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Free Range Naturism / Re: Posting on this site
« on: June 13, 2017, 05:32:03 AM »
Hi Barerider.    I prefer not to start writing my posts in Word for that very reason....because my posts may end up being posted on several forums when I have something to share.       I started using Google Docs as a big clip board years ago,  back before MS and Apple began pushing their own cloud based services, because at that time I could access my works-in-progress from anywhere, any device, anytime, which was a rare convenience for me in those days.    In any case, I have noticed that Google Docs can swallow most anything that I throw at it regardless of where or how it might have been originally created.   It conveniently and nearly transparently strips away all of the proprietary codes and formatting, creating a pretty clean copy that can be posted with little touch up needed, nearly anywhere.     I routinely incorporate (with the owner's permission) parts of messages created in other formats (including Word) that people have sent me, into posts that I have made on this and other similar forums very successfully.   I first copy and paste  the parts that I want into a Google Doc, edit and complete my post, then copy and paste the completed draft of my post into the "reply" or "compose" box of my chosen forum.    I have never had a problem with any of the forum platforms taking my text as a straight copy-and-paste transfer from a Google Doc.     

I also use the same process to back up longer posts that I find myself initially starting to write on the fly in the post "reply" box as with here on this forum.     Year ago, I would occasionally loose a post before or as it was posting due to  a glitch in the site or in my internet connection, both here and elsewhere, only to have to start from scratch and recompose it again.    Having endured that pain often enough over the years, I now copy and past to Google Docs as a backup when I am composing longer posts on the fly as insurance should something go wrong.   For me Google Docs serves as a robust clip board that I can access from nearly anywhere on the planet.     Of course Google harvests data from everything that I write.    But then again why shouldn't Big Data take notice of my preference to be a free range natural human?


Free Range Naturism / Re: Two nude hikes in Vermont this June
« on: June 13, 2017, 04:23:37 AM »
Nice to be back you all.    I try to drop by when I can.    Still pretty busy and squeezing in moments when I can, which fortunately has been pretty frequently.     As Calvin said in a well remember panel, "life is short, play naked"


Free Range Naturism / Re: Two nude hikes in Vermont this June
« on: June 12, 2017, 03:59:24 AM »
Hello everyone.   Glad to be back here again.   Sometimes, life does get in the way....not in the way of getting out to freerange.....there has been plenty of nude hiking, paddling, and other nude adventuring over the past couple of years for me.....not in the way of spending time with my family, plenty of that....not in the way of working full time, plenty of that also.....but all of that is just the problem, something had to go and it was posting and blogging.   Sorry guys.    I have just returned from the WNBR which took place yesterday in Montpelior Vermont which was as always, a great and enthusiastically received small town ride....and I am back on the job with a few moments of down time.       So I promised John that I would make my way back over here and post a couple of trip reports. 

Our hike (announced at the top of this thread by John) between Grout Pond and Somerset Reservoir this past June 3rd was a success.  One that was most enjoyable and long anticipated after our baffling winter just past.    Or has it past yet?     One thing that is for certain is that our persistent rains these past several weeks have produced for us lush green forests, wiped out the gypsy moths with a virelant fungus, and brought us a bumper crop of voracious human-eating bugs.    The weather for our hike was just as our ANANEC staff weather prognosticator and photographer Milton had predicted.  He, recovering from recent and successful knee surgery, prudently chose not to test the knee prematurely.    So I stepped in to lead the hike.   And for the same reason, there are no photos, so please don't ask.

Our turnout for this hike was a small but determined group of six.   That is a great turnout for an early season group nude hike under the circumstances.  One fellow Rich haling from New York City, two myself included, the other being Jim are from the Boston area, and a family of three Johnathon, Christie, and Hiker are from Manchester (New Hampshire).    The youngest of our group at barely two years of age, and properly named Hiker Love, has been an intrepid backpacker from infancy.    Yes she is a veteran of many nude backpacks already, having ridden enthusiastically in said backpack for many miles and through many adventures.

