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Trip reports / Another trip to Ohio!
« on: July 10, 2017, 03:37:10 PM »
It was a kind of boring trip in a way. Due to the Fourth of July Holiday the campground and surrounding park was full of people which left little or no chance for free range activity. But I did take many walks or hikes just to recon the area for the future. I did find a few pathways that lent themselves for a rainy day later in the week when the crowd had gone and no one was out and about. Sorry, I didn't have my waterproof camera as I didn't take the kayak on this trip but did manage some cell phone captures as Jbee loves this terrain. This particular pathway is shared by a nature walk and a mountain bike path for a short bit (notice the single track in the middle) but the grass is lush and is a  barefoot paradise! And the Black Eyed Susan's were in full bloom!

Trip reports / Unplanned FRN Camping
« on: May 20, 2017, 05:23:00 PM »
I decided to take advantage of the lull in the rainy weather and took the camper out in order to gt things ready for the summer season. Last year there were a number of issues and I had tried to resolve them over the winter but it would take an actual trip to make sure it was functional.

So late afternoon I arrived at the campground which is situated on top of one of the highest surrounding hills, although here they are referred to as mountains.  The small campground has only about fifty sites, some of which offer privacy and others are butted against each other. Of the other campers there one had chosen the most remote and private site, the others were in close proximity.  I later found out that they were friends who often traveled as a group. I wanted to meet the campers at the most secluded spot as the way the camper was positioned and site was set up seemed to be a page out of  a stealth nude camping book that Jbee and I could co-author. 

Things were pretty much st up when the ranger came by to fill out paperwork and collect fees. We endd up having a long pleasant conversation about the park, his duties, when the campground store and office would open. What I did learn was that the residence I passed on the only way into the campground was his and that  he says he was a light sleeper. So any vehicle traffic late at night would rouse him. Then he added that  with the group here now everyone seems to be in bed by 10PM which this time of year is usually his last round. In other words, after that time free range would be in order. And that night proved to be true as I sat outside drinking wine with cheese and crackers and true to form he made rounds as stated. I soon went in and watched the news, mostly for the weather forecast, and returned outside after, nude of course. I did sit under the awning for quite a while then decided to stroll about the area. Just as the ranger had stated the other campers were dark as if abandoned. Even the camper whom I wanted to meet presented the same way. Once I made the return to my abode it was well past one in the morning so I turned in for the night.

The next morning proved to be a perfect day, no clouds and high temperatures near 90F (35C) and humid for this time of year. It also brought out walkers and cyclists who seemed eager to exercise off those winter pounds, myself included. However, there were some repairs to be done, cleaning to do and water lines to be flushed. I did notice that all the vehicles were departing and even the small camper from the secluded spot left. Had I not been st up it would have been moving day. The rangers made their passes through a few times to see who left and if anyone had moved in but then things got extremely quiet as the temperatures rose to an almost uncomfortable degree, too much warmth too fast for most to acclimate to but I was comfortable by removing clothing down to a pair of tan through shorts. I then grabbed a water bottle and headed to a fire service road nearby for a walk, sans shorts. It was a guilty pleasure in a way, sure there was more to be done but nature was calling this naturist so I had to obey. After all, how often does this type of thing present itself? It was so quiet that I made it back to the camper still naked and sat outside to cool down. The others returned, waving as they drove by not knowing that I was sitting there nude or if they did nothing came of it. I did have to dress some for cooking over the campfire and the ranger did stop just to chat a bit. After supper I sat in the same spot just slipping on a running kilt to stoke or add wood to the fire. Same plan as the night before, after the news I went on another walk, only sandals to protect my feet from the warm asphalt and gravel. It was a little warmer night so I stopped at the shower house on the way back to rinse off the daily sweat and air dried on the way back. Overall I could not believe my luck!

So with everything in working order and severe storms predicted for that afternoon I decided to pack it up and call it a success! Usually I plan these trips with the thought of some free range time in mind but this was a working trip so to speak and well things just happen. I did make it home before the storms hit, much to the relief of Mrs. Walker. So that night over a dinner of salmon, green beans and noodles we toasted the events with a bottle of wine and look toward our summer adventures!

Trip reports / Down on the Farm
« on: September 15, 2016, 05:34:21 PM »
As previously posted under the "Factory Farmed Naturism" section I was asked to do a "big" favor for an old friend by helping her move her RV caravan) from the nudist campground where she had been a member for a number of years. Just some back round; it was one of my wife's oops moments when she said something about my tendency to be nude when it was revealed that she was a nudist and belonged to the resort. Back to the story, of course I agreed and plans were made with dates and times.

