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Introductions / Re: Hello from Colorado.
« on: January 28, 2022, 06:36:52 PM »
Thanks guys. Colorado is very conservative so not much going on with naturism but Valley View Hot Springs is where I like to go. 

Good place.  My favorite Colorado place too.  Even met Jbee there once.  I've been going to Valley View for more than 30 years.  Its less often since I've been living in Washington State. I still stop in when I get down that way.  Sad that Neil died.  Maybe we'll meet up there some day. 

Upper pool at VV.  A few years ago. 

Introductions / Re: Hello from Colorado.
« on: January 26, 2022, 05:01:34 PM »
Welcome Surly.  It's a laid back site with regulars from several countries.   What's your favorite nude place in Colorado?

Free Range Naturism / Re: How was your month for Free Range Naturism?
« on: January 22, 2022, 05:26:56 PM »

I carry a large plastic bag to stand on when I do change

Interesting idea.  I've sometimes gotten my pants leg in mud or dirt when removing my clothes.  I was just thinking about that this week.  A bit of plastic would help. 

Taking off boots to remove trousers is the greatest pain.
Davie  8)

When I was young I learned to always wear boots on a hike.   Much later in life I learned that human feet evolved bare like all the other animals.  Now I eschew the boots or shoes except in snow.  Bare feet do make the task of removing pants or shorts a lot less complicated. Bare feet and bodies is the default human condition.  Shoes are as unnatural as clothes.  I never feel "naked" with shoes on my feet. 

Introductions / Re: User Name Change
« on: January 17, 2022, 06:34:19 PM »
Wow!  After all this time.  Change of branding!
Why the change, Bob?  If addressing you as Bob is still appropriate - are you changing your time honoured handle too?  Do we call you Bob or Greenbare?...Or GW for short!! :D :D
I see you have changed the name on top of your usual profile which means your significant stack of posts is retained also.
I'm now intrigued - I'll have a look back and see if the ID changes in historical posts (I expect so as the forum is a database).

Hi John,   I've been using the name Greenbare on other nudist forums for a couple of years or more.   Green as in Nature. Naked is "green" to use political doublespeak.  Bare as in bare.   I finally decided to delete or discontinue my archaic Yahoo mail address.  While changing that e-mail name it was convenient to uses the e-mail address that has the Greenbare name.   Some web sites demand a last name to create an account, so I added "Woods" as a last name.  I live in the woods and go naked in the woods a lot so that's not a huge stretch.

I hope that's not too confusing.  I did notice that this Free Range Naturism forum changed all the previous posts and wherever the Bob name was used.   I guess GW works.  Or some call me "Green" but I'm not fond of that. 

Interesting post, Bob.
It has seen something of a renaissance during lockdown when there was a large increase in BN membership applications reported in the press.  This may be what the article is referring to.   There were also a report or two on how home naturism was increasing during lockdown as there wasn't anything to get dressed for and people were discovering the body freedom.  But I suspect the trend is transient.  Evidently the French are much more keen on it and it is endemic in German society, I read, but is it on the increase there I wonder?  JMF - you might have better information?
Lets hope the lockdown increase continues and more people take up being naked.

The blog article was written almost a year ago so much of the recent increase in naturism in Europe is likely reported after.   He is right that nudists need to be more public and active in our home areas.  The increased number in BN and other European countries is a good sign. 

Free Range Naturism / Re: The Secret Naturist Handbook
« on: January 16, 2022, 05:54:03 PM »

Hot days generally mean more direct sunshine and risk of sunburn.

I would gladly trade 20 acres of snow and ice for a few hot days. 

Naturists seriously need local naturist organizations

Naturism in the U. S. is not doing well, especially in comparison to how it is in western European countries, such as France, Spain, Germany, England, and even Croatia. Much of the problem is due to outdated cultural attitudes towards nudity. These bad attitudes, however, are not being adequately countered by U. S. naturists and their organizations. Consequently, many if not most naturists feel they have to be secretive about their enjoyment of nudity. And that secrecy, in turn, prevents naturism from thriving as it should.

What follows is an examination of the problem – and what could be done to deal effectively with it.

Found this NaturistPlace Blog   I agree with its take declining naturist participation and on the need for local nudist groups.

Introductions / User Name Change
« on: January 02, 2022, 08:58:12 PM »
Hi sports fans. 

I changed my user name from Bob Knows to Greenbare Woods. 

I'm also discontinuing the Yahoo e-mail.  My new e-mail is

Free Range Naturism / Re: On Walking Alone
« on: December 30, 2021, 11:55:42 PM »

Quote from: Bob
here are ponds which mostly are the Cheney sewage disposal ponds,
Reminds me of Hymie's walks round treatment plants many years ago.  "Hello Hymie" if you're still there!
I presume, Bob, that Cheney has some sort of natural way of innocuous sewage disposal, otherwise doesn't it smell bad when you cycle round it!?

I'm sure they do some kind of treatment before it goes to the ponds.  Then the plants and such do more processing.  Doesn't smell. 

One thing I've never understood about naked cycling, which I have never done btw, particularly for those who are a bit 'broader in the beam' so to speak, is why it isn't fiendishly uncomfortable as the saddle works its way between your buttocks!  Logic tells me it can't be bad but I still wonder if the ride isn't a bit punishing on the anus!  Your comments invited in a genuine spirit of enquiry! :)   

I bought a padded seat.  I also have some padded bicycle shorts, but I prefer not to wear them.   I think it gets better as you get used to it.  It's the lower muscles that take the weight. 