Our morning broke cool, blustery and overcast, the kind of day in early June that tricks you into a surprise sun burn.  The temps never exceeded the mid-fifties through the day.   The wind was chilly which deterred my swimming at our lunch spot,  a minor disappointment to me, as I have been making it a point to nude swim at least once a month in various local ponds throughout the winter.   Jim did venture into the water to wash off accumulated mud and reported that the water temperature was quite tolerable.   However this wind was also a bonus for it partially  kept the bugs at bay.   The swarms of black flies were quite dense all day and were it not for the wind, our hike would have been miserable.   Yet for so many reasons, this hike  rejuvenated me.    I have been working 70 to 80 hour weeks this past month in our most busy time of the year for the business.    Even a single day out free and with friends squeezed in like this one, is most welcome. 

The daunting weather and the bugs also completely kept the tourists at bay, near perfect conditions for a nude hike.  We didn't see a soul all day except for a half dozen twenty somethings who followed at a respectful distance for a while, possibly driven by curiosity, at the beginning of our hike for a time down the trail at Grout Pond, our starting point for the hike.     Though we met as planned (see top of thread) at the dam at the southern end of  Somerset Reservoir, we decided that morning to reverse the direction of our hike in order to save shuttle driving time at the top or our day.

Our big big mis-adventure of this day started at a trail fork south of Grout. I initially did not recognize a turn that we were to take because of seasonal change in appearance of the landscape despite having hiked this trail many times in the past.   So I stopped for a rushed consult of my GPS under a cloud of biting black flies.     Persuaded mostly by the black flies that I had just made the correct assessment, we then proceeded the wrong way north up the east branch of the Catamount Trail adding another mile and a half of waist deep muck and swamp to our trek before I discovered my error when the sun broke through for a moment, and I unconsciously caught a fix on the sun direction.  Unlike at other times of the year, this entire area south of Grout Pond is rather wet and soupy at this time of the year.   Think the Star Wars scene where Lucas Skywalker crash lands in the swamp, wades through the muck and meets Yoda for the first time.

So we backtracked through the same goo and picked up our correct trail to Lunch Point in the north bay of Somerset. Everyone thought it was great adventure and seemed to  graciously enjoy every minute of my Tom foolery, possibly because our lunches seemed so well earned by the time that fetched this well chosen spot.    South beyond Lunch Point the trail improved considerably, leading eventually to hushed lush woodlands and waterfalls that inspired Milton and I to lead today's hike on this trail.    We fondly remember being enchanted during thunderstorm while hiking this section of the trail last summer and this return was just as charming in its own way.     

Those of you who may have had to pleasure of visiting the well known naturist spot in southern Vermont called the "Ledges" on the Harriman Reservoir in Wilmington, may also know of the excellent road side food shack call Wahoos.    Since our hike ended a short drive from this spot, five of the six of us were able to reconvene there for some great grub at the end of a great day.


PS. I am looking for techniques that you guys use here to circumvent the photo limitations of the Simple Machines platform which I otherwise really enjoy using.     I am looking for  convenient ways to post modern large photo files here.    Yes, I can and will use my trusted Irfin View to shrink as I have done through the years on similar forums based upon this platform,  but the extra time that it takes to do so is a deterrent when I am in a hurry.    Thanks.

Free Range Naturism / Re: Summer Solstice II, Vermont USA
« on: June 11, 2016, 07:42:02 PM »
Hi John.    I'm looking forward to joining you all once again this year.    For the record, many of us (our nude hiking club ANANEC) have been doing this hike together  on the Long Trail for at least a decade and without fail, it has been one of the high points of our freehiking season.   I highly recommend it and urge any our you who are able to travel to Vermont to join us this year.

A group of us are also planning to hike in the afternoon before on Sunday and sleep overnight on the trail nearby our Monday morning meetup site.   If you are interested in joining us for the overnight, please message me directly or email me at for more info.
Stay naked.


PS....If you would like to read more on the back story of this hike along with some impressions of an expanded overnight version of the Summer Solstice celebration that I try to do every year, you can find the article and side bars co-written and photographed by Milt, John, and myself in the winter 2014 edition of "N" magazine (The Naturist Society). 