The night before I admit there was not much sleep with the anticipation that I would be able to work naked for the next few days and not have to look over my shoulder for textiles. As much as I wanted to just drive there nude a stop at McDonald's drive through plus I didn't know how the staff at the resort would accept a naked man pulling up to the gate. Things were taken care of so to speak, all I needed to do was show my ID and was met at the gate by our friend. She jumped into my vehicle and directed me to her camper and soon I was disrobed with tools on hand. It seemed we were soon surrounded by members, some of whom had put dibs on various parts of the deck so I began the dismantling with care to preserve the railing and the decking boards. And is it was taken apart others hauled it away for use at their own campers.

So then the conversations started. "Your so comfortable nude why aren't you a member here?" , What do you mean your a Free Range Naturist?", "Have you ever been caught?", "Has anyone ever called the police?" , "Where do you go?" , "OMG, we have had family picnics at that park!" and "You have actually camped naked at a State Park?".  Answers were as best as I could with both the free range aspect plus the stealth learned from years of experience. Overall the feeling I got was that most would rather remain in the safety of the fence plus on the outside who would know your not a perverted person instead of a naturist?

When we broke for lunch I got to survey the crowd, at least the few that were there. All but a few were retired, most of the families only show up on weekends now that school is in session and it seemed that the wives enjoyed the security of the resort. Although there was some curiosity as to how I pick the trails to hike nude on and where I go to kayak naked. As for skinny dipping most admitted to either having a backyard pool or knowing of that secluded place.

After lunch it was all business as the decking boards were a little more difficult to take up. Going through a number of bits plus draining the batteries on the drill it was time to call it a day. So I headed to the shower house to wash up before relaxing my bones in the hot tub. Overheated a quick dip in the pool and a chance to air dry before supper. That's when I got the full story of her leaving, mostly financial but also some problems with the other residents there. She even mentioned boredom as it seemed it was the same thing every day; breakfast, clean the camper, lay out at the pool, lunch, walk around and visit some before going back to the pool, supper then sit around the campfire with a bottle of wine. She admitted that I have the best of both worlds; travel and see new things plus being able to enjoy being naked. The rest of the night was spent discussing the medical scare, our trips this summer, winter in Florida plus her work, life and well being. It was not long after that I fell asleep on the couch and remember nothing until morning.

I was awakened by the sound of golf carts, obviously waiting for me to get started removing the rest of the decking. So coffee in hand I got the drills ready as my host announced a breakfast run and headed to her car. She soon returned with breakfast sandwiches so eating as I worked waiting on that second pot of coffee. With the decking gone it was time to tackle the floor joists when the manager of the park drove up and asked if the RV could be towed out without removing any more. I was a little concerned as it left little room for error but I could take down the sections nearest to the camper and leave the rest. He mentioned the new tenants would have liked to have the deck intact but understood why we were removing it. When he left my friend said, "See what I told you, too stuck up to come and ask me. I might have wanted money or something?". But that made life easier on me and by lunch we were ready to move it out!

In the meantime a few of the residents came by to wish her well and thank me for helping her get things ready. Once the camper was connected to my vehicle we were ready to tow it to a local dealer where it would be sold on consignment. There were a few teary eyes as I reluctantly got dressed before leaving, followed by hugs all around and invitations to visit anytime.

So is naturism in decline; maybe the Factory Farm but that may be in part to economics. How do you provide for an ever changing demographic? It seemed that few that remained so late in the season felt at ease just riding around on golf carts, swimming at the pool or walking the trails. Wifi was spotty, as could be expected except at the clubhouse. I could only imagine a bunch of teens with their devices! I saw no one on the volleyball, tennis or basketball courts but that is an unfair assessment considering the population there at the time.

I was encouraged to see the postings after mine on the resurgence of naturism in France. If only the same kind of movement would take hold here in the States. However, I wonder if the seed has been planted and a few more will take the plunge into Free Range!

Trip reports / The return to the Heart of it all; Ohio.
« on: August 21, 2016, 05:09:48 PM »
This years trip took a bit of a different turn as we decided to explore a few different areas on our major summer trip this year. Much of the travel plans were altered due to problems with the RV (caravan) and still trying to deal with the health scare. Although the doctors have given a clean bill of health the wife continues to have the feeling of impending doom occasionally. In an effort to help her overcome those fears the trip was planned with more of her enjoyment in mind, knowing that my FRN would be limited.

But I did have the kayak and the use of some state parks and wildlife areas so all was not lost. So instead of epic marathon nudity I enjoyed last year there were more stolen moments. One thing in my favor was the weather pattern that evolved while on our travels. On most days the sun would rise giving way to a sunny, hot and humid day. Around three or so clouds would appear leading to storms in the early evening followed by a light rain often to dark. The light rain meant that no one would be out and about on the trails and the rain also kept the mosquitos at bay! So I could get my naked walks in after dinner and if the beach area was deserted a quick dip in the lake.

