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This post is from early last May during the first shut down in California.

I recently went for a couple of hikes out at De Anza Springs after finding out that they were open for hiking and camping at reduced rates since the pool area and other amenities were closed

I met another hiker out there who had reached out to me about hiking in the area.  He suggested that due to his age he no longer felt comfortable hiking alone and also was not familiar with the trails around De Anza.  It was interesting to get such a request as I myself was feeling the same way.  Anyway after confirming with the office that they were indeed open for hiking we made arrangements to meet for a hike.  The only admonishment from the office was that one needed to wear a mask when checking in at the office.

Midweek at De Anza can seem like a ghost town at times yet under quarantine De Anza seemed even more desolate than that.  Strong winds were predicted yet coming from the wsw I thought that the chimney trail in Carrrizo Gorge would be protected and it was yet in the parking lot the breeze was cool with a few pretty stiff gusts. Not unusual for a late spring day.

I arrived nude and after parking strolled across the lot to the office where I was immediately admonished by the nice lady at the check-in desk that I needed a mask to enter.  I'd forgotten it in the truck so after properly attired and hoping I didn't develop a face mask tan line, I returned to check in.

While getting my waterpak ready my new friend who had been walking around the resort came up and we introduced outselves we took off on our hike while keeping a proper social distance.  We didn't feel the need to wear masks on our hike so they were left behind.

We headed north through a residential area as I searched for the Squaw Mtn. trailhead that would intersect with Peyote trail that would lead to the Chimney trail above Carrizo Gorge. As we passed a mobile home with a screened in porch we were accosted by a small pack of chihuahuas and other small dogs barking and jumping against the screen.  A very friendly woman came out to check on the commotion and politely pointed us to the trail just ahead.
Judging by the reception we got from the dogs i would say that due to the quarantine we were probably the first thing they'd had to bark at for weeks.  They're yapping broke the breezy desert silence and they were still going at it as we ascended the trail into the small hills surrounding the resort.

We reached the ridge and connected with the Peyote trail heading west toward Carrizo Gorge.  The breeze was a bit stronger on the ridge yet the sun was warming it nicely by now and as all nude hikers know the dry air wicked all moisture from our bodies as we walked.

We headed north up into the gorge and almost immediately lost the strong breeze and instead were treated to a perfect sunny hike which eventually warmed up nicely to the mid 70s.  I mused as we walked that it was just about the perfect nude hiking weather. Beautiful bluebird sky framed by the desert hillsides of the gorge  The wildflowers and cactus were in bloom and it just made for a perfect day.  My friend had never been in the gorge so I pointed out the railroad  tracks and trestles below us from the impossible railroad built over 100 years ago. I spotted a rock cairn and narrow side trail up the gorge and we took it so I could show him the chimney that is all that is left from the cabin the railroad workers lived in who serviced the water station for the train. There are rusty old cans strewn down the hillside as I they didn't have trash pickup.

We hiked along the beautiful trail past a couple of tunnels until the trail descended down to the tracks.  Normally we would hike back along the tracks yet the lady in the office had warned us that a new company was re-starting the rail operation and were ticketing trespassers on the tracks, so we turned around and followed the same trail back.

Normally this could be kind of boring yet this area of Jacumba is such a mish mosh of geology with old volcanoes, the stream in the gorge and all the giant eroded granite boulders of the batholith punctuating the trail and covering the hillsides it is quite amazing. One part of the gorge is even a bit like the grand canyon's reddish rock..

As we returned to the resort parking lot (resort???) I don't know JB, De Anza Springs is many things for many people yet resort never seems to make sense to me. Another planet or plane or reality maybe. Uniqueatorium would make more sense.  Any way the strong breeze greeted us as we returned yet the day had warmed up nicely and the dead quiet other than sound of the wind in the trees still seemed very ghost town like. The silence eventually broke when a nude couple pulled up in a dusty old golf cart to go in the office to check their mail box.

My new friend and I parted ways and agreed to meet the following week for another hike. Report to follow.