Free Range Naturism / Re: On Walking Alone
« on: December 30, 2021, 08:07:41 PM »
I know of those old train track trails that are good to ride bikes and assume that is where you have been doing your riding. Are there other locations that you like to bike? Do you take backup clothing? How far a ride do you generally go? Encounters?...this looks like a bike riding thread!

Good questions, Jbee.  I have found that most of the "rails to trails" around here are still covered with course gravel that makes bike riding or barefoot walking problematic.   At best they are kind of boring with very gentle slopes and very wide corners.  Anyway I have found other places that are more accessible, even with encounters. 

Last summer my favorite place for naked bicycle riding was a location called Cheney Wetlands Trail.  Its about 4 miles around.  There are ponds which mostly are the Cheney sewage disposal ponds, but have been adopted by a wide variety of birds and aquatic plants. 

This area has several sections where the trail gets too steep for me to ride so I have to get out and walk.  It has a section where it gets up hill away from ponds and meanders through the woods.  The Cheney Wetlands trail does not have a parking lot.  To get there you have to go to one of those abandoned railroad trails and either climb through the fence, or follow the (paved) section of the Cheney- Fish Lake trail (State Park) for about 1/2 mile and then turn off on a gravel side road.  Up that hill gets you to the sign board map in the above picture.   Those pictures are from 2020.  I have replaced the bicycle helmet with my cap from  Cap d'Agde.  It keeps the sun out of my eyes without the funny helmet.  I guess I'm not totally naked. 

I often encounter other (clothed) hikers, dog walkers, and birders while riding the loop.  On a typical weekday I may pass 5 or 6 clothed people.  Sometimes I stop to chat if they seem friendly.  Last fall I stopped to chat with a clothed couple and the woman wanted me to pose for a picture.  I don't mind being photographed.  I assume that someone is going to photograph me naked as a given for going out naked in public.  Nobody has ever complained about me being naked on a public trail.

Last fall I also branched out to another part of the Fish Lake Trail, the part that starts in Spokane.  There is about 2 miles missing between parts so the Spokane side doesn't actually extend to Fish Lake.  It has a parking lot and 3 road crossings.  Much of it is through the woods, gently uphill away from Spokane, and downhill returning.  I didn't get any photos on this trail.  It's hard to take pictures when riding alone. 

My public trail practice so far has been to wear shorts going away from my car, and then ride naked on the return.  My thinking is if anyone gets "offended" and calls police or something they cannot sit there and wait for me to get to the other end and come back.  I end up having the shorts with me, and wear them in the parking lot on my return.  The "offended" person also can't wait and hit me with a stick or something on my return.  Riding naked back toward the parking returns me to my "escape" before the textile people can do something offensive.   I pass a dozen or so clothed people on the paved trail.  I have also ridden naked on the Cheney-Fish Lake section too.  Nobody has ever complained as far as I know.  If I had someone to ride with I would venture out to other trails. There is safety in numbers or so it is said.   I end up riding alone. 

I have started a social media page for Naked in Spokane on MeWe.  A couple of people have said they would enjoy riding naked together next summer.  We will see what happens. 

Free Range Naturism / Re: On Walking Alone
« on: December 29, 2021, 12:45:47 AM »
Most of my nude walks are alone.   And my nude bicycle riding.  It's hard to find compatible friends. 

Free Range Naturism / Re: How was your month for Free Range Naturism?
« on: December 24, 2021, 09:33:49 PM »
Well, it's been cold and rainy here.  I've been mostly limiting myself to a few minutes at a time indoors, mostly standing around near the wood stove.  I have also managed to get naked while driving a few times.  Cars end up being warm enough for casual nudity even in winter.  This week my wife is visiting relatives in Oregon, so my trip from the airport was naked., and my 25 mile trip for shopping at Walmart.   I've never had troubles while driving naked during the day or at night.   

Introductions / Re: Hello
« on: December 17, 2021, 09:06:45 PM »
Yup, but I confess hat I have been putting on a robe in the morning and sweats while working on the sweat lodge project and the rainwater harvesting systems, this last few days.After all of those unseasonable highs that La Nina has brought, this week, the daily highs dipped down into the 60F and lows 40F-ish and high 30's. That's our winter temps and I'm not acclimated...yet.
Yup, MOST of the time.  ;)Jbee

We had 7 F (-12C ?) this morning.   I had my sweats, shoes, coat, gloves, and knit hat to go sweep snow off the car.   Cold weather is the only good reason to wear clothes.

Introductions / Re: Hello
« on: December 16, 2021, 07:56:40 PM »
I'd have to go out and buy PJ's for that one occasion and then turn them over to the good will...such waste...better spent on a nice dinner out.
I suppose that you could have come in an old sheet like a toga.

Yes.  Getting dressed to go to bed is just about as silly as getting dressed to go swimming.

Actually getting dressed at all is pretty silly most of the time. 

Factory Farmed Naturism / Re: Nude Swim under attack by the prudes
« on: December 16, 2021, 07:50:39 PM »
There are online groups of “paedo hunters” made up of people who are sick of children being targeted for abuse online. Some of them got word of naturist swims from news promos and they went ape shit to learn children were involved. They are opposed to children taking part in any naturist activity because they “can’t consent” and believe people at these events are there for sex etc. I have seen some protestors interviews with newspapers too and they look like the losers you’d get on shows like Jeremy Kyle or Jerry Springer. Sorry to generalise but some seem like they have no lives if their own. Wouldn’t be surprised if many were Britain First members either.

I've seen their BS on social media.   The one I saw recently had a Nudist Family photo from a nudist beach.   I find their hate more offensive than those they hate. 

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