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Hey, Ian!

Good to see you found where we landed.

If you could, send the word around in the UK, that we are here for the near future, pending any info from Paul about the SNS situation.

I don't have any emails of the folks in the UK. I think John (nuduke) knows we are here, but not certain. Most of the others I haven't seen on the Yahoo! site.

We were getting a little annoyed with that site as no one seems to have any moderator privileges. You wouldn't happen to know who opened that site? We couldn't remember who did.

Glad to see you're here.


Hopefully it's nothing serious. The fact he didn't mention a illness is a good sign.

If it's a hardware issue as opposed to a missed payment I can see that running into some serious ca$h though.

But like you said, fingers crossed.


Free Range Naturism / Re: What's the difference?
« on: June 19, 2015, 08:13:53 PM »
Quote from: nudewalker
. . you may be over thinking the whole thing . . .

Could be. Sometimes I do that, maybe it's a subconscious method of me getting ME off TDC.

Quote from: nudewalker
My fear is to encounter a family of religious home schooled textiles who show no mercy and drag the whole thing into not only the legal system but the court of public opinion.

That is where I wish that the need to worry about that sort of thing didn't exist. If I were to go hiking wearing a tux, I would get odd looks, but no legal action. Remove the tux and the rules are suddenly different. Same guy, same hike, same personality but all of a sudden I'm perceived as a threat. That's what I wish didn't exist.

I am hoping that in frequenting this site I will begin to move toward what I see as Free Range hiking. Something imbued a loosening of the inhibitors of my current state, which is the secret (solitary) naturist hiker. I like when I do a secret hike for it's solitary and quiet nature, but I am leaning toward a more egalitarian practice of this style of hike on occasion.

Quote from: jbee
P.S. "Brick and mortar!" I think that defining TSNS to that might be too extreme.

I was speaking of the difference between a "virtual" friend or a "brick and mortar" one (a friend you know face to face), not the activity of secret naturism. I guess my analogy sorta fell flat.

Quote from: jbee
For me, freerange naturism is a bolder and broader approach than conventional nudism, which encompasses secret naturist tactics by necessity.

That is my observation as well and I am thinking I shall have to use Larry's incrementalism to make a transition to that bolder action.


Trip reports / Re: WV State Park Spring Hike
« on: June 17, 2015, 10:42:21 PM »
I did a right click and then selected view image. I was able to see the whole picture.
But you'll  have to do it for each one then click on the back button. It's a workaround
till he figures out the size issue.

Nice photos, nudewalker.


Free Range Naturism / What's the difference?
« on: June 17, 2015, 06:51:42 PM »
So here we are decamped from SNS to Free Range Naturism. I am with Jbee in hoping that SNS isn't "done for". It has many members that were long time contributors and "virtual friends", one of which became a "brick & mortar?" friend. So I hope that Lookee and others can fix whatever happened and we can regain that site, but I have now begun to look at Free Range as a new and welcome stop to visit.

I guess I started this post with an eye to what the inherent difference is between "Secret Naturism" and "Free Range Naturism". I guess that in the secret camp, there is a caution in site selection to ensure a more protected zone for engaging in the naked activities, while in the free range camp, there is a more open and/or gregarious outlook to the activities. The upside to free range is there would be more hikes/sites open for me to visit.

Those of us that were long time contributors at SNS frequented that site for it's stated purpose, to further the abilities of those engaging in "Secret Naturism". By discussing our outings we swapped tips, tricks and advice on remaining "hidden" or "secret" while out in public.

For some, me in particular, public does not mean being in a community square or neighborhood. Some SNS members would engage in naked activities within the community they lived. I am not so bold. I prefer a place away from the "average citizen" as I have not yet chosen to endure that level of attention.

At times I have been a little uneasy with the term "Secret". It sounds, well, secretive. Like we are skulking about with strange agendas. I prefer solitary as opposed to secret. The implication in the name Free Range is that there is nothing binding or restraining in the actions. I like that.

I am drawn, though, to what "Free Range" hikers do and the attitude that is required. I take that term to be, hiking where there is a higher, though slight, probability of bumping into someone. They are accepting the risk of an adverse reaction from a meeting but expecting that most will simply shrug off the encounter. I see that as a type of  confidence that is appealing and admire it. There are a couple of members on SNS that exhibited that attitude. Bob and Jbee, now posting here, and a couple others all seem to have achieved that level of confidence.

It's not that I would prefer to "not care" if I encounter someone, it's more like I would prefer "to not have to worry" about it. Caution, that comes from dealing with cultural mores, taboos and John Law is likely at the root my hesitation at being that casual.

I find that outlook attractive and would do so if I could find a way to reconcile my worry of it's affect on my relations in my church and among friends. As far as I know, my wife is the only one that knows about my naked hiking. My family, I am confident, would find a way to deal with it. My friends most likely would also. It's the faith community I am hesitant about. I value that and will not blithely cast it aside.

I am hoping that the attitudes of Stuart, Karla, and other "free rangers" on this site will start to influence me in the same way I found visiting the SNS site helped me when I began to discover how naked activities are amazingly beneficial to me.


Oh dear!

I guess I'll have to learn a different process for posting pictures.

I'll probably experiment here, too.


Free Range Naturism / Re: Naked At Home -- Guests and Visitors.
« on: June 16, 2015, 06:15:42 PM »
Quote from: Karla
I'm actually extremely sensitive to stimuli, tactile, auditory, smell etc. I prefer being naked outdoors because it feels more natural. . . I just don't know what it is about feeling the grass under my feet. Even when waiting at a bus stop I will prefer to stand on the grass.