Free Range Naturism / Re: The car key problem
« on: June 11, 2016, 07:34:57 PM »
Yes indeed John, that is a problem that many of us share.    Yours is a clever solution John.    It brings back memories of my childhood spent every Saturday morning in the New Haven (Connecticut) YMCA swimming pool, back in the day, naked of course.   My dad would take me there religiously as a young child so that I could improve both my swimming and social skills.    When we signed into the locker room, we  would each be issued a locker key for the day which had an elastic ring attached for the purpose of wearing the key as we went about our workout.    So the pool was soon  populated with many naked enthusiast bodies, all sporting red colored bands with keys attached around their biceps.   

More recently, but still long ago when I started wild swimming and kayaking in out of the way places,  I adopted the habit of hiding my car key in some crevice in the external bodywork of my car.    There are numerous obscure places on my car that work well.    I haven't lost my car yet to this practice over several decades, and more importantly I have not lost my car keys at the bottom of a swirl hole in some class three rapids.


Free Range Naturism / Re: Winter is here!
« on: May 04, 2016, 09:53:06 AM »
Well, winter is trying to depart these parts in Boston, but I just stumbled upon this steamy side discussion.    I had to second the motions made here by several of you that petting one of these living breathing monsters is an unforgetable experience for us mere modern nudists accustomed to our reliable if not entirely efficient daily drivers.    I had the pleasure of riding the steam excursion train in the Snowdonia region of Wales two summers ago.    At one of the stations where we pulled up for a few moments to take on and discharge passengers, the engine driver invited me up into the cab for a look about and petting session.    I am no stranger to the mechanicals that I spied around me, having spent some pleasant days in my youth around the Potomac freight yards outside Washington DC at the controls and tooling about in "borrowed" steam locomotives, still in daily use at the time.    You see, I was my grandfather's favorite spoiled grandson and he was the Yardmaster.   But that is another story.   

In any case this warm and unusually sunny day in Wales, scantily dressed as I was only in my Running Kilt (regimental of course), and a tanktop, I was once again overwhelmed by the long forgotten intense heat clawing at me from the open firebox at my feet and the boiler just inches from my face.    And here next to me was the engine driver smartly dressed in his timeless blue denim bib overalls, long sleeved shirt, and fool length undies both top and bottom, and crowned with his jaunty grey cap.    I'm not sure which one of us was more appropriately dressed for the occasion, but rest assured, but of us were sweating copious and equal amounts of water out by the minute as we stood there chatting.    One never fails to be impressed by the sheer endurance that our forebears displayed as they went about their daily lives, pioneering their way towards some of our modern pleasures that we take for granted.    Never pass up an opportunity to see, restore, build or otherwise live with one of these amazing creations if one comes your way!


Free Range Naturism / Re: Hike in Vermont, May 7
« on: May 02, 2016, 07:18:35 PM »
Two days should be enough recovery for those of us in the New England area who choose to follow the dubious tradition of celebrating that other made-up holiday.   How about a bracing nude hike in Southern Vermont on May 7.    Our New England based naturist hiking club ANANEC will be celebrating our annual "icebreaker" nude walk on that day.   For a couple of years in a row, we have been doing this nine mile hike in the nude as a way to get out and enjoy the early spring sunshine and to limber up our muscles and rusty frames in preparation another season of free range, clothing free rambling and especially for Ed's upcoming annual June 20 Summer Solstice hike on the Long Trail in Vermont.    Our planned hike for this coming weekend is a pleasant romp through a bit of southern Vermont countryside and is not at all challenging, given that we stick to the valleys on this one.    There is also an option on this particular hike to turn back at any time and return to the starting point for those of us not wishing to complete the entire nine miles.    Anyone interested in joining us may email me at

Thank you John P for getting announcement of our first of the season ANANEC freehike up ahead of me here on this forum on your post a week ago.    I have been swamped with office and home related duties and neglecting my social duties here.   Everyone is welcome to join us on this hike next Saturday.    I'm glad to see John P that you have been enjoying that fine weather in England with the Naturist Ramblers.    I'm sorry that you can't be here with us this year at the same time.   You'll have to work on that being in two places at the same time trick for us.

