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Free Range Naturism / It’s better naked - who knew?
« on: October 09, 2020, 02:30:39 PM »

Serious article about some some serious research that proves what we already knew.

Free Range Naturism / Anyone for coffee?
« on: July 25, 2019, 01:29:40 PM »

General Naturism Discussion / Know your body (TED talk)
« on: January 19, 2019, 04:12:49 PM »

Get rid of body shame, humorous but quite inspirational (preaching to the converted for anyone here, but thought you might find it interesting)

General Naturism Discussion / Nudist swim lost to political attack
« on: February 26, 2018, 07:10:31 AM »

How one blogger’s swivel-eyed hysteria made something out of nothing

Free Range Naturism / New converts to FRN
« on: November 03, 2017, 09:42:14 AM »

It seems we have been fore runners of a “movement” which is “taking the hiking world by storm”. Who knew, eh?

Factory Farmed Naturism / A piece of history
« on: August 15, 2017, 07:10:54 PM »

Trip reports / Walk in the Cotswolds
« on: June 06, 2017, 01:05:03 PM »
Usually my trips to the countryside follow paths that's I've previously explored clothed, so I know what to expect where. The difference with this one was I had concocted it from the footpath map and had never been here before.

It started from a small Cotswold village, the route leaving by a farm track. Once past a large barn it turned out of sight of the last village houses, and that was a good time to get my clothes off. But just a couple of hundred of yards later the path crossed one side of a valley – on the opposite slope a large farmhouse! The place looked like no one was in, but being in full view of about 20 windows I chickened out and put my shorts back on.

Crossing the valley shortly afterwards I finally made it out of sight of the farmhouse and felt comfortable enough to disrobe, and for the next two miles of field and woodland I had the world to my naked self. Across one field I crossed a stile into a sheep pasture – had I been spotted here it would undoubtedly have been open to misinterpretation! Beyond the sheep came three fields where the footpath had not just been ploughed over but planted over and grown over with oilseed rape.

The first field I was able to walk round the edge with no trouble. The second one I tried to force my way through the crop, but the stems and branches meshed together and proved impenetrable. In this field the crop had been planted all the way to the edges, but at least it was tin enough to push through. The rapeseed was shoulder high, the underlying nettles and thistles were fortunately only knee-high. My legs were buzzing all evening from the nettle rash.

In the third field I found tractor tracks I was able to follow to the far corner where the path went through a small wood, before descending into the next valley across an open meadow. Next came quite a stiff climb, first through woodland then out on to open fields again, and again with more sheep. Soon I was approaching the next farm, and reluctantly returned to wearing my shorts as I got close enough to be visible. Once more, the place seemed deserted but I heard a radio playing somewhere so probably someone was home.

But once past the farm and out on to a track that would lead me back the way I'd come, I was able to get comfortable for the rest of the walk. Finally, about a quarter mile short of the village I'd started from, I redressed before arriving back at the car.

General Naturism Discussion / Naked personality
« on: May 15, 2017, 06:55:21 PM »

Not sure I understood anything after the headline, and I don't see any practical applications, but it seems to suggest we are predestined to be naturists if we are intellectuals who swear a lot. Or something like that ...


General Naturism Discussion / How times have changed
« on: May 03, 2017, 10:26:01 AM »

The writer seems clearly on the side of covering up to avoid embarrassment, despite also recording at least one instance of the coverings providing just as much embarrassment. What was it drove the US from compulsory nudity to compulsory cover-up?


General Naturism Discussion / CO in DC - from a women's magazine
« on: April 28, 2017, 10:11:22 AM »

General Naturism Discussion / Drone update
« on: March 18, 2017, 06:56:30 AM »

Short article and video about this bloke in Vegas with a back yard nudist club, but the good bit is his answer to peeping drones - he's fitted his own drone with a catching net! Neat. The video includes a shot of if in flight, towards the end


General Naturism Discussion / Steve Gouch update - he's out
« on: September 03, 2015, 08:10:25 PM »
Our old friend Steve Gough has been released from prison. This - - is an interview with a reporter on the BBC website.

