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General Naturism Discussion / Smooth Hound
« on: June 10, 2018, 03:54:18 PM »

I just wanted to share this to find out what others do.

Over the years I have become a smooth naturist i.e. I remove all hair below the neck if I can.
Whilst I used to leave a bit of pube up to a year or so ago (wife's protestations again), I now remove all my body hair and I have to say that I love my appearance 'smooth' i.e. without any unseemly tufts of hair everywhere.  One aid to keeping myself smooth has been a Philips Bodygroom which was recommended by Nigel Nib who is (or was) also a smoothie (not to be confused with the beverage of pulverised fruit - non, no it would be very uncomfortable to have your fruits pulverised!).  I also have a shave in the shower each day which keeps everything as hairless as is practical.
What do you do, dear Free Range Naturists?  Hairy, semi shaved or smooth?  Have we discussed this before? - I don't recall if we have.
My journey to hairlessness has been one of many years.  It started with practicality.  I used to suffer from haemorrhoids which I have cured over the years by better diet and squatting to defaecate.  However I was troubled by this perianal nuisance for many years and had to put gooey ointments on them to stave the pain.  However, this was a very messy arrangement as I had hair around my anus and in my crack and this used to get caked with the cream and cause skid marks on the underpants etc.  The better pile relief preparations are oil or petroleum jelly based making it a sticky and messy perpetual chore to get the ointment on or off.  Sorry - is this too much information?  So one day I decided to trim  the perianal hair which I did by crouching over a mirror.  This led to a great improvement in dealing with the pile ointment until eventually I shaved the hair off altogether between my buttocks and across my perineum.  Not only did this improve the pile ointment problem enormously but it led to a considerable improvement in hygiene after defaecation and felt nice too!  Then one day I thought I might do under my arms.  Been doing that so long now the hair in those regions never really grows back significantly and I only need to shave them once every few weeks. 

I am not very hairy overall - never had any hair on my calves and lower leg and very little on my upper legs and only a central 'tuft' on my chest (which I never liked).  But for probably social cohesive reasons etc., I didn't want to be seen in the changing room or bedroom without pubes - it was more years before my attention turned to the pubic, femoral and torso regions!  Eventually, having discovered Nib's secret the Philips Body groomer, I started to shave any remaining hair from my legs and chest and a 'Number One' cut on my pubes (i.e. the shortest length with the clippers).  And over time and particularly in recent months I have cast away my wife's preference for me having pubes (she says I look like a baby without!) and I now shave everything I can find regularly and the pubes daily to be as smooth a smoothie as I can and I have to say I find not having any body hair a perpetual pleasure in appearance and convenience.

I do have long hair on my head (I can just about gather it in a small pony tail at the back) and a gohti beard (clipped to number 1) so I feel a bit of a hypocrite re smoothness.  However, I'm told I look a trifle more wise and distingué with the beard (particularly by Mrs N) and I am somewhat afraid of the radicalness and possible regrowth consequences (all grey?) if I have a clippered haircut or a shaved head.  That aspect of smoothness about the head to match the body bothers me hardly at all although I am slightly envious of the many males of my acquaintance who have shaved heads - less bother with hairdressers, shampooing and time saved in the morning brushing it.  But perhaps more bother with shaving preparations and razors in the shower.  Can one shave one's own head without craning in the mirror and risking lacerations from the razor? I have to admit that if I'm not careful I can get a blaze of barber's rash (I get this on face from wet shaving so I always use an electric although, for no reason apparent, the electric tends to irritate my groin regions whilst being better for the face).

Enough from me!!
Any comments?
Smoothie John

Free Range Naturism / Snow Angel
« on: February 28, 2018, 11:11:49 PM »
 Guys, it was snowy early this morning and I had a little adventure.
We are having a pretty bad spell of snow in the UK and our area was not spared the frozen white inconvenience. As luck would have it the thing I was due to attend this morning was cancelled by 8.30 ish so I had a free day. "Right!" said I to wifey "you don't get many chances for a snow angel! Life's too short - I'm off to play in the snow!" So I fiddled around with my cellphone, propping it up in an upstairs window so I got an aerial view, started the video, went downstairs into the garden and made a lovely snow angel naked (that's me not the angel) in about -5deg c (23 deg F). Unfortunately I don't seem to be able to post the video without giving the world access to my photo store so here are some video frames. First the long view. The blue circle was a tuft of grass where I was to aim for to get in the centre of the video but I misjudged tufts and ended up at the edge of the picture

Next the angel moment - I clipped a frame from the video and zoomed it in at its climax whilst I was angel-ing!  Sorry only half of me in frame (quite enough some might say!).

I was overjoyed to have done this - it has been a smaller item on life's bucket list. I have to say that I've played naked in the snow before but there wasn't enough for an angel so this time on the soft grass it was ideal.

It was cold! I didn't feel shivery at all but the pain of the snow on my skin glowed for some time after I got inside again. Having made my contribution to snow art, I went upstairs clad in dressing gown (US=bathrobe) and announced I had achieved my little ambition. "Did you do it naked!" said Mrs N with obviously the shock of realisation that had not occurred to her before. "Of course" I smiled. "Let me have a look then", she said rising from bed and heading for the appropriate bedroom window. Thinking quickly I said "I'll show you" and dashed downstairs and out into the garden naked and pointed it out with a little dance in the snow. I could hear her objecting through closed double glazed windows! So I made a snowball and threw it at the window. She smiled and saw the fun of it really.

Then she decided to make a snowman. She dressed in several layers, hat, boots etc etc and tramped into the garden and started rolling snow. "Coming to help!" I shouted and once again leapt into the garden naked. She was not amused and asked me to go in after only a minute or so.  "I'm not cold" I said (lying!). "I don't care, she said - I hate you being naked like that."

