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Trip reports / Re: A Special Spot
« on: July 25, 2015, 12:53:31 AM »
nice report on your blog jbee!  It rained hard today at our house and I stepped out for a moment in it but it was cold & horrible and not worth getting wet for!

Free Range Naturism / Re: What's the difference?
« on: July 18, 2015, 12:38:49 AM »
Well I never,

That video was one of the most beautiful things I've ever seen!  Not only is that sequence an expression of true, in-the-blood naturism but a thing that I would love to do myself, a lot, in the same way as she seems to do.  I wouldn't video it! Tubby 60+ bloke splashing about isn't very worth watching.  However, image of athletic person with capable swimming style and tenaciously conquering the elements in naked freedom is a work of art.

What that also shows is that you can get in a mountain lake even in winter and not die of exposure ....too quickly!  She must be a tough and resilient spirit indeed.  That she does the swims and joins nature in whatever the circumstances of weather, in itself is totally admirable.  Even in that short video the spirit was so positive and so strong. A qualification for achieving such swims may be to be 20 something and physically fit as a fiddle rather than old and unfit.  But....Maybe one day...maybe soon...?


Thanks, Duane
Sadly relaxation has been far from my agenda. The last week has been a terrible and tiring rush round looking at houses and then off to a very elderly and disabled relative to keep her company, do the shopping, fix her stairlift, alleviate household problems since last visit and generally make her life a little easier if possible, solving another family problem by phone, negotiating the house purchase and its concomitant filling in of forms, juggling some bits of client work and generally being medium to high stressed!  However, I think I'm on top of the admin & clients for a few days at least. 

Er... that's normal for me! What about you two guys, jbee and Duane? Doesn't anything difficult, onerous, distracting, agonising, tedious or stressful ever happen in your wonderful warm existences?  Or am I just oversensitive to the not so good things that happen in mine?

Actually, when I'm most stressed is the time my need to be naked is greatest.  It's definitely a de-stress strategy.  I'm naked in the hotel room as I pen this missive - the wife has had her token complain and now happily occupied reading.

Hopefully real holiday starts tomorrow- Meeting US friends who are on holiday in UK and we are touring them round picturesque northern countryside for 3 days before driving them south via a stately home or two and back to our place!  I hope the next 3 or 4 days will be a bit relaxing at least.  We are in the Lake District, and my ambition to swim naked in a clear, cold upland tarn may not be realised, but...I'm prepared with hiking towel in backpack, swim shorts if necessary but most importantly to be on the alert all the time for the opportunity should it arise. If I'm with the others I'm not going to be inhibited.  They won't die if they see my willy!


Free Range Naturism / Re: How was your month for Free Range Naturism?
« on: July 17, 2015, 11:47:21 PM »
Thanks for comments, guys.
Jbee, you are getting like the japanese islander - always skyclad!  As I have said many times I do envy your climate.

Interesting comment about sleeping in the heat.  When I've been in hot and sporadically humid climates e.g. in Spain, I don't seem to deop off to sleep unless I'm under something.  True, the preference would be no covers but it seems to inhibit the appearance of morpheus!  Just habit I guess.


Don't know if this is on topic but, I'm on holiday at the moment with limited internet access and so I've had a few days to catch up on the posts.  The new home seems to have stimulated our conversation in a most agreeable way!  Bloody hard work keeping up though!  ;D


Free Range Naturism / Re: How was your month for Free Range Naturism?
« on: July 16, 2015, 10:42:17 PM »
We have been looking for a new house and I have been emphasising that a private garden and not being overlooked is something I would like very much.  It took a bit of refusing to be interested in overlooked houses for the penny to drop and to give me the opportunity to say that I would like to think I could have some naked sunbathing in the garden sometimes and be able to go downstairs nude to make the tea and not worry about her being worried that I'd be on view.

To my delight she seems to have accepted this to quite a large extent and I really think I may have moved her a notch up.  This week we saw a vry nice house with a jacuzzi in the very small, very secluded garden.  In our conversation about the house, I said to her quite clearly that she could not expect me not to be naked in the jacuzzi and be able to walk naked to and from it unencumbered by the nuisance of clothing.  She replied that she would perhaps do the same sometimes.  I replied that I would be delighted if she did and that maybe that would be a positive experience for her and help her understand.

In another house there were high hedges and fences and I was enthusiastic about its seclusion and as we developed the argument about that one she was pointing out all the vulnerabilities to make sure I had recce'd it properly and would be happy to be naked and that she'd be happy that I was hidden.  In another house surrounded by hedges and with very good seclusion (which we have an offer on) she had moved to an acceptance that I would be naked in the garden and could walk into the garden at dawn or midnight freely and without needing to cover up.  In these conversations I have assured her that perforce nudity is sporadic (we are not living in Arizona!) and that I'm not going to start insisting on living a totally naked life and that I'd regulate it to reasonable and discreet proportions as I have told her.

The house we have offered on is a bit cheaper than we'd budgeted for and needed less redecoration etc., and she remarked that one use for the positive financial difference would be to have a jacuzzi in the garden like the other house, where I could be naked!  I felt really good about that as you might imagine.  We can't afford a jacuzzi (she knows that too) but her suggestion was reassuring.

