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General Naturism Discussion / Re: Neighbor
« on: January 12, 2021, 10:20:06 PM »
I actually think this might be workable as the neighbors on the other side of Tim might just go for it and the wife across the street one night when a bit tipsy suggested a girls night skinny dipping party in our pool so I'll see how things work out with time.  There really is no place for clothes when it is hot and muggy.  Their just something you sweat into.


This post is from early last May during the first shut down in California.

I recently went for a couple of hikes out at De Anza Springs after finding out that they were open for hiking and camping at reduced rates since the pool area and other amenities were closed

I met another hiker out there who had reached out to me about hiking in the area.  He suggested that due to his age he no longer felt comfortable hiking alone and also was not familiar with the trails around De Anza.  It was interesting to get such a request as I myself was feeling the same way.  Anyway after confirming with the office that they were indeed open for hiking we made arrangements to meet for a hike.  The only admonishment from the office was that one needed to wear a mask when checking in at the office.

Midweek at De Anza can seem like a ghost town at times yet under quarantine De Anza seemed even more desolate than that.  Strong winds were predicted yet coming from the wsw I thought that the chimney trail in Carrrizo Gorge would be protected and it was yet in the parking lot the breeze was cool with a few pretty stiff gusts. Not unusual for a late spring day.

I arrived nude and after parking strolled across the lot to the office where I was immediately admonished by the nice lady at the check-in desk that I needed a mask to enter.  I'd forgotten it in the truck so after properly attired and hoping I didn't develop a face mask tan line, I returned to check in.

While getting my waterpak ready my new friend who had been walking around the resort came up and we introduced outselves we took off on our hike while keeping a proper social distance.  We didn't feel the need to wear masks on our hike so they were left behind.

We headed north through a residential area as I searched for the Squaw Mtn. trailhead that would intersect with Peyote trail that would lead to the Chimney trail above Carrizo Gorge. As we passed a mobile home with a screened in porch we were accosted by a small pack of chihuahuas and other small dogs barking and jumping against the screen.  A very friendly woman came out to check on the commotion and politely pointed us to the trail just ahead.
Judging by the reception we got from the dogs i would say that due to the quarantine we were probably the first thing they'd had to bark at for weeks.  They're yapping broke the breezy desert silence and they were still going at it as we ascended the trail into the small hills surrounding the resort.

We reached the ridge and connected with the Peyote trail heading west toward Carrizo Gorge.  The breeze was a bit stronger on the ridge yet the sun was warming it nicely by now and as all nude hikers know the dry air wicked all moisture from our bodies as we walked.

We headed north up into the gorge and almost immediately lost the strong breeze and instead were treated to a perfect sunny hike which eventually warmed up nicely to the mid 70s.  I mused as we walked that it was just about the perfect nude hiking weather. Beautiful bluebird sky framed by the desert hillsides of the gorge  The wildflowers and cactus were in bloom and it just made for a perfect day.  My friend had never been in the gorge so I pointed out the railroad  tracks and trestles below us from the impossible railroad built over 100 years ago. I spotted a rock cairn and narrow side trail up the gorge and we took it so I could show him the chimney that is all that is left from the cabin the railroad workers lived in who serviced the water station for the train. There are rusty old cans strewn down the hillside as I they didn't have trash pickup.

We hiked along the beautiful trail past a couple of tunnels until the trail descended down to the tracks.  Normally we would hike back along the tracks yet the lady in the office had warned us that a new company was re-starting the rail operation and were ticketing trespassers on the tracks, so we turned around and followed the same trail back.

Normally this could be kind of boring yet this area of Jacumba is such a mish mosh of geology with old volcanoes, the stream in the gorge and all the giant eroded granite boulders of the batholith punctuating the trail and covering the hillsides it is quite amazing. One part of the gorge is even a bit like the grand canyon's reddish rock..