For anyone who can't access the BBC site for geographical reasons, here's the text:

A man who has spent 10 years in prison because he goes naked in public has told the BBC he will continue his protest even if it means he has to spend the rest of his life in custody.
The former Director of Public Prosecutions Lord (Ken) Macdonald QC says it is not in the public interest for Stephen Gough to be prosecuted as he does not pose a danger to the public.
Mr Gough, known as the "Naked Rambler", was released from Winchester Prison on 14 August, aged 56, having served half of a 30-month sentence for breaching an anti-social behaviour order.
The cost to the taxpayer of his prosecution, imprisonment and legal appeals is estimated to be close to £1m.
He is currently walking from the Cotswolds to Eastleigh in Hampshire, clothed to avoid arrest, hoping to meet his two teenage children, whose childhoods he has largely missed because of the time he has spent in prison.
With the help of an OS map and grid reference, I found him in an open barn, complete with bats and the occasional rat, drying his walking socks on a blackberry bush, and packing up his sleeping bag and few belongings, ready for the day's walk.
Mr Gough had a normal childhood, spent five years as a marine and had a stint with the Moonies, before starting a family. It was then that things changed dramatically. After what he refers to as an "epiphany" moment whilst walking through woods, he decided to dedicate his life to going naked in public.
He told me: "It's freedom to act according to what is appropriate. We are taught to be sensible and use common sense. So unless there is a good reason not to, why shouldn't we wear what we want, whether it's nothing or seven layers of clothing?"
In 2003 Mr Gough walked naked from Land's End to John O'Groats, earning the name the Naked Rambler. He has been frequently arrested for minor public order offences which criminalise threatening, abusive or insulting behaviour within sight of another person who may be caused harassment, alarm or distress.
That offence does not carry a prison sentence, just a fine. However, breaching the anti-social behaviour orders that he has been placed under has led to ever longer prison terms.
His most recent conviction, in October 2014, resulted in a 30-month sentence. He was refused the right to appear naked in court at his trial and was tried in his absence. He went on to make legal history in June when he appeared naked via video link at the Court of Appeal where his appeal against conviction and sentence were dismissed.
Mr Gough has also had a case alleging infringement of his human rights to a private and family life, and freedom of expression, dismissed by the European Court of Human Rights.
Almost all his 10 years in prison have been spent in solitary confinement, often being locked up for 23 hours a day, because of his refusal to wear clothes.
Some people support Mr Gough going naked, some find it funny, and some find it deeply offensive, but should he go to prison for 10 years, more than some rapists and armed robbers, just for doing it?
'Harmless eccentric'
Not according to the former Director of Public Prosecutions, Lord Macdonald, who told me: "This man is not a danger to anybody, he's a nuisance. He's an eccentric, as far as one can tell he's a harmless eccentric. He's spent around 10 years in prison, that's £40,000 a year. This seems to be a draconian, quite inappropriate response to his behaviour."
Lord Macdonald believes it is not in the public interest to prosecute Mr Gough.
"He's served 10 years, which on normal remission terms would be the equivalent of a 15-20 year sentence in prison," he said.
"Very few rapists get that sort of sentence, not many murderers serve more than that. Prison should be for people who represent a risk to the public, not for people who annoy the public in the way that he seems to from time to time."
I asked Mr Gough whether he would continue to go naked in public, even if it meant spending the rest of his life in prison.
He told me: "How the future will pan out I can't guarantee, but my feeling is I am continuing. That's my deep down gut feeling. That I am continuing and it will not end here. I really can't see that this country would sentence someone to life in prison just for being naked in public. But if that's what it will mean I am prepared for that."
Once he has seen his children, Mr Gough intends to resume going naked in public. He will ramble uphill, down dale and, in all likelihood, back to jail.


Free Range Naturism / Free ranger with dog
« on: July 31, 2015, 07:41:11 PM »

As a university town Cambridge has generally been one of those places more tolerant towards nudity. Seems this chap has been happily going about his business properly attired and no one has been offended (until now?). Jolly good show!


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