it was that caused my lust to pop up and attach itself to my own nakedness.    I was never naked,   no one around me was either.  I never saw my parents naked.   My mother especially thought all nakedness was sexual and lustful and had quite a degrading way of mentioning it.    She though she was shielding me against lust addictions by shielding me from nudity.   But in reality it had the opposite effect,  it drove me into a lust addiction by default.     And it finally occurs to me;   That's is what's going on all around us now,  all the time.   The children are growing up with no naked people around them.  (skimpy bathing suits don't count)   and it's causing their lusts to grab a hold of nudity to feed off of when they hit puberty,   if nudity were as common as naked hands and faces it would be nothing to the mind and lust could not grab onto it.    So our societies efforts at child protection are actually the very thing that is driving them to lust after same sex,  opposite sex.   and all manner of various of excessive unnatural issues.     So this clothing thing is really big,  even bigger an issue than most of us purveyors of naturism realize.   It's inspiring me to get a bit bolder and talk to some parents of children,  tell them my story of how I got trapped in a lust addiction for so long and what saved me from it. Perhaps save their children from the same difficulties.   I never though I was addicted to porn, because it was not an outward thing.   But I came to realize I really was addicted to porn,  my porn was myself.   And I think it turned inward because I tended to be shy without social connections,  and because naked was a rare thing in my life. 

General Naturism Discussion / Re: People who've given up washing
« on: December 14, 2019, 03:14:03 PM »
We don't live in Eden any more.   Even there they swam in the river daily.   But after sin happened we started to die.   Dead skin can accumulate on the surface and needs to be kept rubbed off,    then there are toxins constantly being eliminated through the pores with the perspiration,  and that happens at a slower rate all the time when we're not actively perspiring.  So for good health,  and to not offend those we live with, we wash.    But what soap or other stuff one wants to use may be extra.   And it's best not to use things that could be toxic because the skin takes up things and well as expelling stuff.      Now if we go naked a lot we may well stay cleaner than if we stayed covered.   That is; cleaner biologically.   Not necessarily cleaner visibly.  But there's clean dirt and there's dirty dirt. 

General Naturism Discussion / Re: Nude vs. Clothed
« on: September 08, 2019, 10:55:30 PM »
I love it;  wandering around in nature, being as natural as I can be,  the humid heat of summer makes clothing stupid.  Then when it's just right,  clothing is still stupid.  Only when it's too cold does clothing make any sense.  Unfortunately those around me think otherwise, so I have to put up with their opinions and conform to their expectations to some degree in order to get along without friction.     I love to live amid live growing things.  And I enjoy eating the fruits of them.   So much that for a long time,  all my life really,  I've wanted to do it full time,  but our winter does not lend itself to it very well.   

 On my 6th greenhouse attempt,  but for years I've been searching for some way to heat a greenhouse all winter without running up an energy bill on unrenewable resources.  Both for monetary reasons and moral reasons I can't do it unless the energy is free of cost and non polluting,   But lately the solution has come along.  So I'm heading for the greenhouse trade,  both for profit and for a winter hangout,  for healthy diet and Eden style living.  I can put one or more units into production for profit,  but I want one or more just to grow a variety of interesting tropical fruits and winter garden.  Maybe in time I can put one way back on my mountainside and designate it exclusively naturist zone. It will be hard to do that with the first ones I make up front, too many fabric moralists around to get away with it.   Although I can make the doors to lock from the inside so I can free work when I'm alone at least.     I would also enjoy helping others get their own free running greenhouse setup going.  At least with the information I've collected in how to go about it.   They will cost money to build and set up.  Good bit of money.  But the design can be tweaked to run fully independent of outside energy input in both heating and cooling.  Which if run with a for-profit crop can make them very profitable.  Or run as a huge sunroom with no extra expense.

Free Range Naturism / Re: Eureka!
« on: April 19, 2019, 01:23:00 AM »
Nice place.   I'd do the same in the same circumstance.    Nettles are an edible green,  nice mild flavor,  cook with a little seasoning and the stinger hairs vanish.   They are even edible raw,  we've eaten them successfully one leaf at a time by folding the leaf edge inward before consumption. 

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