General Naturism Discussion / Neighbor
« on: August 17, 2020, 11:22:04 PM »

The other day I was walking down the north side of our house along the side yard toward the back when I heard my neighbor's side patio door open. The fence is 6' yet I could see that the top of the door was open and assumed he would be out back somewhere.  There was something I wanted to ask him about.  There is a step up near the back of our yard for about 6' until the gate to the alley is reached.  At the step up the fence is around 5.5'on our side yet not on his as there is no change in grade. It is a good place to talk over the fence.  As usual I was nude and had been gardening and did not want to go find my shorts and get dressed just to speak with him so I figured it would just look like I was shirtless speaking over the short part of the fence.  I figured he was some where in the back and if I could get his attention I'd just ask my question and that would be it.  As I reached the back yard and took the step up toward the short part of the fence I noticed the top of his head right next to me just on the other side.  I started getting that sort of titillating feeling of exposure being so close as there are a couple of spaces in the fence panels where someone close could see through.

He was looking at something around his back fence and didn't notice me until I popped my head over to speak with him.  We kind of startled each other as he didn't hear me approach and as I looked over the fence I noticed he was shirtless as well and clad only in a loose sarong that looked like it was about to fall off.

He has been working from home during the shut down and said he was just out to get his 15 minutes of sun. I'm sure now that he was working nude in the house and just threw the sarong on to go outside. I think he felt a bit awkward at me seeing him dressed like that and I was a bit flustered myself as I didn't quite know how to put him at ease and tell him I was nude anyway. I'm not very good at thinking on my feet. I wanted to say something yet could only say it was nice he could work from home and be so comfortable. He agreed and laid back in a chair pulling the sarong up so that just his crotch was covered and I went back to my gardening.

He has a younger girlfriend who I've seen getting out of her car rather scantily clad in some sort of sarong a couple of times and if I take some garden veggies over at times she answers the door in a robe.  I guess we have nudist neighbors.  The next time I run into him, I'm going to suggest we declare each others property clothing optional and just assume that if one of us is out back that we are nude and no reason to cover up outside for each other.

Anyone have a similar experience or have any ideas how to bring the subject up?

Free Range Naturism / Deep Creek Hot Springs near Hesperia.
« on: January 16, 2020, 08:34:20 PM »
I haven't been to Deep Creek for several years and am planning a trip in the fall.  I recently read that there is an alternative entrance to a new camping area near Bowen Ranch.  According to some reports the step off area of the new place is actually the same lower parking area of the Bowen Ranch.  Apparently Mike the owner is retiring or leaving the area.

I read the new campground will have running water with bathrooms and hot showers.  This could be good or bad depending on the crowds the place could draw. Deep Creek's remoteness and lack of facilities tended to keep the crowds down.  It seems to have been discovered on the web.

Has anyone been to the new place and has anyone heard if the new campground will be clothes free like Bowen?

Free Range Naturism / De Anza Springs
« on: November 06, 2019, 08:27:21 PM »
Here is a copy of the latest De Anza Springs weekly newsletter.

They've been running a series on their hiking trails.  All nude and net free friendly. I've never taken any cover along on any hike.

I just copied and pasted the link so I hope it is clickable.  You can also visit their site and signup to get the newsletter as well.  A lot of activities there yet hiking and water volley ball are probably the most popular.

General Naturism Discussion / Doctor visits
« on: September 02, 2018, 12:50:56 AM »
I am wondering if anyone has ever had a similar experience with medical exams. 

A while back I became rather ill suddenly and had a long bout with fever, chills and joint and body pain.  After a couple of weeks I went to an ER and was checked in for tests.  I was of course given a gown to wear and put in one of the ER beds.

For some reason one of the thoughts was I may have a prostate infection which didn't make sense to me and turned out to not be the case.  The doctor examined me and of course my lack of tan lines was on full display.  He was sort of a humorous guy though he made no mention of my all over tan I figured he obviously noticed.  I was in there for a bit longer than I thought necessary after all the tests had been done. 

The doctor came back a couple more times to re-examine me and each time a female nurse or patient coordinator would appear to on accident come through the privacy curtain stare at my crotch and then apologize and quickly exit. This was followed by a couple of tee hees and titters from the staff area whenever the dr would leave. I got to wondering if word of my all over tan was getting around yet I really paid no mind as I was still very feverish and in a lot of pain.

