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I seem to recall the Appenzell ban John P mentions related to a path regularly used, even promoted, for nude hiking, and the locals took exception. They had to enact a bye-law to ban the practice as Swiss law neither allowed nor banned it and hikers were using the lack of a ban to say it was legal. Or something like that.

General Naturism Discussion / Re: Gender Neutral Restrooms in the US
« on: March 01, 2019, 05:55:19 PM »
In view of the group interest shown in toilet paper, I offer the following report assessing the latest threat to planet Earth:

Wiped out: America's love of luxury toilet paper is destroying Canadian forests

Free Range Naturism / Re: Making Naturism Viral - Grassroots Naturism
« on: February 25, 2019, 01:53:21 PM »
Some other people were not only naked but also behaving lewdly. That's of course not naturist, and wasn't legal under California law either. I don't know whether or not the latter people claimed to be naturists, but they certainly weren't, and no legitimate naturist would condone the lewdness. Those who weren't behaving lewdly were absolutely, positively exercising their rights.

Same old problem - the few spoil it for the many.

The onlookers - local businesses, Mr Wiener, casual tourists, frightened parents etc - just saw naked people and judged all by those they found most outrageous. What else would you expect?

I think for females the first rite of passage is the onset of periods, possibly followed by a noticeable shape change of the chest.

General Naturism Discussion / Re: Nudes in the news
« on: February 10, 2019, 07:21:19 PM »
It's like characters on the radio. Those of whom I've eventually seen photographs look nothing like them!

Free Range Naturism / Re: Nighttime naturism
« on: February 10, 2019, 08:39:52 AM »
Damn technology. With the growing popularity of electric vehicles we may not be able to hear them coming :-)

That sounded heartfelt, Hillwalker, almost as if one of them just sneaked up on you .. 😉

Free Range Naturism / Re: Fear of nudity
« on: February 10, 2019, 08:36:25 AM »
This lack of recent studies ... is strange

We risk overinflating our importance here. What’s to study? Some people like to do things naked that most people prefer to do clothed. How much further can that be explored, and having been done once or twice there’s nothing left to study, is there?

General Naturism Discussion / Re: Nudes in the news
« on: February 08, 2019, 05:14:44 PM »

I’m sure this could only become “a thing” in the US. Is this ruling an infringement of women’s rights, is it female empowerment and body positivity, or is it lawmaking gone mad? Obviously it’s not naturism in any shape or form, but it’s surely an indication of how ludicrous things can become when society obsesses over a strip of cloth to cover body parts.

Free Range Naturism / Re: Fear of nudity
« on: February 05, 2019, 07:48:34 PM »
it all teaches the Internet generation that the people in the pictures were not harmed by whatever they were doing

Unfortunately, while the internet might be trying to give that message there are plenty of people out there trying to counter the message. Apart from the platforms themselves, which go to ever greater lengths to hunt down and obscure or ban naked content, there are media, schools, parents and self-appointed moral guardians preaching that online sex is wrong, sexting is wrong, unfettered internet access is wrong, all  demanding that the social media platforms do more to cover up the naked body (which is what happened on Tumblr, don't forget).

The fact these same people then say that art, mastectomies and breast feeding must be allowed to be shown just confuses matters for the poor viewer. ...

Free Range Naturism / Re: Fear of nudity
« on: February 04, 2019, 03:39:23 PM »
I suspect most of us “of a certain age” enjoyed nudity before discovering it was “ a thing” and that others did it, our age predating us before the internet made all knowledge possible (tongue in cheek).

As regards the social acceptance argument, I believe this is one of the strongest prejudices we (nudists/naturists/nakedists) face. Society has two sets of laws; one set is enforceable/punishable by fines, jail, litigation, the other is society’s belief in what is right and wrong - please and thank you, holding doors open, not walking naked down the high street. The second sort can often carry more weight the first.

General Naturism Discussion / Re: Why is public nudity illegal?
« on: February 03, 2019, 06:46:46 AM »
There’s a story that the British Museum basement has drawers full of marble penises, broken off statues by modest Victorians so stone fig leaves could be cemented in their place. Might just be an urban myth to tickle schoolboy humour, of course, but the statues certainly have a lot of fig leaves.

In some cases, such as the English country gentleman described, it doesn't matter. All too often society makes it matter.

Now I'm retired I don't worry about what I wear as far as others are concerned. When I was working I wore practical clothing for the work at hand, latterly as a tradesman; as well as being practical for the task at hand the clothes acted as a uniform and made me look like the job I was doing, which encouraged confidence in potential customers. It may be down to social conditioning, but if your surgeon appeared at your bedside in grease-stained dungarees would that imbue confidence? If a farmer wore a three-piece suit and avoided standing in puddles, would you think him up to the job?

I had along argument with a banker once over the fact that he judged his (male) employees on the make of tie they wore - not whether they wore a tie or its colour, but the actual make - how did that matter, I asked; he couldn't answer but nor would he back off from its importance.

OK, we're slipping aaway from "beauty" to a wider range of "appearance" but I think the principle applies. Perhaps it shouldn't but it does.

Beauty, as the saying goes, is always in the eye of the beholder, but the effect of appearance can not be dismissed. Most people can see, and the first contact we generally have with another person is visual, we see them. Instant judgements are mad e, whether we like it or not, based on that visual impression, for good or ill. Yes, those impressions may well change after further and different sorts of contact, but the judgement has still been made, and whether we call t “beauty” or some other word it happens.

Both perfectly true - we’ve lost “malls” here, too, or they’ve been built a not filled up, but the money argument has validity. If the clothes shops in my home town closed it would wipe out about three-quarters of the local commerce! The economic argument for keeping clothes is that as things stand most western economies would collapse without them.

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