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Free Range Naturism / Naked on the Subway.
« on: September 15, 2021, 07:24:24 PM »
Naked on the subway.   No tan lines.
Same guy has other videos of urban nudity on Vimeo

Berlin, Germany.   Everyone is curious, some take a picture, but nobody seems to cause him troubles.

Last June 21 (summer solstice) Noah Donohoe set out on his bicycle to ride about 6 miles to meet some friends.  He was seen and recorded by about 20 video surveillance cameras.  At 5:53 p.m., Noah passed the art college of Ulster University in central Belfast without his backpack.  The backpack was later found resting against a building. 

:The last live sighting of Noah occurred at 6:03 p.m. as he cycled past 85 Northwood Road, at this point he was naked..  Apparently he was recorded by video surveillance every two or three minutes during his bicycle ride.  Northwood Road is a dead end that has a large storm drain at its end.  His body was later found naked in the storm drain. The cause of death was apparently drowning according to the autopsy.

Authorities are mystified about why he got naked, and why he went into the storm drain.  I don't see a mystery about why someone would get naked.  Not even in an area where you get recorded on video every 2 or 3 minutes.  I also am not mystified about why a teen boy would go exploring in a storm drain.   Especially if there is some water in the drain system it would make sense to go naked so as not to get your clothes wet.  His clothes were apparently found resting on top of a wall nearby.

I see two lessons for free range naturists in this story.  The first is that nobody got upset or phoned police because a naked young man was riding a bicycle past their house and being recorded on video.  The second lesson is that there are dangerous places that are not safe to explore naked.  A storm drain in the UK, and a dry wash in Arizona, Utah, or other places are some of them.  Every year or so we read about some hikers who get killed hiking in a narrow drainage canyon when a flash flood comes.

In Albuquerque there are concrete lined storm drainage canals that are fun places to go naked, ride bicycles, and explore.  I've walked and bicycled naked in them too.  But just about every year someone gets caught and dies when it rains up in the mountains east of the city. 

So I like the UK's current attitude where a young man feels safe riding his bicycle naked down a residential street, but I'm saddened that he died.  See story link.

Suggestions / NEW posts notification icons? Problems?
« on: April 05, 2021, 06:43:08 PM »
I've been having a lot of problems lately with the Icons that tell us we have NEW posts.   Often I get the alternate words "new" instead of the icon.   Sometimes I don't even get that? 

Anyone else having similar problems with this site?   Is that a known bug? 

Free Range Naturism / Public nudity
« on: September 26, 2020, 04:23:01 PM »
I'm starting a new topic intended to be the opposite of our long running "Secret Naturism Handbook" topic.  I have never believed that naked human bodies have to be secret, or that public exposure of naturists is a negative.  In the UK, Stephen Peter Gough was widely criticized by all the people who wanted nudism kept secret, but over time his efforts were a driving force behind the BN's support of public nudity and a big change in UK police policy on public nudity.

I've been going nude on public lands for half a century, and gave up trying to be secret about it almost that long ago.  Humans are the most beautiful species.  We have no reason to hide ourselves from each other.  All humans, of every age and sex are beautiful people.  Nobody of any age or sex has ever been hurt by passively observing another member of their own species.  Observing naked humans is educational and therefore beneficial for children.  Observing naked humans is interesting and pleasing to adults.  As a species we are VERY social, and spend huge amounts of our time and money observing other humans both clothed and naked.  Our massive entertainment industries and porn industry exist to satisfy common human desires to observe others like us.  Millions of people, men, women, and even children post their naked "selfie" images on-line in "porn" or social media sites.  Despite residual pay-for-play nudist groups who try to prevent nudity from becoming common in public, the world is ready for and desires to have public nudity become common.   

I'm doing my part to oppose systematic censorship and misanthropy against any people.  I'm getting old and may not live long enough to see general public nudity become common, but I don't hide myself except in the middle of town.  OUR FREE RANGE nudism is the opposite of secret nudism or high fences hidden nudism.  Lets have a topic discussion of nudism in public places, on public lands, on public trails, on public streets, etc. Share your nude in pubic pictures.   Starting off this is a picture of my bicycle ride on a public trail.  I passed 4 clothed people on the trail.  They had an opportunity to encounter and passively observe an uncovered human.  Its all good. 

May your life be filled with opportunity to see and be seen without clothing.  Free Range nudism on public lands topic.  You're welcome. 

General Naturism Discussion / Nude at the White House.
« on: April 01, 2020, 04:35:33 PM »
Found this on Twitter.   I'm trying to find a video of the WH news briefing. 

"Twonaturistsonaboat  @Twonaturistson

"Very, very surprised by Trump’s morning press conference. Who would have guessed that he was a practicing nudist and that he and Melania were spending ‘more and more nude time’ at the White House. Strange times."

I would have guessed. Melania has posed for nude photos which are now on-ljne.  I have opined since before the 2016 election that Trump would be more favorable for nudists than other candidates. 

I'm trying to track down and verify the source.  Did anyone else see this or have a link? 

Posted on Twitter August 18, 2019.

Hotel Terra Cotta
The Tuscany Manor is proud to announce that our property will be officially a CLOTHING OPTIONAL, COUPLES AND SINGLE WOMEN ONLY SMOKE FREE RESORT starting September 13, 2019, welcoming Terra Guests. 
Phone: 760-656-7283
350 W. Chino Cyn Rd, Palm Springs, CA

Free Range Naturism / Casual Hotel Nudity on TV.
« on: July 25, 2019, 12:20:59 AM »
I usually don't watch a TV show called Hotel Impossible.  Its about some guy who goes to independent hotels having management troubles, and helps the owner redecorate and upgrade management to improve their business. 

