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Quote from: Bob
So I'm not a "nudist" or "naturist."  I just enjoy going naked whenever possible at home and in the world
So maybe we need a name for that?  Would you be a "Nakedeer", "Nakeder", "Nakedite" or perhaps a "Peregrinakeder".

How we love to classify. 

Bob, more power to your rebellious elbow - be free and unlabelled as you wish!


Trip reports / Re: A weekend off...
« on: July 08, 2015, 12:09:54 AM »
My goodness, Ian you covered some ground in one weekend!

Karla, pictures, please!


Quote from: Karla
There's also been an article about a testicle-biting cousin of piranha caught in Paris. ....
Quote from: Mail Online
The Pacu is technically a vegetarian, but tends to be attracted to male genitalia for unknown reasons.
It's obvious - being vegetarians they mistake them for plums!  ;D


Ok Ok, hold on a minute!

Stuart & Karla - you have done much wild swimming and FRN, you are an utter inspiration to me and many others, and I imagined that you romped the wildernesses of Scotland free as birds and unencumbered by concerns such as pests and parasites or sunburn (that's Scotland for you!).  I now glean a worrying catenary of scary parasitic possibilities that seem to be of concern on any hike.  Is this so?

One of my dearest dreams is to go naked wild swimming which I have never had a chance to do so far* but I definitely will one day, in clear cold water in an isolated highland tarn or brook. And I will lie in heather, clover and meadow flowers in the sun and dry off.  Have I really got to worry about parasites and being strafed by horse flies? Or is chancing it a good bet?

How common are ticks in the uk? (A cousin went jogging in Richmond Park and got a couple of whopper tick bites because they pulled the little beggars off by hand). Am I in danger of getting that amoebic bug in my eye in any water?  How do you deal with ticks if you get one?  My understanding is you need a special extractor and not pull them off.  Is that more clutter to carry round on ones FRN as well as the sun block, insect repellent, garlic sandwiches and mosquito netting? 

Not so free Free Range if so encumbered by care.


*I once went wild swimming but not naked, in a small lake in Spain in the company of water snakes and some other people.

Free Range Naturism / Re: What's your temperature?
« on: July 07, 2015, 11:29:43 PM »
In my comparatively brief forays out in cold weather you can get down to, like, 0°C and standing on icy frosted grass provided the air is still.  But a cold, damp british breeze even at, say, 10° and you're chilled uncomfortably in no time. 


Free Range Naturism / Re: What's the difference?
« on: July 07, 2015, 11:24:28 PM »
Quote from: jbee
As for this “free range” website, I see it as inclusive of us of TSNS

Yes, Jbee well put indeed.  I agree with you and Karla - Free Range, I think, means simply wandering anywhere one can as opposed to social naturists who are confined within the boundaries of a naturist club.  Possibly 'Confined Naturism' is also what I and Bob do a majority of i.e. naked within the confines of one's own private property.  I would endorse the opinion that all Free Range naturists in the UK and US are also Secret Naturists, because we have to be.  To illustrate this, think of the opposite - Steve Gough.  He tries to be Free Range and not Secret. ... And look what happens!

Quote from: eyesup
…one of which became a "brick & mortar?" friend. …
"Brick and mortar!" I think that defining TSNS to that might be too extreme.

I think, and indeed hope, that Duane is referring to me here and our face to face flesh and blood (well, no blood, just BEER) meeting last September.  In this new forum let me say that meeting Duane after years of virtual correspondence and indeed JBee and DF just a few days before, was an utterly brilliant, utterly positive and wonderful opportunity.  Sadly pressure of keeping to the busy tour we were on meant we only had an evening with jbee and DF and just an hour or so with Duane.  But I can sincerely assert that they were precious and golden moments.  Having been corresponding for years the bricks and mortar meetings were not a first introduction - we sort of just carried on the conversation wherever we had left it online! 