And then there was the kayak option, soon after launching I was able to remove those pesky shorts and paddle to a number of secluded places that would allow my to soak up some sun relaxing on the shore line. Other times the kayak could take me out to the open water of the lake where one could get past the waves and just float for awhile.

I won't bore you with the details of the shopping trips, sightseeing, lighthouse visits, wine tastings and the usual tourist things along Lake Erie and instead will pack up and move south in Ohio. Our pattern on the lake changed to a steady overcast, drizzle, and some downpours as we moved south. Although the rain didn't cause flooding it did leave things muddy and swampy. This part of the trip was also planned so we could be a help to our daughter as she returns to her classroom soon. She relies on me for my strong back and weak mind moving her supplies around and her mother for her organizing skills. As we unpacked and set things up our daughter attended those preschool meetings with administration. After dinner at her place we would return to our little abode and I would spend the evenings last light walking the trails, letting the mud squish between my toes and reconnecting with the earth. Without much sunshine the tan didn't get any better but the spirits were lifting.

One morning I saw that the radar showed light rain again for at least a few hours, in fact into the early afternoon. So I was surprised when my daughter called and asked if I wanted to hike a nearby trail. She didn't have to ask twice and I donned my running kilt, a tank top and the camel back and headed out. When I met her at the trailhead she had her backpack ready and was wearing a short skirt and tank also. We were about to start when she stopped at a bench and said "We're going to do this naked aren't we?". Like I would need any prompting anyway with a light rain, empty trailhead parking lot plus a willing partner.

The reason for the hike became quite clear; she had much on her mind and wanted to talk. Starting with the new members of the school administration that she did not feel comfortable with to her worries concerning the medical scare that her mom is still dealing with she opened up and even cried at times. I said something that baring your body helps to bare your soul and I confided in her my fears and concerns also. We did have to endure one heavy downpour which was spent under a towering oak tree which seemed to ground us to the earth and helped release our feelings and worries. Then we talked about the time we did the same trail, got caught in a rainstorm and walked it naked so we could have dry clothes to return home. Then she lamented that she envied our freedom, ability to travel and walk about naked if we wanted. Then she asked about the beach in Florida where people wore thongs and G-strings. I know she has body issues and I assured her that no one judged except board short wearing jet ski guys cruising past hoping to see something. Yes, there was cellulite, fat rolls, beer bellies, saggy breasts and scars from C-sections but we were all the same with genitals covered to please the local law but free in all other aspects.  She looked at me and asked "Sure my butt isn't too big?". I assured her no then she said "Maybe I can meet you on spring break some year?". And I said "sure, I'd love to take you!". with that we reluctantly go dressed at the end of the hike.

There are a few more highlights but I'll add them later. Also please excuse the lack of pictures as I'm having issues once again trying to size them, and I wanted to get this written as it was fresh in my mind. Also school starts Wednesday so any positive vibes that could be sent and transferred are welcome.

Trip reports / The escape from the cicadas!
« on: June 09, 2016, 04:51:39 PM »
The wife and I took a drive a few days ago to see how far away from home we would have to travel to escape the noise of the cicadas that have invaded. Just to give you an idea of what we are dealing with I'll have to direct you to the 17 year cicadas as posting a link has been difficult for me.. Anyway about an hour north east from us we found a relatively quiet spot and made plans to get the camper out the next day.

It seems that the warmer it gets the more insects emerge so when I arrived at the campground the surprise was there were very few people there plus the check in people said that their numbers have been low as it is expected that the cicadas are there. So set up was done in an extremely hot and humid day, so much so that once I had the tow vehicle disconnected I removed as much clothing as I could to satisfy the wife. In other words the swim thong from Florida and proceeded to finish setting up camp. Taking a page from the old SN camping handbook the vehicle was positioned at an angle with the picnic table to make a private secluded spot. Once the covering was on the table being naked would be no problem at all.

The next few days were spent doing small repairs and getting away for an occasional walk in the woods. Even Friday night did not bring that many weekenders into the park, however there was a small problem as people kept driving the wrong way on the one way cul de sac which meant part of our little area would be illuminated by headlights! Saturday morning storms chased many of the tent campers away and by Sunday morning there were only three campers left. So once again I was able to be comfortable and nude once again. Late Monday into Tuesday brought severe storms so now that things were ready for the summer we decided to head home. There were off and on showers so the teardown was done naked so all I had to do was towel off and dress before pulling out and heading home.

Sorry there are no pictures to add. I had thought this would be a working trip and had not planned on any free range time.

Trip reports / Florida winter
« on: April 24, 2016, 08:15:13 PM »
It is that time now that we ate back up north again to try to update all those stories with more detail and some pictures. Unfortunately this is what I discovered on most of the excursions taken to find some free range time. After finding a group of like minded souls there is more of an understanding of the situation. Now that the rain has stopped and the sun is shining it is time to get outside!