If some of you all can't make our May 7 hike (and I'm sorry about the short notice), you may prepare to join us for the annual Nude Hiking Day on the Long Trail, also in Vermont, on June 20.    This great celebration of the Summer Solstice has been happening spontaneously for about a decade amongst the various members of our group, dating to before ANANEC was formed and has been a great opportunity for us to meet fellow freehikers.    We hope to see you there.


PS.  I just received word from the organizers that the World Naked Bike Ride, Vermont version is to happen once again this year in Montpelier.    Usually in June, the exact date is yet to be set.    I also have fair reason to believe that the wildly successful Boston WNBR will also happen again this year.   I will post here as soon as I have more info on either of these events, as well as more local ANANEC hikes to come. 

Free Range Naturism / Re: Winter is here!
« on: December 25, 2015, 08:40:00 AM »
Winter is here!….Then its not!

Merry Christmas to all.   May your Lord's peace be with you.

On a side note:   Went wild swimming once again this afternoon in Ponkapog Pond, my third time there since Dec 10th.  Whod'f thunk?   Skinny dipping in Massachusetts on Christmas eve…..crazy weather.

Naked cheers.


Free Range Naturism / Re: Driving Naked
« on: December 23, 2015, 06:34:37 AM »

Unfortunately Davie, here in most parts of the US the police still have the upper hand in these matters.  They believe it is their right to harass by writing us up and then let the courts work it out at great expense and trouble to the poor naturist.  As I understand it to be now in the UK, the tides have turned and courts have pushed back to the police there through officially issued guidelines which say in essence "don't waste our time with this petty matter of naturism, unless you have a damn good reason"!


Here is the link to the CPS aka Crown Prosecution Service document from the UK to which I refer in a generalized manner in my comments above.

I see it as refreshing development, even though it does not apply on my side of the Atlantic.   The document goes a long way towards clearing many misperceptions that linger both within police circles and in the general public about interpretation of the reformed UK law.    What seems to be lacking here is any mention of ABSO laws by name, which is sad because I understand that the authorities are now abusing naturist rights under that umbrella which has little or nothing to do with nudity or naturist practice.    None the less, I feel that the courts are taking a pretty strong stand on the overall issue of harassment of naturists  by implying in nearly every way that they can to the police,  "Read the law, Don't waste our time!"    Perhaps some of the enlightened thinking amongst your brightest legal minds in the UK may rub off upon their brethren this side of the Atlantic in time.     One can hope.


Free Range Naturism / Re: Driving Naked
« on: December 22, 2015, 05:09:09 PM »
By coincidence this report came to notice via a post on the British Naturism (BN) site today. The "no excuse team" seem to offering an excuse for not stopping the driver. Much ado about nothing really.

Davie  8)

Unfortunately Davie, here in most parts of the US the police still have the upper hand in these matters.  They believe it is their right to harass by writing us up and then let the courts work it out at great expense and trouble to the poor naturist.  As I understand it to be now in the UK, the tides have turned and courts have pushed back to the police there through officially issued guidelines which say in essence "don't waste our time with this petty matter of naturism, unless you have a damn good reason"!

Why did the police in your country still feel the need to offer an excuse for not stopping the driver?   In fact, why was the incident news worthy at all?   It seems from the flavor of the comments to follow that many of the citizenry still know little of the current law and official guidelines for enforcement.   Much ado about nothing indeed, and thus it shall remain.

In any case, JBee's advice still stands for most naked motorists, at least in the US.  It is best not to be seen by police driving naked even though there is little or nothing in the law that prohibits the practice.


Free Range Naturism / Re: Winter is here!
« on: December 22, 2015, 07:29:52 AM »
I told Dan that he needed to join this forum! Now we have to work on the other people in our naturist hiking group. It's a good thing world domination isn't part of our agenda (though spreading nudity is a fine thing to aim for).

John, I believe that JBee and Nudewalker both all but insisted that I join this forum many months ago.  Alas, at that time life was granting me and some close friends (JohnP included) perhaps a bit too much freedom with our free range naturism, such that any remaining waking moments for me at least had to be devoted to other family activities and to catching up at work. 