As we returned to the resort parking lot (resort???) I don't know JB, De Anza Springs is many things for many people yet resort never seems to make sense to me. Another planet or plane or reality maybe. Uniqueatorium would make more sense.  Any way the strong breeze greeted us as we returned yet the day had warmed up nicely and the dead quiet other than sound of the wind in the trees still seemed very ghost town like. The silence eventually broke when a nude couple pulled up in a dusty old golf cart to go in the office to check their mail box.

My new friend and I parted ways and agreed to meet the following week for another hike. Report to follow.

General Naturism Discussion / Re: Neighbor
« on: December 26, 2020, 08:42:25 PM »
Sorry for the late post. The timing here is from a couple months back. This is continued from the first neighbor post about 3 or 4 weeks after the first encounter.

Until a few days ago I hadn't spoken with my neighbor (Tim) since our last conversation over the fence except for one quick chat where he was once again outside in a loose hanging sarong.   

The step up place where we talked is also a great place to cool down in the breeze after a brisk evening walk or to dry off after an evening skinny dip. During our prior conversation I had noticed a couple of panels on top of the fence I put up years ago were getting some weather damage. I had removed them to measure them for replacements so the fence was a bit lower than before.

It has been so very warm and muggy this late summer and fall that I have been nude most all the time, dressing in shorts and shirt only to go out in the world. I usually would take a pair of shorts and shirt out back to have in case someone came over yet with social distancing there's just no need as no one comes by. Somewhere along the line I just stopped and became a no net back yard nudist.  Our neighborhood is near the coast so generally no one has a/c and we rely on the sea breeze which works most of the time yet in late summer/fall we can get a period of hot and humid doldrums.

One recent evening while standing there enjoying the warm ocean breeze after a swim I happened to notice that with the panels down there was a small view into Tim's living room. Not much just a lit area between the living room and hallway. At that moment I saw a fleeting image of a person passing to the hallway toward the rear of the house.  A moment later a light when on in the rear bedroom and there stood Tim in the bright light as nude as me. The light was only on a few seconds and then I saw him again pass from the hallway into the living room toward the couch.  No big deal yet it confirmed what I suspected that he is at least a home nudist at times.  l

Then on the weekend I was out back in the garden puttering around when I heard a noise and happened to look up.  There was my neighbor up on his roof trying to cover a leak area with what  appeared to be a large tarp. Apparently his roof is in need of some repair. I was nude and I didn't know if he had seen me so I quietly slipped out of view.

After a few minutes he left the roof and after waiting a while I felt safe enough to venture nude back out into the garden as there were things I needed to get done.  I was working on the opposite side of the yard from Tim's and facing away form his place checking seedlings, watering, cleaning bird baths and doing some light pruning etc.. After finishing I headed toward Tim's side of the yard to check the little garden plot on that side of the yard.

As I started across the yard I noticed a lot more stuff on Tim's roof, buckets and other weighted objects to hold down the tarp than had been there earlier. I often lose myself in nature when nude gardening as with nude hiking the heightened senses and a merging harmony with nature one loses the sense of time. I  realized that I had probably been working almost an hour in the garden and that Tim had made several trips up to his roof in order to get the dozen or more items that now lay on the roof up there. I surmised that he must have seen me given the number of trips up and down the ladder he had to have made. At the time I saw no one on the roof from my angle so I continued on.

About half way across the yard I caught sight of Tim walking from another part of his roof looking right at me and heading in my direction to a ladder propped up against his house. I was completely exposed caught nude and there was nothing I could do. There were no cover or clothes anywhere to put on.  I kept my gaze down yet I knew he had seen me as we were maybe 20 ft from each other.  As I reached the side yard area he was just climbing down the ladder with his back to me.

He began moving things around just on the other side of the fence. It was way too hot for clothes for me and I knew he had seen me and I didn't want to have to leave the yard every time he went on the roof so I called to him and met him at the back where we could talk over the fence. We made small talk about the shutdown and family separation for a few minutes.  He was shirtless wearing some loose shorts and sandals and made no comment about seeing me nude..
I offered him some patio furniture we were getting rid of so he could enjoy the sun better.  He gladly accepted and I began collecting the pieces of a lounger and cushion to pass over the fence.  The fence was already a couple panels lower and I removed a couple more so that it was just below waist high to get the last big piece over. Being only a foot or so away from each other, If he hadn't already seen me nude, he did now. As I did so I said that I hoped he didn't mind my dress code and he smiled and said not at all as we wished each other a good day.