So I went in, put on overalls and boots and a coat and we had a few laughs at our very unsuccessful snowman building effort as the snow was unusually powdery and not adherent at all.  Eventually she got a dwarf snowman constructed and after the obligatory photos we went in for breakfast before which I had a brief but hot shower to warm up.

Not as involved as JBee and DF's exploits but we had a little fun nevertheless and I got a bit more outdoor naked fun than I expected!


General Naturism Discussion / STATS!
« on: January 03, 2017, 10:38:27 AM »

Good heavens, people, I just discovered the amazing and awesome STATS page on this forum.
Wow, this is one great value forum software, Stuart & Karla!!

You can see who's in the driving seat for post volume (Jbee and Duane) and incredibly heartwarming observations like Dave balead whom we almost never hear from these days is in fact 8th in the list of time spent online.  This means you are keeping up with us, Dave!  Hi and great to know you are still in and around. 

Then there's the count by month by postings going back to 2013.  After the TSNS invasion (or rescue) you can now clearly see the annual bell curve of the annual cycle of ebb and flow of topics and posts - less in winter, much more in summer.

Never will I need to do one of those tedious posts where I count up the posts and admire the top posters and berate the backsliders who have not posted so much!  You just have to glance at the STATS page.

I exhort you to have a look!

STATS*?  I love 'em! 

* I put STATS in capitals as we always do for BEER ...and for similar reasons!

Free Range Naturism / At Long Last!!
« on: May 29, 2016, 12:54:30 AM »
I haven't started a new thread for a long time but today was special and I just wanted to bring to your attention that I had some naked hiking today!

Those of you who have followed my exploits in recent months will know that despite relocation to more rural circumstances, I have been somewhat frustrated by the lack of places that I can get naked in nature, albeit that my opportunity for garden and domestic naturism has been much increased.  The terrain is very flat in the whole county and woodland is very scarce, roads plentiful but parking on the narrow country roads often difficult or impossible and in summary despite a deal of ranging and recces, I haven't found a good place or places to hike or sunbathe skyclad yet....until today.

What happened was that, being a lovely spring day, intermittent sunny periods and light cloud, warm but not hot and no appointments or obligations... I decided to get on my rickety old electric bike and see how far it would take me on a battery charge.  For these purposes, a flat terrain is good. I cycled a mile or two to a commercial fishing lake I have been meaning to look over for months.  It was a really nice location and my subtext was to see if there was any naked walking potential.  It was a well-used facility and although a very nice locale which I will visit for some fishing, there was no woodland or brush to get concealed in and about a third of the perimeter was bordered by a camp site for caravans (not great for fishing ambience either).  Having chatted with a couple of fishermen and watched one pull out 3 crucian carp and 2 small tench in under 20 minutes, I determined to return with tackle.

Mounting again my trusty steed, I cycled on  in the effulgent sunshine through the next village and on into the deeper countryside where the road narrowed to a single track with absolutely no room for 2 vehicles to pass but sufficiently well made for me to be able to cycle safely and easily.  2 lady 'proper' cyclists passed me coming from the other direction and we exchanged greetings.  Eventually the road came to a ford across the local river.  Fords are an extreme rarity in the UK so I stopped to look over the bucolic scene.  Having appreciated that for a few minutes, I noted that where I had parked my bike was an ungated field entrance so, ever alive to possibilities of getting naked, I pulled my bike off the road and strolled but a few yards up a slight incline along the riverbank bordering the field.

As I stood there I noted that the road the other side of the ford was unmade so it was unlikely that any vehicles actually used the ford and indeed one could see a parralel road a few hundred yards away.  In the opposite direction there was a cluster of farm buildings and the rest of the vista was fields as far as the eye could see.  My SN risk calculator activated:  I could see for miles, I was out of sight of cars passing on the road which were very few, I could see the hardly-used road from whence I came and so I had a 360 degree surveillance.  The grass was tall at the edge of the field I stood in, there were a few trees and the chances of anyone approaching from about 300 of the 360 degrees was nil. 

I was prepared.  I had my zip-pocket hiking trousers on and a backpack.  So, I was able to strip off.  I had donned socks and walking shoes as a parallel precaution should I get the chance of some nice hiking which were a nuisance but not too much of a problem.  I was able to stand and sit sunbathing for a while and I rejoiced that I had finally got a decent chance to be naked in nature AND that I had taken it despite the usual taboos of being careful in a new location.

The river gurgled, the grass swished in the light breeze and the insects buzzed and chirped.  I sat comfortable on the dry, grassy earth and was filled for a moment with a joy of a return to SN after a very long gap.  At not very long length, perhaps 15' I re-robed and returned to my hapless conveyance.

As well as the ford there was a narrow footbridge over the river and with some care needed I walked my bike to the other side, 'scrambled' the 1-200 yards along the unmade dirt track to the road and was thereby able to make a circular trip home rather than have to retrace my initial journey.  Happily, my battery lasted the distance and the ride back was even pleasanter with the warm glow of having had some nude time and the knowledge that I will go there again soon (with a packed lunch and a book!).


General Naturism Discussion / AHG
« on: August 07, 2015, 09:17:01 PM »
Anyone definitely heading for Abbey House Gardens on 16th? 

I'm of a mind to just up and go there (and hang the divorce risk!) if there's good SN company in prospect.  If we move house to where we want, I shall be an extra hour's drive away and it may not be available next year! 

Weather forecast however is not good!


Introductions / Greetings from beyond
« on: August 18, 2014, 11:46:16 PM »
Hi there
Nuduke here!  After a gap of over a year since trying to register I finally managed to complete the log in procedure!
See you in the forums!

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