Trip reports / Fall Folage and FRN Tour
« on: November 02, 2015, 05:07:07 PM »
The misses talked me into one last trip before the winter and the final winterizing of our camper. I have to admit there was not much interest in the trip plus the fact that a number of repairs had to be done before we left. However, with the promise of what seemed to be a good weekend weather wise plans were made to leave Friday. Early Friday morning the camping gods had me log in to the reservation site and on a whim I did. The surprise was that only 26 camping sites were available out of near 300! In act by the time we reached to park only four places were left so the reservation got me a better site. It was the peak viewing time for the leaves so many made the trek to enjoy the views and the mild weather. That meant the weekend was filled with textiles walking the woods and enjoying the colors. Other areas nearby that had been used on my part for any FRN were now designated hunting areas. Archery season for deer and small game such as squirrels and rabbit for guns. I don't have to add that my nude body would seem out of place in the sea of blaze orange textile hunters! We filled the weekend with seeing the sites, drinking brews and finding local places to dine. Here are some photos from the area of our camp site with more to follow later.

Trip reports / Ohio, the Heart of it all.
« on: July 23, 2015, 05:16:47 PM »
This trip report will seem anticlimactic after the most excellent adventure in France but there is some to be said even though Mother Nature didn't cooperate much with this naturist. It all began by running through the raindrops getting the RV ready for travel. I finally decided it would be to my benefit to tow it to a local campground, set up, load it for the trip and leave from there. So the hour or so it took to set it up was followed by a downpour. Unable to do much more than wait it out time was better spent going to the grocery store for provisions. After that we returned home to pack a few clothes, our medications and other necessities. I traveled back to the camper that night to load some things and make sure all was in proper working order. Once again the rain returned so with an almost empty place at least trips from the vehicle to the camper could be done nude so no clothes were dampened in the effort. The next morning I returned to retrieve the misses, make sure the house was secure and we began our journey.

By the time we arrived at our first destination and checked in the pangs of hunger were over taking us so a decision was made to do a quick leveling and plug in before going to a restaurant. Nothing fancy but when there isn't much to choose from it still hit the spot. Pizza and beer has always been a go to food and a salad and hot wings satisfied the wife. We returned to finish up our camp with more rain. So I unrolled the awning and placed a plastic carpet as to not rack mud. Once again I shucked my clothes and made the trips from the SUV to the camper nude. It's the advantage of a Sunday evening arrival; the campgrounds in state parks are quite empty.

Monday dawned sunny and humid which for the area usually means thunderstorms in the afternoon or evening. And being a Monday the endless parade of park workers cleaning up after the weekend. I have to point out we have never been disappointed in an Ohio State Park for that reason. they do an excellent job in keeping their facilities pristine! From the beginning of our camping adventures Mrs. Walker has always insisted on flush toilets and hot, clean showers. Part of the give and take in marriage. Also part of the give and take; mornings are mine to explore (naked) the various trails and such. So armed with the knowledge that there are a few trails that begin at the road and lead to the lake if no one is at the trailhead then it is safe to walk nude to the water. Once I arrive at the waters edge a quick look will determine if any boats are near and a cooling dip is in order. Also this year I brought the kayak so swimming areas were also being scouted for future times. So most of the morning was spent driving from one access point to another walking and driving nude most of the time. I did get to swim some and air dried on the way back to the parking area. The afternoon was spent taking in the sights and doing tourist thins. We did eat at a Bob Evans that evening; down home cooking as my ex-in laws would say. That night's campfire got doused by a storm around 11:30 but by that time the wine had taken effect plus the cheese and crackers were gone. The next morning the weather people said we had gotten two inches of rain overnight.

Trip reports / WV State Park Spring Hike
« on: June 16, 2015, 03:15:45 PM »
In another attempt to add pictures I may have to break this up a bit. Anyway on another forum I posted that the winters have taken their toll on the trees here which means many trails are blocked by debris. Now some of us diehards will go over, under or around to continue on our way. Others, that being the textiles you wouldn't want to encounter avoid them. So here is a pic from an area where the trail had to be avoided. 

Introductions / Hello from the Wild and Wonderful
« on: April 29, 2014, 06:12:21 PM »
Another forum of like minded souls! I am one of those who seem to enjoy hiking about the wilderness without clothing. It started as a youngster along with some of my childhood friends in the woods near our home. In fact; I don't remember wearing a bathing suit to swim until I went to a public pool. When puberty arrived and other activities interfered the group split up but I still enjoyed my naked hikes to air out my body. College, followed by a failed marriage and then I got my head on straight and began to enjoy nudity again. As I said I belong to other forums and have documented many excursions there.

Anyway, I hope to add to the group here. And the wild and wonderful pertains to the State of West Virginia US.

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