I love going barefoot. On the SNS website there was a guy a few years ago that did most everything barefoot. I especially like the feel of grass and small pebbles. It's like getting a foot massage. I once tried to go barefoot on a desert hike and I was able to last about 50 yds. before I had to put my shoes back on.

Too many sharp points.

I went out once on a hike in the desert where I cached my clothes and left them behind. After a while I decided to lay down for a bit of sun and relaxation. Usually I would spread my clothes out and lay on them. This time I didn't have them, so I laid down in the desert and relaxed for a while. If you've ever been in the desert, you know the kind of ground that is there. It's covered with prickly points, sharp rocks, pieces of all sorts of things in various stages of degradation. It was actually rather pleasant. An allover skin stimulation. I had to move a few larger rocks and made sure I wasn't laying down on a small cactus, otherwise it wasn't bad. I've never had accupuncture but I guess that's the closest I could say it was like.

Add to that the wind, the sun and all the critters that live out there, I was almost relaxed to the point of taking a nap.

Very nice.


Yeah, probably should have said, "After the medications were done."  I usually start the dairy uptake after I'm finished with the pills.

One advantage though, you will lose some weight! For me, that's a benefit. Others may already be at their optimal weight.


Free Range Naturism / Re: Encounters...what to do?
« on: June 15, 2015, 05:54:37 PM »
One point about this subject. I prefer to not intentionally put myself in a confrontational situation. As a result I no longer naked hike in the place where I bumped into that guy on the trail. It is a popular and a favorite place for locals and tourists alike and can be very crowded.

For this reason I stopped my naked hikes there and have spent most of my naked time out of town about 30 miles at a place not so easy to hike to. I have seen people there at the trail head but not on the trail. My wife and I once spotted a couple on horses that were outbound with pack animals in tow, but they were at least a half mile off and headed away from us.

It is remote and quiet.  Two aspects I value.


I also used SNS as a main source of naturist info and conversation and am also grateful that Karla & Stuart have this forum we can use as a refuge.

I hope many of the old site's members remember this forum and can pop in for a visit and I will try to mind my manners and not knock into anything precious.

Paul, if you ever do get in touch with Lookee, tell him we wish him the best. I seem to recall you mentioning once he was have health issues. Also let him know we appreciate all he did all those years as the host for the SNS site.


You probably already know this.

Whenever you are on antibiotics one of the first things to do is increase the intake of dairy products.  Yogurt, cheese and/or buttermilk. They all help to elevate the microbe levels in your GI track back to healthy levels.


Free Range Naturism / Re: Naked Tourists vexes government
« on: June 15, 2015, 05:10:49 PM »
One of the many reports of this event can be found here.

I saw another article where the tourists admitted to the act but I don't know if they admitted to causing the earthquake.  If they did cause it I'm not sure I would mess with them.


Free Range Naturism / Re: Ultra Light Backpacking
« on: February 11, 2015, 08:18:56 PM »
Intentionally leaving with no clothes at all, if weather permits, for an entire trip naked does sound great.

I spent a couple hours once hiking after caching my clothes and had nothing to use for cover if I bumped into anyone.  It was a new and wonderful experience.  On a longer trip though, especially down in southern AZ, I would think that the only concession to make might be a poncho.

If your bivy tent is easily accessible you could probably use that as a poncho.  Warm rain is nice but eventually you will get chilled from the water.

Paring down your pack to a minimalist load would help to increase the sensation of being without clothes.


Factory Farmed Naturism / Re: Club Visits
« on: January 20, 2015, 05:01:36 PM »
I've not been to a club of any kind.  I might eventually, but I haven't as yet.

What is the policy, in general, of these places with the customers going off site to explore?


Free Range Naturism / What's your temperature?
« on: January 15, 2015, 06:33:36 PM »
I live in the American desert southwest.  Where I live the coldest it gets in the winter is maybe into the upper 20's at night.  On rare occasions it may stay in the 30's during the day, but in general I don't live where it gets bitterly cold.

I have gone on day hikes when the temps were in the mid 30's.  The forecast for the day might be in the mid 40's or 50's, so those of you that regularly have extreme cold to deal with probably would welcome those as warm days.

On the day I went out, as I walked, I became aware of how my body was reacting to the temps.  I could feel the cold air on me.  I have read that a layer of warm air is held in place by our body hair and helps control skin temperature.  As long as the wind doesn't disturb this insulating layer we have a limited ability to stay warm.

I find it interesting how the body adapts to conditions when neccessary. When we are clothed and exposed to cold we expect to be cold, so we are.  Well, I was in a cold environment and had no clothes on.  I could sense the cold on my skin but my body wasn't cold. I was not shivering.  Fortunately it wasn't windy or cloudy which would have made a huge difference.

As the sun rose so did the temperature.  I actually worked up a little bit of a sweat.  Initially I was a little concerned about getting too cold because of how fast body heat dissipates.  I never got cold in the way I had imagined and I did have a good hike.

I was wearing my Vibram 5 Toes which makes the sense of wearing nothing even more noticable.  I noticed that my calf muscles got a particularly good workout as a result.  You are using your toes just as if you were barefoot and the muscle ache was noticeable, but not painful.  It is better exercise for your legs.

I was out for a total naked time of about 5 hrs. and the temp when I headed back was in the mid 50's.

I was wondering what is the coldest that anyone has been out for an extended period and what was your reaction to and how did you deal with the cold.


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