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Free Range Naturism / Re: Naked cycling
« on: February 27, 2014, 04:13:13 PM »
I haven't been cycling naked but in response to Karla's comments about the body being perfectly able to adjust it's temperature to the environment, I tested this a couple of times.

I went out on a nude hike once in January when the temperature was 37F at the trail head.  I started at about 8:00 am.  The sky was clear and there was little to no wind.  Once I got up to a good pace I didn't even notice the cold.  With no clouds and only a slight breeze it was a perfectly enjoyable time.

By the time I left, about 3 hrs. later, the temp was probably up into the low 50's.  I think the body adapts to it's optimum functioning level.  As long as you don't push it to extremes where it can't adjust you can have a great time.

Clouds and a wind will ruin your day quickly though.  I always have protection in case that occurs.  Being naked with no direct sun and a stiff wind is not fun at all.

Free Range Naturism / Re: Ultra Light Backpacking
« on: September 25, 2013, 08:47:07 PM »
Quote from: Jbee
I took my day pack and inserted four two liter bottles of water, which is around 17 pounds. I took it for a walk.

A day pack will kill you if it's loaded, all the weight is on your shoulders.  Make sure you have a waist belt so the load is transferred to your hips and the loosen the shoulder straps so that they only stabilize the load, not carry it.  The work is much easier.

My biggest drawback is the pack.  Mine is a bit heavy, 5-7 lbs.  They're not cheap but if you are going to do a lot of hiking light, it might be worth it to get a lightweight pack.


Introductions / Hello again!
« on: September 14, 2013, 09:07:17 PM »
Hello again!

I am so glad to see that you are back on line.  I used to visit your other website and thoroughly enjoyed it.

I live in Nevada, the desert southwest of America.  We don't see much rain or greenery here, although we do have a late summer monsoon season.  I enjoy going out on naked hikes into the desert.

When I hike, I can see for miles with nothing to obscure the view.  There is nothing like being naked in the open desert, where there are no signs of man anywhere. I love going out, divesting myself of the trappings, to just walk or relax under the wide open sky.  Your site is a testament that peace, simple pleasures and a place to relax can be found just a few miles away.  I always  experience a calm that comes from knowing that here, there is nothing to impinge on my time alone with God and nature.

We have small mountains in this area but most are formed of sediment in uplifted plates from tectonic activity, not the metamorphic rocks like I see in your photographs.  Mostly sandstone, limestone and shale.  The upside to that is I occasionally get to see fossils in the rocks.

I like hiking the mountains and have peaked a couple of them naked.  One of them is 3310 ft., with about 3.5 mile long 1400 ft. naked climb.  Another rises to almost 9900 ft., the climb I did there is 1 mile and about a 700' climb.  Taking a breather at the top, where I can see for miles is incredible.  I guess I have an odd idea of fun activities.

Advocating more natural experience is a good thing and I see those ideas captured in the writing and photographs on your site. I also frequent a website, "The Secret Naturist Society"(TSNS), for people who love to get outdoors naked but prefer to do so out of sight of everyone else.  Most of us that post there are not as bold as you although we have a couple of members that push the boundaries.

FYI: one of our members posted a link to your website, which is how I found you are back online.

Thanks for providing a place to connect with others of a similar bent.


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