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Introductions / Re: Hello from Colorado.
« on: January 27, 2022, 12:13:51 AM »
Hi Surly07,
And I reiterate what Bob said, we are a laid back group that like to chat about all manner of things naturist.
Look forward to hearing more from you.

Trip reports / Re: Naked Lunch in Stealth
« on: January 27, 2022, 12:11:47 AM »
Ok, I'm geographically confused, Jbee
In this trip you are in the Catalinas which seems to be quite green and leafy with distributed scrub everywhere and lots of pines but not a saguaro to be seen.  The country I'm used to seeing (which I think is Catalinas) from your blog and before in TSNS was a lot of areas with desert conditions and saguaros and other cacti everywhere.  Is this more typical of the Tortolitas?  Or were you just in an area of the Catalinas that was less desertified with no cacti?  If so - interesting difference between locales only 30 or 40 miles apart as the crow flies.  Can you enlighten me a bit about the range of terrain in the eastern 'catchment' of Tucson?

Free Range Naturism / Re: How was your month for Free Range Naturism?
« on: January 26, 2022, 11:50:05 PM »
I have two rucksacks, ....... raincoat. I agree about the bother of undressing ..........
I carry a large plastic bag to stand on ..........I wear shorts as frequently as I can. .......lightweight set of running shorts .......I can slip these off fairly easily. In summer I use a Pactimo changing kilt ...........Taking off boots to remove trousers is the greatest pain.   ......I hope this helps.
Davie  8)
Thank you, Davie, that's really informative.  You seem to have a bigger amount of disrobing than I had imagined, and the rucksack is the secret to being able to deal with the clothes ...and the magic ingredient - The plastic bag to stand on - genius!  So utterly simple - why didn't everyone think of that?!  It's changed my view a bit.  I think come early spring I'll try some early walking and just allocate more time and effort to disrobing from being relatively well clad to be a) warm initially and latterly and b) more 'normally' clad in more populated parts of the walk.  However, I need to invest in/make some form of kilt for cover up.  All you need really is some velcro and a big piece of blue serge or denim, I guess.
Cheers and thanks again for the insight

General Naturism Discussion / Re: tattoos - need advice
« on: January 20, 2022, 11:45:51 PM »
Yes, ellar, the one thing I would not challenge you on is your choices.  From what you say, your choices seem to be from particularly definite and positive reasoning so that's body freedom in action and that you have a preference for similar subjects in addition to the tattoos is similarly positive.  What's a shame is that society imposes its narrower minded boundaries i.e. as you observe, there are "jobstopper tattoos" for some firms.
I believe there's a long and varied history to tats going back to prehistory.  The extensive use of tattooing amongst american, australasian, african and indo-pacific peoples was, to invading and colonising western nations, an indicator of primitive cultures and of 'the heathen', consequently were not the 'done thing' in western Europe. Perhaps that attitude even colours attitudes to them today. Evidently early western explorers didn't have a word for it, I read.  When I was a lad in northern UK in the 50's and 60s, tats were the preserve of the likes of sailors and labourers and never usually found on women(or seen, although they were there alright).  A decade later they were discovered by members countercultures (and I think were always a counterculture thing in many nations) and so again were considered marginal.  Quite when tattooing became so outrageously popular in the modern west, however, I don't know but I have observed its popularity mushroom in, say, the last couple of decades.  It's an interesting thing that high profile people such as rock stars and models who change their fashion and evolve their styles, nowadays often have tats which don't change ever.  I find that strange that they make such permanent choices in an impermanent world.
However, I am aware I'm talking from a knowledge base of zilch!  That's all just my personal view.
That you say "I feel more confident and attractive with them" seems reason enough, I guess.
Hope you continue to get enjoyment and reinforcement out of your tats.  Maybe you might post a picture?

Free Range Naturism / Re: How was your month for Free Range Naturism?
« on: January 20, 2022, 08:56:52 PM »
Greeting everyone and a happy Christmas. I've done two naked walks this month neither any great distance but both gave me a lift during this dull weather. Next walk is planned for Monday with my grown up children - no doubt clothed!

Davie  8)

When you go for a winter walk, what clothes do you wear to get to your walk location and at what point do you disrobe and what do you do with the clothes once naked?  I ask because I was on a clothed walk on Monday afternoon at a popular woodland/meadow location a few miles from home.  As ever I got off the beaten track and found a deserted place, muddy underfoot, steep incline, loads of brambles ...but secluded.  I was wearing a lot of clothes against the winter weather - walking trousers, shirt, underwear, thick walking socks and boots, jacket, gloves and hat and whilst I could well have got naked, the thought of struggling out of that lot and nowhere to put it other than on the wet, muddy forest floor and then forcing muddy feet back into socks and walking boots etc etc just put me off trying.  So I need to think up an easier to shed winter kit if I'm going to sample winter walk nudity.  So I thought you might have some advice on that?