I am also attracted by Duane's speculation that being in the bourne of this forum may expand our horizons a bit of we encounter new people with new perspectives. :)


Free Range Naturism / Re: What's your reason?
« on: July 07, 2015, 10:54:46 PM »
Firstly Hurrah!  Dave - you are here!  As per another post this evening I was worried we might have lost you in the shipwreck.
But no!  Redoubtable as ever you have swum to the fair shores of Freerange Island.  I'm so glad you're still in the group.

Second, Is it Daring, sexy etc.?

I seem to remember offering this opinion before but since Danggggg!  there's no way to check, here is my view:

My ambition is that the naturism I experience is totally devoid of danger and excitement.  I just want to be able to go about my business naked where possible.  I don't particularly want to be sociable about it but that's not to say I don't enjoy sociable situations naked if they arise.  I'm an SN because I like to be in nature and outside but, like us all, have to keep out of sight of opprobrious textiles.  How I wish I had places where I could walk and not be alert for being discovered.  So no, there are no activities that I want to do that purposely risk discovery and the danger of discovery is a negative aspect not a positive goal to seek.

As to sexy - I believe we simply choose what we think and do.  Sexuality and sexual arousal are under entirely conscious control. Nudity in itself isn't sexy but it's always sensual.  Those two things are not the same.  Being warmed by the sun or cooled by the breeze, feeling the grass on your back and a fly on your chest as you lie in a field or eating a piece of chocolate or comfortably falling asleep after a hard day's work are all sensual events that are nothing to do with sex.  For me that's part of my reason for being a naturist* - all of that stuff is better naked. 

As to sexuality, as I say, it's under conscious control.  When I'm on the train and a pretty girl sits opposite or when I work with an attractive person, I can appreciate their attributes but entirely supress any sexual content to my thoughts.  {I just read that back and it sounded as if I spend my commuting and working life supressing sexuality- what I meant was, that it just doesn't occur in those circumstances}. 

Equally, one is not sexually aroused just by one's own nudity, otherwise just think of the inconvenience of being priapic every time you did the washing up or the obvious dangers of being thus aroused when slicing cucumber!  Sexuality for me anyway is entirely voluntary and nakedness makes no difference to being able to turn it on or off. 

That's not to say that one can't mix the two, however.  I have been entirely alone in the dappled sun in woodland lying on soft, slightly prickly dry leaves (possibly with a fly on my chest! :) ) and allowed the sensual and the sexual to merge with the obvious orgasmic result.  Equally, I have been in the same circumstances and simply enjoyed the birdsong and the cool breeze.  In the same way I can lie in bed with my wife and talk about what we did that day etc., and in the same circumstances at other times come together in bodily union ("Gosh he turns a lovely euphemistic phrase, doesn't he?").  It's just a matter of choice.

Nudity is a choice of a way of being that enhances the life force for those of us that are of that mindset.  I am sure that there are three types of people that climb Munros:  Those that are fully clothed and never give a thought or desire to being naked at the top, those that are fully clothed and wish they could get naked at the top but feel too inhibited to do so and Stuart & Karla who get naked at the top and enhance their being with the freedom and extra sensual dimensions that being naked brings.

I commend the assembled company to my case and discussion, Madam Chair!


*The other part is the curious, difficult-to-explain and beautiful freedom of both body and soul felt whilst naked.

Suggestions / Re: The Old site
« on: July 07, 2015, 09:58:54 PM »
Few things

1. If someone can work out how to own the TSNS URL, if and when it becomes available, I'd be happy to make a donation if we can work out how to do that (taking payments may be the more difficult aspect!).

2. It's gratifying that quite a few of the old crowd have become FRN castaways too.  But how do we reach Dave Balead?  I know he doesn't contribute as much but he was 'the father of the house' on TSNS - as I recall he was the longest serving contributor.  Hymie is next earliest joiner I think.  Oh danggggg!  There's no way to check that now (wipes away dewy tear).

