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Introductions / Hello from Nudey
« on: July 01, 2015, 09:37:47 PM »
Greetings to friends old and new from Nudey (Tony), another member from the old tsns site. I have liked to get naked outside in the country since I was young. My parents had a large garden at their house in the country, and I always liked to strip off and go naked whenever they were not around. I have continued this love of being naked in the countryside ever since, preferring the free range/secret style rather than in landed clubs. I was a member of BN for a few years but I was not really interested in their activities, and I have never visited a naturist club. I much prefer walking naked and I have been on a number of the walks organised by the SOC in the UK. I haven't done so much recently, one of the reasons being my skin appears to be more sensitive to the sun now I am older and I can't take so much as I used to. I do still get out naked in local woods where there is some shade but not for as long as before. I look forward to catching up with posts from other ex-tsns friends.


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