I don't see anything wrong with mentioning our little hiking group by name John.  ANANEC, aka Active Naturists of America---Northeast Chapter.  We hike, backpack trails, swim, paddle, snowshoe, tennis, take a house for a week in Vermont, barbecue, square dance, drive, and more.  We believe essentially anything worth doing is best done without benefit of clothing.

About a dozen or so individuals in loose organization with  steering committee of four, we have taken our inspiration in part from SOC in the UK.  Unlike with SOC who has a nice website, and a clear path to membership status, ours is still a work in progress.    However the seed of a great organization is in place and we are slowly figuring out how to nurture it during those rare times that we are not out being free.  Feel free to email me if interested. 


Free Range Naturism / Re: Driving Naked
« on: December 22, 2015, 06:11:27 AM »
I just added a "Carnuding Handbook" to my site. I like the review by my peers. Did I forget anything? Is there anything difficult to understand? Suggestions? re the pics. Gotta keep it light.

Nice write up JBee.   I agree with you all, driving nude is a regular part of my life for the many reasons you cite.  Generally the only reason I will drive textile is, as JBee suggests, if I expect it to be too troublesome to clothe at multiple destinations if I must. 

To visit Jim and Linda in northern Vermont from my home near Boston, I never put on clothing this entire past weekend, while driving while visiting, or otherwise, but for a brief gas stop and for one other short errand.   Three years ago i drove with a friend, clothes free from his house in Connecticut to southern Florida, a distance of around 1500 miles with no incident, and in sublime comfort.    I have driven nude in the presence of my coworkers when comfort dictated. 

I wish to point out one item you may have overlooked JBee.  Another factor in our favor that I have noticed over time while driving nude is the angle of sunlight.  It is especially favorable at this time of the year, but even during the summer especially on cloudy days.   Under many conditions, the bright light outside, deep shadow inside, and glare off of the glass of the approaching vehicle, makes it hard for me to discern what the occupants of the other might or might not be wearing.   I have even encountered this while driving large trucks, though less reliably so.   I mention this phenomena to further help put your readers mind at ease.  This is why I give less concern now to drawing attention to my being shirtless (and naked) while driving in the winter, than i used to.  But I caution one to still assume that he may be visible from certain angles, especially in dense slow moving traffic, and to take reasonable measure like having a dark cloth to drape as JBee recommends.   In such situations, in addition to having a drape handy, I will often wear my skimpy Running Kilt tucked up under the seatbelt  as do some women with their minis as JBee suggests.   If ever stopped by an officer, I will be legally covered as it would drop into place should I be asked to exit the car.   If asked about my minimalist garb, I have found in other situations with officers, telling the truth is best.  This has gotten me out of having citations written for several speeding tickets and other small offenses in the past.   I would simply explain in this case that I am a naturist and that I am most comfortable wearing the least clothing practical.  He need then only presume that the Running Kilt is what I drive in.  I am not afflicted by normalcy so I don't presume that he would be looking for "normal".


Free Range Naturism / Re: Winter is here!
« on: December 22, 2015, 03:51:39 AM »
Looks like two sets of prints going out and one coming back? Someone got in the car and drove off?

The photo was taken on Jim's driveway JBee, the final bit a run that took me down the road in front and out to the main  highway and back, then back up the road the other way to the first hilltop, then back to the house.   About a mile altogether.   The two sets of foot prints resulted from me looping back down to the foot of the driveway a second time so that I could sprint up for the benefit of Peter who was managing the camera.  I deliberately had the sun to my side so that I could keep the fashion police happy on FaceBook.

Yes Davie and Nudewker, no snow has been seen in Massachusetts yet.  Not even a freeze.  I went wild swimming at Ponkapog, the local pond on Dec 10th.  I could very well be swimming there again on Christmas Eve or Day.  Crazy!

BTW, thanks John for posting my photo here, the friendly nudge that I needed.  It's about time that I drag my naked ass over to this campfire.  Nice to see several old friends from TSNS.  Greetings everyone and nude cheer for the Holiday.


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