Introductions / Re: User Name Change
« on: January 20, 2022, 08:48:37 PM »
Great reasoning, Bob!  You ought to be in PR!
Robert Greenbare-Woods - Now there's a grand name! :D  ;D

Free Range Naturism / Re: The Secret Naturist Handbook
« on: January 17, 2022, 12:02:15 AM »
I second that, Bob.  It's cold, wet and shivery in our corner of the UK at present.

Trip reports / Re: Nude Across America Pt.17: Lake Willoughby
« on: January 16, 2022, 11:59:34 PM »
I love that beautiful water picture at the end of this blog, Jbee!

General Naturism Discussion / Re: tattoos - need advice
« on: January 16, 2022, 11:53:31 PM »
I guess it depends where you go as to the reaction you get.
My guess and hope is that most naturists would be entirely tolerant.
My own views on tattoos I have expressed here before i.e. that I can't understand why one would want to have something that permanent for life.  Everything changes over time...except tattoos.  I might wear something that could be temporarily attached but I can't abide the thought of a mark on my body that I have no choice over after it was applied.  Since tats seem to be everywhere these days, It would seem my opinion is a bit outdated! One thing that extensive tattooing does, say if you have an arm or a leg red with them is it makes you rather appear clothed even when naked.  Not great naturism perhaps! :)
So, Ellar what was your reasoning for having very sexually explicit tattoos? 

General Naturism Discussion / Re: Costuming Nude
« on: January 16, 2022, 11:44:41 PM »
Yes, I think that's true.

Interesting post, Bob.
I'm not so sure the inference that naturism in the non-USA countries mentioned is on the up and up.
Anybody have better info on the subject?
It has seen something of a renaissance during lockdown when there was a large increase in BN membership applications reported in the press.  This may be what the article is referring to.   There were also a report or two on how home naturism was increasing during lockdown as there wasn't anything to get dressed for and people were discovering the body freedom.  But I suspect the trend is transient.  Evidently the French are much more keen on it and it is endemic in German society, I read, but is it on the increase there I wonder?  JMF - you might have better information?
Lets hope the lockdown increase continues and more people take up being naked.

Free Range Naturism / Re: On Walking Alone
« on: January 16, 2022, 11:25:08 PM »
Thanks for the saddle comments, everyone.
Obviously comfort in the saddle isn't an issue with buttock spreading!
Shows up my lack of cycling experience nude or clothed.
I did have a eat up old electric bike once that was handed down from my brother.  That had a very wide padded saddle so comfortable in all circumstances.
I never rode it nude though.

Free Range Naturism / Re: How was your month for Free Range Naturism?
« on: January 16, 2022, 11:19:54 PM »
So you've had the plague, Jbee  Sorry about that.  But from your brief remark, you seem to have had the omicron variant which tends to be more like a heavy cold for most of the people I know that have had it - and that number is increasing.  In lockdown I hardly knew anyone that had had it but now, quite a few people I know or at 1 degree of separation are getting it.
Are you the first on the forum to have had it? 
Survey: Anyone else had it out there?
I expect everyone will get it sooner or later (fatalistic sigh  ???  ).

Introductions / Re: User Name Change
« on: January 16, 2022, 11:09:36 PM »
Wow!  After all this time.  Change of branding!
Why the change, Bob?  If addressing you as Bob is still appropriate - are you changing your time honoured handle too?  Do we call you Bob or Greenbare?...Or GW for short!! :D :D
I see you have changed the name on top of your usual profile which means your significant stack of posts is retained also.
I'm now intrigued - I'll have a look back and see if the ID changes in historical posts (I expect so as the forum is a database).

Free Range Naturism / Re: On Walking Alone
« on: December 30, 2021, 11:27:18 PM »
Yes, I too always walk alone except for one occasion with Yeldew.  I would love to have a naturist friend to accompany me on my very rare outings these days.  But sadly I don't know any other naturists in the vicinity.

Quote from: Bob
here are ponds which mostly are the Cheney sewage disposal ponds,
Reminds me of Hymie's walks round treatment plants many years ago.  "Hello Hymie" if you're still there!
I presume, Bob, that Cheney has some sort of natural way of innocuous sewage disposal, otherwise doesn't it smell bad when you cycle round it!?

One thing I've never understood about naked cycling, which I have never done btw, particularly for those who are a bit 'broader in the beam' so to speak, is why it isn't fiendishly uncomfortable as the saddle works its way between your buttocks!  Logic tells me it can't be bad but I still wonder if the ride isn't a bit punishing on the anus!  Your comments invited in a genuine spirit of enquiry! :)

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