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General Naturism Discussion / clothing is really bad
« on: December 14, 2019, 03:55:19 PM »
I've been locked out for weeks.   Tried to change my email and the link to confirm the new one kept failing,  click it and it always redirects back to the main sign in page and won't confirm the email.   But I finally got the thought to try a copy and past thing with the address.   Put it in the address bar and go to it that way.   And it worked.   

But anyway.    Lately I've been thinking through my own experience to figure out just what happened in my childhood that made my lust pop up out of nowhere and attach itself to my naked self.   I suffered and fought it for 35 years,  while it kept getting worse.   Finally realized there was no way I could deal with it and just sort of gave up trying.   Started telling God,   "you will have to clean up my mind, I can't do it"  Shortly after starting that prayer the concept of naturism came my way.    It was the last thing I'd ever been likely to do,  I thought naked was always lust inspiring,  and I also had an automatic fear response with the slightest chance of being seen naked.   But the website convinced me what I needed,   and Isaiah 20 convinced me God didn't care if we went naked in public.  So I started intentionally going naked in private work back in the woods,  and it started working,  the lust response started fading.    But now a few years have passed and I've been thinking it through some more,  and I come to realize just what it was that caused my lust to pop up and attach itself to my own nakedness.    I was never naked,   no one around me was either.  I never saw my parents naked.   My mother especially thought all nakedness was sexual and lustful and had quite a degrading way of mentioning it.    She though she was shielding me against lust addictions by shielding me from nudity.   But in reality it had the opposite effect,  it drove me into a lust addiction by default.     And it finally occurs to me;   That's is what's going on all around us now,  all the time.   The children are growing up with no naked people around them.  (skimpy bathing suits don't count)   and it's causing their lusts to grab a hold of nudity to feed off of when they hit puberty,   if nudity were as common as naked hands and faces it would be nothing to the mind and lust could not grab onto it.    So our societies efforts at child protection are actually the very thing that is driving them to lust after same sex,  opposite sex.   and all manner of various of excessive unnatural issues.     So this clothing thing is really big,  even bigger an issue than most of us purveyors of naturism realize.   It's inspiring me to get a bit bolder and talk to some parents of children,  tell them my story of how I got trapped in a lust addiction for so long and what saved me from it. Perhaps save their children from the same difficulties.   I never though I was addicted to porn, because it was not an outward thing.   But I came to realize I really was addicted to porn,  my porn was myself.   And I think it turned inward because I tended to be shy without social connections,  and because naked was a rare thing in my life. 

General Naturism Discussion / agriculture
« on: February 04, 2019, 05:03:53 PM »
Best done nude whenever possible.   Protection is needed at times for various elements of the work. (winter mostly)  But contact with the earth without insulating fabric is very good for us, something to do with earth energetics.  As well as eating what the plants produce direct for the best health.
   I grew up with gardening,  my mother doing it mostly,  but my father enjoyed it as well when he wasn't working a job.  She grew up with her father making a living with produce, he did what his parents and grandparents did,  on back into unknown history.
       So to be where I feel like I belong,  I have to do the same.  And since I found naturism the best way to be, as God designed us in the beginning according to the record,  I can add that to it for best physical and mental health. (Close examination of the bible reveals that most people who profess to believe it don't really live it, if they did it would be a wonderful society to live in, considering all the instruction to love each other and do nothing but good, and live in harmony with nature)   I will also add to it my penchant for technical inventions, from old technology to ones that have been invented but haven't been manufactured yet. Manufacture them myself with my home foundry and machine shop. (and electronics when that gets involved) I tried truck driving, but it didn't jibe with my natural nature, big time clash there.   Had to come back to the land.   So I'm working on land clearing, making biochar,  planting fruit and nut trees,  aiming to go full time naturist farmer.  All I have is a rough mountainside, but plenty of it to keep me busy for a lifetime.  So permaculture will be the primary application, with some gardens and greenhouses along the way. Very limited land level enough to cultivate for row crops. Just enough for a few small to large garden plots. The rest of the usable land that's not too rocky or steep is good for tree fruits that can be planted in replacement of the forest trees that do not yield food,  only slow production of cellulose fiber.  I've sold a lot of timber, and busy turning the excess wood into biochar for fertility development with carbon sequestering.   I need a Ventrac mower to maintain the orchards I will be planting.    Can't afford one any time soon,  so building my own will have to suffice.  At least that's the best one I can find that fits my needs, 4x4 with a front deck.   Every vehicle needs to be 4x4 around here,   too much sloping ground with rain and mud all winter to do anything without the best 4x4 traction available.
I usually can't work nude this time of year, too cold,  but yesterday was so nice I did.   The little isuzu pickup that shows up in my picture I'm using to move firewood to the woodshed and biochar making barrels.  I will plant some pecan trees this spring and jujube trees,  and a few other kinds.   Rain moving in this week again but staying warm.   I will work in the shop when it rains too much to work out there.   Also working on finishing the house, but it's getting there and my brother will help out on that.  It's for our parents to live in till they pass on and my brother.  I prefer living in small quarters and outside as much as I can.   Get a greenhouse going and almost live out of it except for a little place to put moisture sensitive books and stuff.