3. I'm a microsoft person through and through.  This is not because of some silly partisanship or being the victim of marketing like many Apple customers are, but because I grew up many moons ago in a corporate environment where microsoft was all there was (after they pushed Lotus out of the market).  When things got beyond networked PCs and you could plug stuff in to your company network like laptops and your phone, I reckoned it would be prudent not to have to cope with multiple systems that weren't quite fully compatible even though they said they were (a situation that remains today).  And I've never bothered to do anything else.  Therefore I have everything Windows & Microsoft on PC, laptop, tablet and phone and I find it all works fine, give or take the odd glitch.  Having made the transition as many of us have, from DOS to early Windows through the well loved 3.1 and XP but happily missed out Vista, I don't consider it a big issue to transition up-version and am looking forward to Windows 10.  Once you get it done I always find that everything improves a bit.  Windows 8 has been the least beneficial improvement so far, however.  But it has enabled me to acquire a tablet that has literally changed my life!  (i.e. I hardly use my laptop and do more correspondence with you guys whilst in bed ...and often after midnight!)   



Free Range Naturism / Re: Favourite places for free range naturism
« on: July 04, 2015, 02:15:51 AM »
I love lush green woodland glades. Dappled sunshine on a hot day, soft moss beneath your feet and cool shade in good supply. A cool stream and a swimming pond would be lovely to slip into on a woodland hike on a hot, sultry day; I've never had such a locale to myself...but maybe one day?


Trip reports / Re: My 2015 French Trip
« on: July 04, 2015, 01:59:42 AM »
JOhn, that wrap looks wholly inadequate for anything but cleaning your glasses!
Get a kikoy
They are great and amazingly versatile.


Suggestions / Re: Suggested Topic sections.
« on: July 04, 2015, 01:49:37 AM »
Ok, with reference to my post elsewhere and just having read this post thread, whilst it would be nice to get back to illustrating our posts with pics, we should respect Karla's small data allocation.  I reckon posting picture urls is ok and uses no significant data.  It does mean that some will have to create a new picture site account - me included - but this is no terrible thing.  If anyone knows how we might have a common photo store for all our pics that we could all upload to, then let's hear about that.  Maybe we wouldn't even need to embed urls - just say 'see the pics I posted today' and we'd all know where to find them.

Karla (& Stuart) thank you so much for the warmth & generosity of your response.
Quote from: Karla
You're welcome to stay for as long as you like, or to go off and start another forum if you think you have particular needs that can't be met here. A discussion forum is shaped by its members more than anything else. Don't feel that there is a danger of out staying your welcome, the forum would be dead otherwise. We started it as an alternative to a guest-book and on the off chance that something might develop. But I never intended putting in the work to build up a community, not after all the effort I put in for my sustainability forum. So if an existing community wanders in looking for a new home and wants to use the space as they see fit then I'm perfectly happy with that. It's been a delight to provide a home for you all and I am glad to have been able to help out.

I'd like to see SN having its own site/forum but perhaps looked at in the light of your remarks above, our aims seem entirely compatible, so perhaps our new home is indeed FRN Island after all and Karla is our new Lookee (the benefactor of the old site).


Oh dear, I just tacked an appropriate article for this thread in another!  Thanks for recreating it JOhn.  Hang on, I'll cut & paste!

Introductions / Re: Greetings from Kayaker
« on: July 04, 2015, 01:21:27 AM »
I'd like our own photo-friendly place, I think.  One where we can organise in topics a bit (not that we stick to them much!).  Stuart & Karla's generous accommodation of us is gratefully welcome. But like having noisy lodgers, in addition to all the absolutely relevant and appropriate common-interest free ranging naturist interaction, opinion and sharing, they may get a bit tired or concerned about the volume of stuff we generate that is unbridled friendship chit chat and not always 100% locked in and dedicated to the subject of enjoying nudity on top of small mountains (or large ones come to that). 

I will miss my regular fixes of the Arizona desert landscape in pictures if we don't find a new home.

But I feel comfortable here at least in the company of my old shipmates turned FRN island dwellers and I am absolutely certain that S&K will accommodate with open minds and hearts all our other verbal antics .

BTW - Do I need to apologise for this marooned-on-a-desert-island fiction I'm weaving?  Or stop it?  I'm rather enjoying the washed up mariner references as the shipwreck of the good ship TSNS is the the nearest analogy that I can see.  Anyway, if you want me to stop, please tell me what am I going to do with this job lot off ebay of wooden legs, parrots, eyepatches, ships biscuits and three cornered hats that I've acquired?

