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General Naturism Discussion / Re: tattoos - need advice
« on: January 17, 2022, 07:43:31 PM »
@jbeegoode - regarding Lola bunny, you can see her face, but it is facing outwards, not in the direction you are implying. And her short shorts are at knee level ;)

@nuduje - the thing about tattoos is that once you get them you want to display them, so the more you have to more skin you are showing willingly. I never felt about my ink as a substitute for clothing, I just like the looks of it on my body, I feel more confident and attractive with them than without. As per the sexually explicit tattoos, I really enjoy erotic art in general. And for both of my explicit tattoos, I came across either a style or idea soo good, I just had to have them on me. There is no specific meaning behind them other than I enjoy them and i wanted them. I probably going to get more of them eventually, just not that much more, as I am going to run out of the strategically available space for such art. Would very much love to have a full sleeve of erotic art, but I do work in an office, paycheck to paychek, so I cant afford any jobstopper tattoos.

General Naturism Discussion / tattoos - need advice
« on: January 08, 2022, 06:07:30 PM »
I have never tried naturism in a social setting, like a naturist reservation or a public nudist beach, but I would like to do so in the future. However, I have quite a number of tattoos on me, a small number of which are rather sexually explicit. One of them is the size of a palm (Lola bunny bent over), the other the size of a magazine cover ( a porn star pleasuring herself). Both of them are placed on my thighs, so they are covered by clothing, even during the summer. Now, I am not ashamed of them or anything, I got them done a way back and for my pleasure only, but I do know as much that social nudism is about being comfortable in your own skin and is not about being sexual. Also, it is supposed to be kid friendly according to my understanding. Given all this, would my tattoos cause me any trouble in a social nudist setting? Would I be asked to leave the venue because of them? Personally I do not consider them to be of bad taste as I have seen tattoos much more extreme than mine, but my sensibilities are not of others, so...

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