General Naturism Discussion / an anti naked gardener.
« on: July 26, 2016, 03:18:35 AM »
Looking through the naked gardening info on the web,  I ran into the opposite.

No. 1    bugs will bite whether you got clothes on or not.    Sure being naked does give them a bit more to work on,  and something to get trapped under which can be an issue.  Ever get a bee under yer shirt?  Or ants in yer pants. 

No. 2   is really irrelevant,  don't think being naked makes us enough more vulnerable to sharp tools to be concerned about it. I even run a  chainsaw naked,  no big deal,  I have to watch where that bar is anyway and be in complete control.  But I suppose a person without my experience and physical skill and strength might be more vulnerable. 

No. 3  Thorns are like to get ya no matter what ya wear.   Might want some armor on if yer going to intentionally charge through a thorn thicket,  but regular gardening I don't think it matters.   I've even picked my way through a thorn thicket naked,  get an occasional scratch but no big deal.   

No. 4    Just get rid of poison ivy if ya got a problem.  Spray it with vinegar.   I'm not allergic to it so I just ignore it like any other weed.

No. 5   Spend more time in the garden naked and sunburn won't be an issue.   And the extra Vit, D will help yer health.

No. 6    What in the world does leaning over have to do with discomfort while naked?    If it's uncomfortable naked it will be just as much so clothed. (if not slightly more so)  That one makes no sense whatsoever.    I use knee pads when I have to kneel very much. 

No. 7  Footwear is for foot work,  wear it if needed,  but the rest of ya can stay naked,  that doesn't make naked gardening less inviting at all. 

No. 8  gloves are for protecting the hands,  use em when needed.   Another one that's irrelevant.

No. 9   I use a straw hat to keep a cool head,  or at least keep it from overheating quite as fast in the hot sun.   Another irrelevant one.   

If that's the best anyone can come up with against naked gardening.     The arguments against it wouldn't hold up in court when balanced against the benefits. 