Aharrrrgh Jim Lad! Shiver me Timbers! Belay there....  And all that piratical nonsense!  :o


Oh and PS if we're going to be berthed in this 'ere billet for any length of time, I'd love for Stuart and Karla to chip in to the conversation!
We never got them to join us on the old site but sailing in their own bark together, well, why not be sociable? :)

Introductions / Re: Another invasion from the Secret Naturist Society
« on: July 04, 2015, 12:00:30 AM »
Hooray JOhn! You found us.  Fantastic.
The regular and long standing TSNS contributors are nearly quorate again!
Our little refuge, FRN island, with its palm fringed beaches, mixed deciduous woodlands and central munro uplands is getting quite agreeably populous!

I wonder if we really were marooned on the proverbial desert island, whether we would in fact co-exist in productive cooperation, surviving by cooperation and division of labour or whether we'd be a sort of Lord of the Flies saga with everyone falling out and in conflict like a reality TV show!


Introductions / Re: Hello from Nudey
« on: July 03, 2015, 11:47:34 PM »
Hi Tony,
Very good to have you washed up on FRN's fair shores!

I have a couple of little brown slightly rough moles that developed like yours and the doctor says they are seborrhoeic warts (lovely name!!) which are a) harmless b) yet another manifestation of old age and c) very common.  Nevertheless I should get yours looked at -  most hospitals run drop-in mole clinics*

I too hate the sticky yukkiness of sun tan.  If forced by weather or wife to use it, I get a spray-on-alcohol based one that remains reasonably dry on the skin.

I like the sun but am very pale skinned (like you, if I remember our meeting at AHG 2008) so have to be careful.  I don't like the stasis of lying in the sun and am very impatient and fidgety just lying out.  I'd rather be doing something.  Also, I find baking supine in the sun quite uncomfortable.  However, on Wednesday, hottest day in UK for 160 years, I had a free day and couldn't mark the fine weather with clothes on.  I was as blatantly naked at home as I could manage around the wife's protests which eventually petered out.

I even mowed the lawn au naturel in the mainly secluded half of our plot where my wife, sitting on patio sunbathing, could see me sweep round for each row of mow.  She was absorbed in a book and didn't notice me dammitt! When I pointed out a bit later that I had mowed naked and the fact she hadn't seen me went to show that we SNs are discreet and simply aren't seen.  In this case because I knew she wasn't paying any heed.  She tutted a bit but realised I was right and therefore made no objection or response after the fact.

I went in at one point and did kitchen chores naked and she came in and saw me and did her 'oh please, put some clothes on, have some respect for my views' commentary which is her standard response these days.  I didn't, with the riposte 'I will in a minute when I've finished this...' riposte.  If she'd not come inside for a moment, she'd have never known, I pointed out, so what's the difference if I put a few shreds of wrap around me now.

We passed the day and much of today in the same fashion with me nude somewhere out of her sight, donning my kikoy wrap (languidly) when I'm back in her company.  A sort of truce prevailed where I sunbathed naked in the hidden part of the garden and she didn't bother me there and I wore just a wrap or speedos in her company or sometimes nothing for as long as I could get away with at other times.

As a consequence I spent about 60% of Wednesday and this morning (Fri) nude and all of it mostly nude.  Good tally when the wife's about!

Returning to dermatology, I get psoriasis on my legs.  Mercifully not very severely and usually sporadically.  I've never worked out if the sun makes a positive or negative difference.  Sun is often recommended for psoriasis but I've not noticed a difference.  However, it doesn't seem to be uncomfortable in sun and, like you, Tony, I'm buggered if I'm going to let it spoil my fun!

Quote from: jbee
In this heat a piece of shade is very welcome. Early morning and pre-sunset are radically different than the rest of the day. I'm attracted by places with trees and water, this time of year
  Yes indeed!

* These few words are a fecund harvest for the seasoned punster!  Are the clinics for humans or small black-furred burrowing mammals?  Are they to drop in your mole?  etc etc until they could stand no more!   

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