The next day I went to see my regular Dr who I am on good terms with enough to joke around with about all subjects though due to the pain and fever I didn't really feel like kidding around. I was lying on the exam table with my shirt off and she was probing around my stomach area with her fingers  I did tell her that I had suffered through several pokes and prods and the ER including a couple of extensive prostate exams.  She chuckled and told me I was getting another today and had me drop my shorts so by this time I was essentially nude and my tan was very obvious in the office lighting. I think she may have been a bit miffed that I'd gone to the ER instead of to her yet things came to a head pain wise on the weekend so that is why the ER.  I had already seen her the previous week and she said my condition was a kind of mystery to diagnose. My white blood cell count was off the charts as well.

After the exam she had me lay back on the table and she began pressing around my lower stomach area that had been covered by my shorts which were hanging mid thigh.She then slid my shorts off set them in the corner with my shirt and moved her hands to examine my testicles which she was squeezing as she explained she was looking for lumps or other irregularities.  She asked if I did self exams and then proceeded to show me how by grabbing hold of my penis with one hand and guiding my hands around my scrotum and massaging it with my hand and hers squeezing my hand in hers..  If I wasn't so sick I'd of had a hard time not getting aroused.  It was a bit of a surreal experience and there was a bit of a grin on her face as she did this and it seemed in my feverish state to be going on for a while.  She continued this explaining that I should self exam regularly. Then had me do it myself while she watched I was doing it right.   I almost had the feeling that she and the ER doc had had a conversation about me and the full tan subject had come up as she seemed at times to be giving me the once over yet it could have just been part of the overall exam. During this time she while holding my deal she also told me the old joke about the difference between a urologist and a phlebotomist. " A phlebotomist pricks your finger and a urologist..." she said with a grin as she then moved to examining my legs and arms and joints as some were sort of swollen.
After that she went into a very long conversation about my unique symptoms and how puzzling they were.  All this while I was sitting nude on the exam table.  Doctors I am sure have a completely different view of the body and it may just have been that noticing my all over tan she figured I was comfortable that way.  Anyway after a half hour or so she got my clothes from the  corner for me and she left to get some specialist referrals.
The visit was done professionally and I would have willingly admitted to my love of naturism had she asked yet I couldn't get over the feeling she was somehow aware of my overall tan before the exam even began as if the ER doc had mentioned something or maybe it was just the pain and fever.
I eventually developed a rash from chills and sweats of the fever and on a follow up visit a week or so later she raised up my shirt to check the rash and while examining my back she mentioned how tan it was and I should be aware to moderate my sun exposure.

I was eventually diagnosed with a rheumatoid condition that required medication for about a year until the condition cleared up.  I had to stay out of the sun and away from nude beaches until I recovered.

Just curious if any one has had any similar or awkward experiences with doctors during physicals.  I don't wear my naturism on my sleeve yet don't mind discussing it either if people are curious.  I have not been to the doc for a while and need to set up a visit in the next couple of weeks.  I've got a decent all over and if she gives any hints about sun exposure I may bring up my hobby.

Free Range Naturism / Black's Beach, CA.
« on: August 26, 2018, 01:43:42 AM »
The other night the local public TV station KPBS here in San Dieog had an evening of surfing programs.  In the middle of the schedule I noticed a documentary on Black's Beach and set the recorder so I could watch it later. Still haven't finished all of it.
The film is a great history of the beach and all the different and disparate users and visitors of the area including naturists and nudists.  There is a good section of the film on this subject giving the history of nude use there.
It brought back many memories for me from my first visit around 74 to my latest a year or so ago.
My first trip in 74 was a textile visit with school friends to see the nude beach.  How times were different.  It was not a real good beach day with the water almost to the cliffs and huge gobs of kelp with their attendant flies swarming about.  It was probably April and there were a few nudes, mainly couples about.  I remember having a bag of doritos I think and some stoned out naked hippie came walking down the beach saw my bag and and made a bee line for me and the bag saying doritos and how much he loved them. Without a self conscious thought in the world he stuck his hand in the bag grabbed a huge handful of chips and took off down the beach.  In those days everything was everybody's and no one batted an eye. It was an amusing sight for a secretly nudist wannabe.
It wasn't until 12 years later in 86 that I found myself now living in San Diego and made my first trip to the beach and waded nude into the pacific.  It was life changing and I've never looked back and never worn a suit in the ocean again.
Part of the film discussed the full moon drum circles and how they started in 94 before the internet.  They were advertised with local posters etc and the organizers were shocked when more that a hundred people showed up for the first one.  I confess I've never been to one and had forgotten all about them yet it seems to me they were going on before 94.  Anyone else have another recollection?  Or maybe stories to post about past visits?  I've several that I may post from over the years.
The film is going to replay on KPBS2 on the 27th if anyone wants to watch it.  I think you can through and make KPBS your local station.
It really is quite a thing to hear and see the history of the nude beach going back around 50 years or more.