Today I saw Season 5, Episode 1.  It featured an 50 room place called "Streamline Hotel" in Daytona Beach, Florida, near the auto race track.  Somewhere in the middle of the episode they got a big bank loan and planned to close for 30 days while they renovated.  The owner talked about taking care of residents who lived in the hotel while they renovated.  The TV film editor cut in a few seconds of a male resident standing naked in the hallway talking casually with some lady from maid service.  The maid's cleaning cart had been strategically placed to censor his parts, but he was clearly casually naked in the hotel hallway.  I had to back up the program and look again to be sure that's what I saw.

I didn't hear or see any mention of Clothing Optional or casual nudity anywhere else in the program. They just assumed that casual nudity wasn't worth talking about on the program, although it was shown.  Maybe its a trend toward more people being naked in hotels as part of the general hotel industry.  This show makes a big deal about upgrading the hotel industry. 

Anyway if you happen to see Hotel Impossible, Show S5 E1, watch for the naked man in the hallway. 

Found this on the SUN web site.  Nudists go on canal cruise.

FISH AND STRIP Dozens of nudists tuck into fish and chippy tea on naked canal cruise

KISSIMMEE, Fla. (March 4, 2019) – The American Association for Nude Recreation is pleased to announce that Erich Schuttauf, JD has accepted the position of Executive Director. 
Having served in many capacities for the organization founded in 1931, Schuttauf  has walked the halls of the Tallahassee legislature and halls of Congress promoting the positive economic impact of nude recreation on the U.S. tourism economy, during his tenure he has also visited many state law makers advocating on behalf of nudist rights in advance of legislative sessions on bills, and worked with federal agencies such as National Park Service, the U.S. Forest Service and Bureau of Land Management in support of nudity on appropriate public lands.
A member of AANR since 1991 (when AANR was still known as the American Sunbathing Association/ASA), he is also a longtime spokesperson on wholesome family-style nude recreation, having appeared on Hardball with Chris Matthews, O’Reilly Factor, CNBC, ABC’s Good Morning America and been interviewed by such notable publications as the New York Times, Orlando Sentinel, Details Magazine, among many others.
“I see my role as AANR’s Executive Director as one to lead our members as the voice of advocacy on behalf of individuals and families to enjoy outdoor pursuits in the way God made them, whether it be at member Clubs or their own backyard. I’m eager to build on decades of AANR’s core values of wholesome nude recreation where appropriate,” notes Schuttauf. “I’m also committed to growing the diversity of our membership. Our largest growing demographic is African-American.  The demographic most loyal: Latin.  Those most willing to experience nude recreation: Millennials.  I want all – regardless of age or ethnicity -- to feel welcome as AANR members and members of our affiliated clubs, resorts and campgrounds.”

He still says "at member clubs or their own back yards."   That is not the same as advocating a universal right to control our own bodies. 

Dr. Glenn Smith wrote, "We need to manage naturist environments differently, so that the experience of naturism as sometimes erotic is not stigmatised or criminalised, while those who are experiencing social nudity as asexual do not feel exploited, harassed or abused. How we address this dilemma should be the main focus of any discussion.

The idea that naturist environments potentially offer a unique space to explore the breadth of sexual feelings, and to experience these in a more balanced and real way, could make them very attractive to a younger generation. And breathe new life into naturism."

Clothing brands and retailers should pay a penny on every garment they sell to fund a £35m annual recycling scheme.

That's the view of MPs, who say "fast fashion" is a major contributor to greenhouse gases, water pollution, air pollution and over-use of water.

But, of course, the MP's solution to a problem is MORE TAXES rather than to allow and encourage people just to take off their filthy rags.

Free Range Naturism / Government Shut Down -- New Freedoms.
« on: February 18, 2019, 05:18:05 PM »
'I've Never Hiked Naked Before': The Government Shutdown Changed That
Elizabeth Whitman | January 18, 2019 | 6:00am

Brandon Hankins didn't plan on taking off all his clothes.

It just felt like the natural thing to do, on a day in early January at Arizona's Chiricahua National Monument, with the federal government shut down and no one to see or stop him.

Science demonstrates that Natural Sunshine is what reduces many health problems and results in longer lives.  Sun blocker prevents the health effects of sunshine.  And, taking artificial Vitamin D has no beneficial effects. 

For a long time science has known that people with low Vitamin D levels have higher death rates from a list of causes.   But a recent study with 25,000 subjects taking Vitamin D supplements had no beneficial effects.   Vitamin D may only be a "marker" or side issue for the beneficial effects of sunshine. 

Outside article.

New England Journal of Medicine. study.

Free Range Naturism / Young British Naturism launches new web site.
« on: January 12, 2019, 04:32:16 PM »
Check it out.

This article is specifically about Seattle, WA, USA.  The court decision and law cited applies  to the whole state of Washington, and is similar to Oregon and California.   Despite nudity being legal anywhere in my state, few nudists venture out beyond AANR resorts and a few limited "generally CO locations."    Over here on the eastern side of WA, you would almost think nude is illegal. 

It's legal to be naked (anywhere) in Seattle

    Anna Boiko-Weyrauch

Sep 18, 2018 at 12:53 pm
Nudity was made legal here in the case of Seattle v. Johnson. Yes, really

Little known Seattle factoid: City law allows you to be nude anywhere, any time.

Not, however, if you flaunt it and make others uncomfortable. (Flashers, be warned.)

Despite this free range law, nudists stick to pockets of the city where others openly express their nudity.

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