Free Range Naturism / latest acivities
« on: July 08, 2016, 12:35:49 AM »
gardening,  land clearing with track hoe,   wood cutting,  selling a few logs once a week or so, but otherwise firewood processing for both winter heat and biochar, whichever it gets used for first.    All naked work for the most part.   My land is almost a mile long, pretty much all wooded, buildings on one end in a valley, gardens and clearing spots scattered through the woods up and across the mountainside, so anytime I leave the buildings i can drop the shorts,  hike or drive back (4x4 needed) and work,  all day at times,   put em back on just before reappearing.  Although the neighbors drive runs all the way through so i'm  listening for someone approaching when on it to throw the shorts on if they come my way. Or if I'm making noise or something and might not hear someone approch I'll put em on,  but about always leave em off when just walking to and fro.      When it rains (which it's doing now) i try to get in a little work on electronic experiments and motor/generator experiments.   Also got a small job putting a flat bed on a one ton truck and fixing the winch that's on it.  Auto hauler bed.   Been wearin mesh shorts for the shop work so i don't have to worry about who might come by.  At least they are bout as cool as without,  although when working in the heat like hoeing the garden weeds i can tell the difference,  cooler without them just a little bit.    And I do have water next to all my garden areas to cool off when i get too hot, can't work very long without that.      I have an idea for a different motor design than I've ever seen in any patent,  might try building a prototype to see how well it might work.   Also been playing with a few patented and/or published designs.     Might get something going that will actually pay eventually.  I do need a retirement income since I've not been paying into SS.  (haven't made enough money to bother filling for tax)  I only have 15 years until average retirement age.  Although I plan on working in agriculture growing my own food until I'm at least 250 years old,  I don't want to have to work for money too much longer.  Don't think I'll have to, these designs I'm playing with are pretty promising.    I'll get something working here before too long and scale it up till I got a million a year coming in.   Well;  the potential is there at least.   Then I can establish a nice naturist farm and greenhouse complex growing all food for on site consumption of workers and plenty to sell. 

Free Range Naturism / going to work naked
« on: September 02, 2015, 06:45:31 PM »
Arrange your circumstance just right and that's quite possible.     I only do it on occasion.    I'm thinking of doing it now.    After pulling out some fire wood I'll head off into the woods.  There's a large patch of golden seal where I want to clear land this winter for growing food.   It's been worked on at times by myself and a cousin.   But it's been several years since anything's been done and it's been spreading.    I think I'll go up and dig some for a few hours.    It's worth something like $20 a lb wholesale after drying.  A lot more retail.    I'm seeing 38-45 a lb on ebay for whole roots and $112 for powder,  but that includes shipping.   I have a mill so could grind it and offer it powdered.    It's a real good natural antimicrobial medicine,  helps with just about any disease.   It'll kill a sore throat pretty good.   Very strong flavored.  Not pleasant at all.    My neighbor likes to play a joke on people sometimes,   he'll sprinkle it on a  slice of bread generously and eat it,  pretending it's real good, in the presence of someone who doesn't know what it is.  Then they'll try it.                     Of course this job is only good for someone who's immune to poison ivy, since it all grows together out there.   

Introductions / transplant from SNS
« on: July 01, 2015, 09:26:39 AM »
From the edge of the cumberland plateau in middle TN.   I'm a  farmer first,   and many other things second.   I like doing things that are practical.       Have some knowledge in mechanics, electronics (ham radio style)  natural healing and health,  horses,  and several other areas.   My brother and I started a trucking company, hauling cars,     but I prefer growing good food over driving a truck.    A friend who I drove with last summer and his wife are acting as general manager/dispatcher and accountant.     We live on acreage on a mountainside bought by our parents 30 years ago.  They're still here but getting up in age.   I'm involved in a  land clearing project with the same friend that helps with the trucking,  we'll own the equipment when we're done, which is only a short time away now.   Then I'll have the equipment to clear our own land for pasture and food crops,  maybe 20 acres at most with a  few of them in food production for people and the rest in grass for some animals.   I cut hay for my horses in the fields up the cove,  timber company/hunting club land.  Just got a load of hay in the barn last week and back at the stump digging today and for the rest of the week.  Hopefully I can get most of it done in a  few more days.   I work out there naked when I can,   I hike in the woods naked when I feel like taking a break,   or ride a horse naked back through the woods trails.   I work in the field naked when I feel like the chance of visitors is slim enough.   But I've got a mental block against being seen naked, created by my sister who died when I was almost 8.  (she was 10,  died of an illness)   I'm trying to get over it.     Been at it long enough I'm sure I could walk into a naturist resort without hesitation.   But I'm still living so cheap I won't spend the extra money to drive to one or pay the entrance fee.  I want to build greenhouses for food production,  maybe I can eventually have one to live in naked all winter.  They will have subfloor heat and run according to nutrient dense methods,  which makes very flavorful produce.     

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