Trip reports / De Anza Springs visit and day trip report
« on: August 07, 2018, 11:40:18 PM »
 I am way behind on trip reporting.  Here is one from last fall. Sorry for the delay.

Went out to De Anza Springs Sunday after Thanksgiving.  Weather looked like the last good day for a while. Desert dry and 84 with some clouds. The weather didn't disappoint though my skin thermometer read 85 and no clouds to be seen. Just a beautiful blue bird day.

I was looking for a particular trail head that I had stumbled upon on a warm June day a while ago.  The resort trail map online showed the squaw mountain trail starting on the west end of the resort yet from my memory from June I could have sworn it was on the east side.

It was a warm June day and the place was packed with a booze fighters MC music event.  Boots and leather fully clothed bikers down to the wallet with the chain hooked to a denim pant loop and then the nude residents walking around among them.  Quite a scene in opposite lifestyles.  Any way it was a warm semi cloudy muggy day and I was in search of another trail leading from the east side when I stumbled on the Squaw mountain trail head.  It looked like an interesting trail and I bookmarked it in my mind for a later hike. My main mission that day was to pick up a hiking kilt that I'd ordered from a couple of residents who have a business in town called the Love Shack. I wrote part one of a hike with them a while back so I need to sit down and finish that report as well to tie everything together.

Here more than a year later I decided on this day to find the Squaw Mountain trail and go for a hike. I started around the east side of the resort scouring the perimeter yet found no trail until reaching the a trailhead for the popular Temple mountain trail.  I hiked up the trail a while just exploring and decided to head back and get to the bottom of the location of the squaw mountain trail.
The weather was beautiful not too hot and I had already drank a lot from my water pack so on my way to the west side I stopped by my truck and stowed my water so as to enjoy a completely net free hike. Just hat and sandals.  Someone on here had asked for some pictures of the area so I attached my phone to my walking stick just in case I spotted picture opportunity.  Unfortunately when I tried to attach the photos to my report it did not work. Sorry I'll have to do more study on that.

When I drove into the place earlier I passed near the entrance to Carrizo Gorge which is a nice place to hike with railroad tracks and trestles heading several miles up the gorge. There were many cars parked near the entrance to the trail which is on resort property.  The gorge itself is popular with mountain bike groups who leave a shuttle vehicle at the south end of the gorge and then drive to the north end and bike down the gorge. I think it is an overnight trip so Thanksgiving weekend would be a great time to do it and judging be all the cars many people agreed.  There was also a group of 15-20 textile bikers camping in one of the campsites near the office.  When I was at my truck I thought momentarily of bagging my search for the trail and just hiking in the gorge yet immediately disregarded the idea as I didn't want to deal with nude encounters with clothed mountain bikers returning to their cars and strung out over God's creation in the gorge.  I was looking for a solo mindful and meditative nude hike in nature and mainly undisturbed. 

The thought did occur to me of the thread on here about encountering others while hiking nude. The Sunday after Thanksgiving would be a great place to explore that situation were one so inclined as that particular Sunday afternoon is filled with mountain bikers filtering into the resort all afternoon.  They probably don't expect to see nude hikers off the res yet their pickup cars on parked on the edge of a c/o resort so they have to be somewhat accepting of us.  I've hiked nude with friends and alone in the gorge many times and never bothered to bring a net.  In fact I never take one on any hikes heading into the desert from the resort. Clothes always left in the truck.