As I said, it was a very hot and humid  and as we have no a/c, a long  evening swim in the pool is the best way to cool off before bed.  So that evening, after my swim I went to the side yard between our homes at the step up to catch any available warm sea breeze to help dry off. I'd yet to replace the fence panels I'd removed so the view in his yard was pretty substantial. Tim's windows were all open from the heat I suppose and the place was kind of lit up. I wasn't really paying much attention yet I caught sight of some movement and just caught sight of Tim and his girl friend crossing from the living room to the hall and then they returned a few seconds later.  It was a quick glance yet I could see both were nude as they returned toward their couch.
It also explained some of the barely clothed outfits I'd seen his girlfriend wearing around outside or around the neighborhood.
Next summer when its hot I'll invite them over for evening swims after this lock down is over.

General Naturism Discussion / Neighbor
« on: August 17, 2020, 11:22:04 PM »

The other day I was walking down the north side of our house along the side yard toward the back when I heard my neighbor's side patio door open. The fence is 6' yet I could see that the top of the door was open and assumed he would be out back somewhere.  There was something I wanted to ask him about.  There is a step up near the back of our yard for about 6' until the gate to the alley is reached.  At the step up the fence is around 5.5'on our side yet not on his as there is no change in grade. It is a good place to talk over the fence.  As usual I was nude and had been gardening and did not want to go find my shorts and get dressed just to speak with him so I figured it would just look like I was shirtless speaking over the short part of the fence.  I figured he was some where in the back and if I could get his attention I'd just ask my question and that would be it.  As I reached the back yard and took the step up toward the short part of the fence I noticed the top of his head right next to me just on the other side.  I started getting that sort of titillating feeling of exposure being so close as there are a couple of spaces in the fence panels where someone close could see through.

He was looking at something around his back fence and didn't notice me until I popped my head over to speak with him.  We kind of startled each other as he didn't hear me approach and as I looked over the fence I noticed he was shirtless as well and clad only in a loose sarong that looked like it was about to fall off.

He has been working from home during the shut down and said he was just out to get his 15 minutes of sun. I'm sure now that he was working nude in the house and just threw the sarong on to go outside. I think he felt a bit awkward at me seeing him dressed like that and I was a bit flustered myself as I didn't quite know how to put him at ease and tell him I was nude anyway. I'm not very good at thinking on my feet. I wanted to say something yet could only say it was nice he could work from home and be so comfortable. He agreed and laid back in a chair pulling the sarong up so that just his crotch was covered and I went back to my gardening.

He has a younger girlfriend who I've seen getting out of her car rather scantily clad in some sort of sarong a couple of times and if I take some garden veggies over at times she answers the door in a robe.  I guess we have nudist neighbors.  The next time I run into him, I'm going to suggest we declare each others property clothing optional and just assume that if one of us is out back that we are nude and no reason to cover up outside for each other.

Anyone have a similar experience or have any ideas how to bring the subject up?

Free Range Naturism / Re: Deep Creek Hot Springs near Hesperia.
« on: February 26, 2020, 08:12:40 PM »

The website for the new campground near Bowen Ranch is up and running.  They've yet to install the wells for showers and other amenities.     The campground and parking area will be about 160 acres.  At the bottom of the info page on parking and camping they state that nudity is accepted in the camping areas and request cover ups for the common areas so I guess clothing will be required in the showers. I'm assuming nudity will be okay to and from the camping and parking areas.  I'll try to get out there this spring for a look see when it is more developed.

Free Range Naturism / Re: De Anza Springs
« on: February 26, 2020, 08:03:49 PM »

Here is the link to the latest De Anza Springs newsletter.  They are advertising a nude hike to the Carrizo Gorge railway trestle taking place in May.
I'll follow up with details as they are provided.