I reckon some progress has been truly made in her willingness to accept that I'm a naturist and that it is unlikely that the world will discover this fact and that we'd become a laughing stock!  The house we're wanting is in a large village and she said that she would not tolerate me becoming the village naturist - a figure of fun with people laughing at her in the post office cue.  So I better keep it quiet or else.  (note, keep it quiet not don't do it!).  This reveals both that there is a bit of acceptance and also the depths of her social fears about nudity.

Finally, I forgot to mention another moment whilst she was moaning:
"Why do you feel you want to be naked all the time?  It's unnatural"
"I'm not going to engage with that, Darling, we've agreed you don't currently and don't want to understand it."
"Well why don't you go off to some naturist place sometimes and be naked there for a day and get it off your chest?"
"But you hate the idea that I should mix with other naturists, you think it's an evil addiction on my part and I will lose my sole amongst naturists because you tell me they are the spawn of satan."
"Yes, but at least you'd be doing it out of the way."
"My naturism is about being free, without clothes and not about seeking to be with other naturists but if you're happy for me to excercise my desire for nakedness in nature, I wouldn't say no to a few days at naturist clubs."
So I think we're perhaps in a frame for permitting social naturism one day (maybe soon!) without concomitant divorce.  The reported conversation was a bit more roundabout than that but no less clear in statements.

Hope the long posts are readable and that you're not bored by my account of the trivial, argumentative detail of my domestic existence!
I felt though that I'd like to share my busy month for being nude and what it's spin offs have been!



Free Range Naturism / Re: How was your month for Free Range Naturism?
« on: July 16, 2015, 10:02:35 PM »
When John suggested starting this old TSNS thread here he also wrote:

Quote from: nuduke on July 13, 2015, 12:29:04 AM

I've had a corking month with loads of skyclad time, some in the presence of the wifey, no less, with her moaning throughout but nevertheless being there!

I guess this would merit a little more information...

And true to form here is the story...This is both report of July naked activity and also "Spouse progress update"

The weather has been very good in June/July and I have been very keen to spend as much time as possible in the correct dress.  However, now retired and both of us at home together a lot, one is a bit penned in by the dear wife, so I have been facing into my opportunities much more blatantly.  I was mowing the lower lawn and decided to be utterly uninhibited and not bother to dress to do the sections that are overlooked by an upper window next door because with shrubs etc in full leaf they can't really see the lower half of one.  After I'd finished I made me and the wife a nice cuppa and sitting in the sun remarked that I had mowed the lawn naked and she hadn't noticed despite sitting out in view of me turning round each swathe and doing it for about 20 minutes.  She tutted and moaned a bit but I had the opportunity to exemplify that my naturism is discreet and secret and part of that is about what other people expect to see.  Since she wasn't expecting it she didn't look and had she not been reading I would probably have not been so blatantly naked. 

I've also adopted saying to her when I'd be nude as in "When you next come out be aware I'll probably be naked so make your presence known and I'll cover up".  Generally she's accepted that if she's not there it's sort of invisible and if invisible it's ok.

So I've been pushing it as far as I can indoors and out.  We often have a bedtime cuppa and indeed a morning cuppa in bed.  When I go to make it I go naked and she often says "Put something on, for heaven's sake" or words to that effect, my reply has been 'No'.  This month whilst it's been an issue therefore I've taken the opportunity to explain how one is discreet and can easily avoid answering the door to someone whilst naked or being seen through a window.  I have pointed out my standby shorts and tshirt kept downstairs and on one occasion when the doorbell did ring early morning, how I could walk upstairs, get into a dressing gown and answer the door in adequate time with neither rush or panic or embarrassment.  Because we have been sitting out a lot together I have pointed out how it is not possible to be seen in the appropriate places.

She is still very uneasy if I disrobe next to her on the patio.  "Cover up, for heaven's sake".  On those occasions I cover my crotch with a small square of kikoy or drape shorts over it.  As one might expect a degree of toleration is emerging.  As I say, being naked around her makes her feel uncomfortable most of the time but acceptance of discretion when she's not there is improving.

There has been a tiny bit of discussion about my feelings about naturism and I have emphasised that I accept that she just doesn't get it but that she should understand that there is more to being naked than she realises and that none of it is perverted, sexual or even particularly unusual and being very emphatic that I'm not going to try and explain because it won't make any difference and it will lead to a debate that neither of us will win or even compromise on because we both have very strong views.  I think that did get her thinking though.  I have promised that I would never embarrass her knowingly.

There has also been something of a sea change which will feature in the next post as this one is long enough now!


Wow jbee!
You are an author!
I'm devastated!  Another site to visit regularly and read! :)

Actually it's a wonderful way to enjoy your astounding adventures (was there a Marvel comic of that name?). Just put a link in to a post and we're off to Arizona (with a banjo on our knee :lol: ! ).

I haven't read your first posting yet, just scanned down but I will read it from cover to cover on Wednesday or Thursday when I think I might have a leisure moment for it. It's big.  How long did it take you to write?  How long to compose with pics?

