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Introductions / Hello From Tucson Arizona
« on: July 15, 2018, 05:44:06 AM »
Hello All,
AZ_Nudist here in Tucson Arizona, also known as L&C Tucson along with my girlfriend CB . I have been a nudist/naturalist most of my life, visiting Blacks Beach in La Jolla California since the early 80ís. A very close friend of mine lived in El Cajon for many years, and my younger sister resided in Oceanside, we still visit the area regularly.
We enjoy hiking nude in the mountains around Tucson, Redington is our favorite. Itís a moderate hike, not too strenuous, in an hour or so you can be deep in the canyon enjoying the stream and pools from the mountain springs and snow run off early in the year. During the monsoons, the water flow can be irregular and dangerous, many hikers have been injured and some have perished in the canyon.       
I am very fortunate to have met CB in 2006, found her to be a very adventurist and fun-loving woman from the time we first met, but not a nudist at the time. We both ride Harleys, enjoy exploring this great land on the two lane back roads and hiking trails when we can get away for a few days or longer.
In 2013, we road Route 66 across the country, wound our way down through the Blue Ridge/Smoky Mountains and spent two weeks in Florida, spending several days in Key West, Miami, then Daytona. While in Miami we visited Haulover beach, a beautiful stretch of clothing optional beach, an easy walk from the parking lot. This was CBís first time on a nude beach, it did not take long to put her inhibitions aside, and she has been hooked ever since. 
I am also working on my personal Garden of Eden in midtown Tucson, at the time it is fairly private if we are quiet and do not draw the attention of our neighbors, we are working on more foliage at time. We also enjoy visiting the clothing optional resorts in the Southwestern deserts, but much rather be hiking the trails au natural.
Well, thatís if for now!   

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