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Free Range Naturism / A New Years Wish
« on: December 26, 2017, 07:25:24 AM »
There will be many wishes, hopes & dreams for the future and the immediate new year 2018. No doubt as naturists many of us will ask for more places where social nudity is accepted. It is a good & very valid wish, no one will dispute that, hopefully, but we think its going to take a whole lot more than 'wishing' to make it become reality. So our personal wish goes out to each and every person reading this, we hope it will be possible for YOU to just  live much more of every day naked, within your home, and that will be a tremendous step forward. Open your homelife nude, show the world how you prefer to live and that you at least accept naturism as a truthful and realistic lifestyle option.
Maybe it will be so difficult for many of you to do this. The reasons will be very valid and sincerely held, we cannot deny that and would not ask you to put your safety, health or well being at risk. However, there will be millions of naturists who can (and should) make themselves known, just take that step forward, that huge step, saying "I am a naturist, I prefer to be without any form of textile cover, my nakedness is my natural status & birth right, being nude is simply a lifestyle of daily living without any sexual or deviant reason. We all share the same respect and regards to each other as every other person. There is no shame about any part of the human form in its natural state.
So as we step into an other year it is our 'New Years Wish' that many more of you can proudly declare far and near (very near) that "I am a naturist and I much prefer to be naked."

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