Good luck with wordpress!  I act as copymaster for a small organisation using Wordpress for their website.  I've been experiencing that an entire page/post content disappears randomly as you update/publish.  Don't know what causes it but it's a considerable nuisance!

Are you developing a website too?  What for? The blog could do a lot of what a site does.


Small mindedness of the most awful kind. That makes me really angry. Wierd?  No. Screwed up, Yes.


General Naturism Discussion / Re: Overall progress ??
« on: July 13, 2015, 01:15:05 AM »
I think the blatant showing off of the body beautiful is a really nice indication that nude is ok.  Overtly its a way to show off people in the peak of perfection and, whilst in a way I agree with Peter that some people will be put off liking their own bodies because of the adverse comparison with perfection, I really don't like to think that should put us off rejoicing and celebrating the attractive physical prowess of athletes.  Yes, on balance I think the annual body issue of that mag does notch forward the general emancipation of nakedness, particularly since it does so in a very non-titillating way.  It is a parade of desirable, attractive people but the nature of the photography celebrates the physical culture side.  I have to admit that I found the lady hammer thrower a particularly positive advert for culturing the physique.  She is 15 stone!  Yet she's probably not got an ounce of stray fat.  An unconventional shape for beauty but achieving beauty in an outstanding way.

I'm not a great fan of tatoos.  I don't understand why anyone wants to adopt a particular image for their entire life.  In these cases the tattoos to my eye detract from the direction, beauty and line of the already beautiful musculature of these athletes.


Incidentally, this is July 8th, 2015. Today, The Secret Naturist Society would have been 15 years old.
No more birthdays, but somehow here, the society is still alive. We ARE The Secret Naturist Society.

...its a strange name and we really don't need it any longer.  This forum is just as good, perhaps better. 


Couldn't agree more, Bob.

I have to say, I'm settling down too!  Although we seem to be populated mostly by 'the old crowd' (and thankfully so!), our volume of input & output seems to have soared!  It's great but I'm having trouble keeping up.  One needs to be here daily! I'm just not getting the time at the moment (I'm doing a couple of small consulting projects, voluntary activity and trying to move house!). 
Anyway, apart from the lack of pictures I'm enjoying the new invigorated chat and also reviving the some of the same old chestnuts  ;D

Have we revived "How Was Your Month for SN" yet?  If not,  Ian, start us up again with July's stats, please.  HWYMFSN ran to 50+ pages and was a pillar of the old place.  I've had a corking month with loads of skyclad time, some in the presence of the wifey, no less, with her moaning throughout but nevertheless being there!

Technical q: Karla / Stuart is there some way of getting your 'unread posts since last visit' list to put the most recent post on the top?  This topic's up to 8 pages already with about 2 pages added since I last looked a couple of days ago.  finding where you left off last time is hard!  So can post threads be ordered latest ---> oldest rather than the other way round?


Quote from: nudewalker
I sent Dan a PM through hiking and told him of the demise of TSNS and where to find us. With all that time away there may also be catch up te at work too. I'm confident he'll find his way here soon.

When I sent out that email to everyone on Yahoo! jmf was on the list. I didn’t get a bounce back, so maybe he got the message. He may show up, who knows.

I had a bit of correspondence with jmf too.  He seems happy as larry (humour intended!) with a couple of other sites including his own Randonnues which I would recommend to anyone for his superb pictures.  As I sit here I can't remember the other place he goes frequently - I'll catch you all up in a future post with that.


Free Range Naturism / Re: What's the difference?
« on: July 08, 2015, 12:31:34 AM »
Quote from: jbee
For myself, I am closer to the form of the world and universe when nude. I am better in touch. I notice the connection and discover how this body is infinite in ways that I could never conceive otherwise. I find gratitude, pure and also focused on miracles everywhere, when exposed and nude. I am better aware of energies that are hidden to many. My body moves and functions in a more natural spontaneous mode, gathering health and knowing better what blessings are here for me. I hold this all sacred.  There is better sense of the body, the breath, the breath through the skin, movement, change, all awareness needs to be held sacred. Nudity enhances the ability to stay mindfully in the moment, and each moment is a sacred place, as I know it. All of this experience is a path into a consciousness which is closer to “what is”,

Gosh I wish I experienced the world as spiritually as you do, jbee.  I think I do touch the surface and see ripples on the deep pools that you swim in but I don't dive and plumb their depths as you seem to do.  Poetic, m'boy.  The quote's on my screensaver!


Quote from: Bob
So I'm not a "nudist" or "naturist."  I just enjoy going naked whenever possible at home and in the world
So maybe we need a name for that?  Would you be a "Nakedeer", "Nakeder", "Nakedite" or perhaps a "Peregrinakeder".

How we love to classify. 

Bob, more power to your rebellious elbow - be free and unlabelled as you wish!


Trip reports / Re: A weekend off...
« on: July 08, 2015, 12:09:54 AM »
My goodness, Ian you covered some ground in one weekend!

Karla, pictures, please!


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