Seeking solitude I continued walking the resort perimeter from east then north and finally west and located the trail head to Squaw Mountain right where the resort's hiking web site map showed it to be.  I puzzled a bit as to how I could have gotten things so screwed up in my memory and figured it must have been the heat , loud music and all the motorcycle noise in this usually quiet  place that got me confused.

The trail was beautiful and well maintained with rocks bordering each side. It ascended into the hills and intersected with another trail that ran north or south to the Carrizo gorge.
A beautiful day for a nude hike for sure. I was going to hike out into the back country yet I had wasted so much time looking for the trail that I just stayed to the local hillsides exploring the trail system east and west and north and south.

After the hike I went to soak in the hot tub which was already occupied by a couple of old bronze statues sitting silently pondering nothing in particular just passing the time. I asked permission to join them just to make sure they were alive and was welcomed in with a half wave by one of them.  The other one had a gin or vodka something in a plastic cup with a slice of lime. The timer on the hot tub had elapsed so they were sitting still in a tub of calm hot water.  Before entering I asked if they'd like me to turn the timer back on.
Gin and something said nothing yet indicated with a gesture he didn't care one way or the other. The fellow who waved me in likewise silently bade me to turn on the timer so I did.

The three of us sat there in silence for 10 or 15 minutes with the only noise coming from a volleyball game in the indoor pool a few steps away.  It was a wonderful fall afternoon for sitting in a hot tub watching for the occasional leaf to fall from a tree. The timer eventually turned off again and the silent waver mentioned to gin and something that the clock on the wall had been the same time for the last 3 days.  Gin and something made a funny face and shook the ice in his drink in a who cares manner and I got the impression it was his job to maintain the hot tub area. That is about as hot as the kitchen gets at De Anza  and grinning to myself I bade them good afternoon as I left to their silent waves good bye.

Bottom line any day at De Anza is a good day for hiking free and the clear dry warm days of autumn are some of the best.

General Naturism Discussion / Laundry day epiphany
« on: May 29, 2018, 09:29:46 PM »
As the season here has warmed clothes have become less and less a condition of my life as is every year in spring.  I am a home naturist and gardener as well as nude hiker and nature lover.  I usually have a pair of shorts and shirt available to don in the yard in case the one neighbor who could see if he pops his head over the fence to talk is around.  By some comments and his own stories about streaking he's told me I think he has probably seen me yet he's never brought up the subject.
Anyway they've been out of town so no clothing at all needed while gardening, working on the pool or just watching the birds.

My wife was getting the weeks laundry together this morning and I took it out to the garage to load in the washer.  As I was loading the machine I realized I had only one pair of shorts and a T shirt to wash for the whole week.  One does need to don something to run errands or go to the store.  Even if such donning is done in the store parking lot.

Trip reports / De Anza Springs
« on: November 07, 2017, 11:23:15 PM »
JB and DF's recent reports from De Anza Springs in 2008 brought back memories of my first visit in the same year and a trip I took several years later one day.  I'm bringing this old chestnut out from the old hiking naked site as it is now the beginning of a two or three parter or maybe more. I am working on the other parts it is just hard to find time to write sometimes.  Any way here is part one.

It was a cold and misty morning as I looked out across my desk. The dense grey bank rolled in with the tide at dawn hanging low and laying a thick wet blanket over the start of the day. A steaming cup of mud at my side helped lift the mental fog. A pile of unopened correspondence lay in my inbox. I checked the calendar. As with every month the final amended draft of the Nothing to Report Report for November was due topside for review by noon, with the final draft due on the 10th. The final NTRR due on the 15th would bear little difference from the original draft NTRR that was sweated over to make the deadline of COB on the first. Still the final amended draft was due by noon and there was no getting around it. I pondered this for a moment and realized Iím retired and donít really give a fig about the draft, amended draft or final NTRR anymore or any other useless paper pushing deadline for that matter. Itís all someone elseís headache now. Nope, like yesterday, today was Saturday, just like tomorrow and I intended to Carpe the holy diem out of it.