Free Range Naturism / Re: De Anza Springs
« on: February 07, 2020, 12:30:21 AM »
Regarding two posts back.  They actually were issuing citations for 3-4 Benjies when I was there.  Someone called into the office about it when I was signing in and I heard them explain that a new RR company was starting up there.  I recently checked with the office and apparently that activity has stopped for now so hiking the tracks is okay.

I didn't notice that other article of yours in that issue.  Nice to be quoted.

Here is the latest issue.  The northeast trail also leads to the Carrizo Gorge overlook about 5 mi RT.  Beautiful view of all the trestles from about 600 feet above.  Pretty easy hike until the last 600' traverse.  Let me know if you are heading out there and I'll give you directions for the hike.  Pretty easy really if you remember one or two turns.

Free Range Naturism / Deep Creek Hot Springs near Hesperia.
« on: January 16, 2020, 08:34:20 PM »
I haven't been to Deep Creek for several years and am planning a trip in the fall.  I recently read that there is an alternative entrance to a new camping area near Bowen Ranch.  According to some reports the step off area of the new place is actually the same lower parking area of the Bowen Ranch.  Apparently Mike the owner is retiring or leaving the area.

I read the new campground will have running water with bathrooms and hot showers.  This could be good or bad depending on the crowds the place could draw. Deep Creek's remoteness and lack of facilities tended to keep the crowds down.  It seems to have been discovered on the web.

Has anyone been to the new place and has anyone heard if the new campground will be clothes free like Bowen?

Free Range Naturism / Re: De Anza Springs
« on: January 16, 2020, 08:24:11 PM »
Here is another issue with some hiking information.  The De Anza web site has improved their hiking guide so a check of their site may be helpful as well.
Last year the rail road tracks were off limits due to a new rail operation starting.  Citations were being issued to hikers and mountain bikers on the rail route.
According to De Anza hiking guide the track hike is listed again so maybe the rail operation went bust or something.  I'd verify with the front office before heading out on the tracks.  I probably won't get out there for a hike until March or so yet I'll send a report when I do.  Still the best place I've ever found for hours of no net hiking.

Free Range Naturism / Re: De Anza Springs
« on: November 21, 2019, 11:28:02 PM »

Hello JB.

The chimney is on the trail above and to the right of the rail road tracks in the gorge.  There are several access points to the ridge just west of the resort. If walking south on the ridge before you get to the rail road cars below the trail intersects with a trail going above the gorge. The trail descends to a small group of trees after these trees you will encounter another group trees in a few minutes walk. Then the trail goes up a bit.  You will see old rusty cans strewn along the hillside down slope to your left.  Look for a cairn on your right and a narrow foot path leading up hill. This will take you to a clearing where the chimney is. I think it was from the bunkhouse for the rail road workers running the water tank there. 

I took my md up there one day hoping to find some old coins and only got a big hit for silver in a rock I found laying around.  I left it on the hearth.
In probing around with a piece of re-bar I'm pretty sure I found the spot for the out house yet I didn't feel the need to disturb what has got to be a huge stash of old bottles and such.  I was just trying to figure out the layout of the place and how they lived.

Here is the latest news from De Anza with an article on the history of the trails.  There is a link at the bottom to more info on trails and if you look under activities on the website a list of trails. 

Free Range Naturism / Re: De Anza Springs
« on: November 07, 2019, 08:40:00 PM »
Sorry JB.  I thought that issue had an article on the chimney trail.  I'll attach other issues if I can find them.  The last time I was there, which has been a while due to nagging foot and back issues, the tracks were off limits as a new RR outfit was going to start using them.  The upper chimney trail is still ok and the trail to the falls is ok if you just cross the tracks and don't follow them.  Here is a couple of hikes without accompanying newsletter

I'll sort through the issues I have and attach ones with hiking information.

Free Range Naturism / De Anza Springs
« on: November 06, 2019, 08:27:21 PM »
Here is a copy of the latest De Anza Springs weekly newsletter.

They've been running a series on their hiking trails.  All nude and net free friendly. I've never taken any cover along on any hike.

I just copied and pasted the link so I hope it is clickable.  You can also visit their site and signup to get the newsletter as well.  A lot of activities there yet hiking and water volley ball are probably the most popular.

Free Range Naturism / Re: Body Rights/Spiritual Rights
« on: May 29, 2019, 09:56:40 PM »

"In the woods we return to reason and faith."  Is an in short view of Emerson's take on the subject.  I personally have found that to be much more reasonable and faithful when nude.  His essays go a long way in discussing these topics and why we should be free to find our own way in life and our own path to god and nature.

Thanks for the post JB.  Years ago I wrote and then deleted by accident my own essay on my journey to naturism.  You've inspired me to attempt a new version which I'll post when done.

Say JB I posted a story a couple years back about a hike at De Anza during a Booze fighters MC gathering and music event.  You were kind of interested in it. It looks like this year's is taking place in June I think.  If you check De Anza's web site it should be under events.

It is a bit odd walking around nude amidst all the chrome and fully clothed bikers and their gfs.

Free Range Naturism / Re: Black's Beach, CA.
« on: September 23, 2018, 01:16:31 AM »
Don't know if this link will work.  The Salk Institute is right next door and if you go to contacts at the bottom of their home page a page with a map and directions comes up and if you enlarge the map you will see Blacks right next door and clicking that pictures and directions come up.
Caution some of the pictures contain partial nudity.'s+Beach/@32.8872036,-117.2465251,16z/data=!4m13!1m7!3m6!1s0x80dc0694b7f1d867:0x4ddacf6933d0616f!2s10010+N+Torrey+Pines+Rd,+La+Jolla,+CA+92037!3b1!8m2!3d32.8865293!4d-117.244251!3m4!1s0x80dc069182b683e7:0x64d44a231b5489d1!8m2!3d32.8876915!4d-117.2529227?hl=en-US

Free Range Naturism / Re: Black's Beach, CA.
« on: September 15, 2018, 11:39:25 PM »
Thanks JB and Duane.
I didn't even think of Hannah and Splash at the time.  As she approached me I was more channeling Kilgore Trout's Venus on the Half Shell. Gonna have to dig up some old Vonnegut books I think. This is making me nostalgic for his kind of sci fi. 
I think a lot of the movement was just her stretching in some sort of walking and stretching routine. Taking a step and while extended dipping both knees then rising and stepping again and then maybe twisting her torso as she took a normal stride.  Sort of reminded me of Monty Pythons Ministry of Silly Walks.  Any way she was beautiful to look at and even more so inside. A truly guile less hippie girl in her own world just enjoying the energy of the day.

I've done the wave jumping thing to and also love body surfing or boogie boards there.  Sam was just doing her walking routine parallel to the shore and when a wave hit her she would tumble over, get up and continue her stretching wade along the surf.
Here is an inside tip Duane if you ever want to visit.  Some of the best weather is late September early October. The water can get up to 75 or a bit warmer then with warm dry santa ana wind conditions.  The sun is so bright on the water and the sky so blue.  The sunsets are gorgeous as the orange and purple hues of the sky reflect on the blue water.

Blacks can be a bit of a hike to get up more than down.  I suggest the northern parking lot access trail. You can also walk in from near Del Mar along the beach or La Jolla around the point when the tide is right.  For a while in the late eighties early nineties even cones marked the line between state and city beaches you could walk nude or sun bathe nude down to the point just north of La Jolla and north up to a large rock out crop in Torrey Pines stated park.  Some years ago the city re-established enforcement on the city beach and the state made the northern boundary somewhere between the globe and the tide pools.

Speaking of old Vonnegut books JB I know you've talked before about the strange energy or vibe around De Anza Springs.  Hiking out in the hills behind the resort some times evokes thoughts of Castenada for me.  In fact I wouldn't be surprised to bump into Don Juan Matis while being in the moment on a nude stroll out there.

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