I checked with the boss and then the desert weather, mostly sunny and 73 just perfect for an early December day. I was out the door in minutes and off to my favorite naturist resort in Jacumba for a midweek Saturday nude hike.
Once out of town the traffic was light and the drive east was very pleasant and the warm dry desert air welcoming. So much so that at some point I couldn't resist driving nude and shed my clothes somewhere on the way.  As I crossed the Tecate Divide at 4100 ft and began my descent and transition from high to low desert. My San Diego oldies station began to fade just as Major Tom was losing touch with ground control. At 2700 ft Jacumba sits twixt high and low desert and the 1400 ft drop from the divide can get a little hairy on windy days with strong cross gusting winds broadsiding vehicles causing wicked shimmies and unintended lane changes. Today's drive though was pleasant and warm. A nice treat for a December day and I took it as a harbinger of things to come.

From I-8 Jacumba is a one exit town and by the looks of things they are lucky to have it though the locals probably don't care one way or the other. I drove the mile or two dirt road from the off ramp to the entrance gate of De Anza SpringsI pushed the button on the intercom and requested permission to come aboard for the day. I left my clothes in the truck in the parking lot checked in at the office and struck out into the desert walking pole in hand nude and happy.

The dry warming sun felt wonderful on the skin and spirit as I ascended the hills behind the resort.. After a while and once over the top and down the other side I set my water pack down so I could fully enjoy the sun and warmth of a totally unhampered freehike. I went off trail in the surrounding hills poking about hill and dale freehike freehiking and just exploring the desert flora and fauna. Nothing much to report here either, just the occasional odd jackrabbit breaking cover nearby high tailing it and scampering away.  Otherwise the silence was deafening.

The afternoon brought with it a long thin stratus cloud that stretched north to south across the sky and in the autumn sunís path. The on and off overcast sunlight from the cloud gave a weird dreamlike shade to the surrounding landscape. The low hills were really made of thousands of granite boulders carved in all shapes and sizes by millions of years of rain and wind. Scores of Humpty Dumpty boulders sat precariously atop other boulders yet never fell. Deep in uffish thought, I could almost feel the piercing eyes on me of a jub jub bird perched high in a tum tum tree and kept my Vorpal hiking stick close at hand should a Jabberwock whiffle by. Had I chased one of those jackrabbits down a hole?
The thin needles of the cholla cactus glowed as the plants emitted a foggy white aura in the dull light of the surroundings and I gave them a wide berth as I weaved my way between. In this strange light I became slightly discombobulated orienteering off trail among the boulders and desert scrub. The Carrizo Badlands. You could get seriously lost out there in the wabe if not careful. It would not have surprised me to hear the voice of Rod Serling above me from an old twilight zone episode. ďWitness if you will... A nude man wandering alone in the desert on an alien planet.Ē There was just a still surreal feel to it all.

Iím nursing a bad wheel and as it always is with late autumn hikes in this weird light, the long shadows of mid-afternoon reminded me it best I get back on a trail and head in before dark even though it still seemed early.  My mindful musings continued as I pressed for home with the walking meditation dumping all needless thoughts and cares out into the universe and leaving me to carelessly wend my way along.  I ascended the hill behind the resort in this blissful state and thought a nice after hike swim in the pool would be just the ticket on my return. As the thought crossed my mind a palpable snap in the warp and woof of my universe shook me from my reverie and I stopped in my tracks. I realized that I had forgotten to pack the most massively useful thing in the universe!!  I neglected to bring a towel!!  I couldn't believe yet in my haste to carpe the diem todayI left the house without one. I generally shower and swim in the indoor salt water pool to relax and unwind after a hike. I was a bit crest fallen picturing myself having to air dry in the cool afternoon breeze.  No matter, A solution would present itself I resolved.

I returned to the parking lot through a grove of trees with yellow autumn leaves raining all over me in the balmy afternoon breeze. What a wonderful treat.  I stopped into the office and reported my towel predicament to the nice ladies in the office. It being the off season they had to look in the back room for the box of towels.  After a little discussion amongst themselves  they selected the right color for me.  I gladly bought the towel  and went on my way to the indoor pool area

I heard a lot of happy voices as I approached the usually quiet pool house and I happened to walk right into the middle of an afternoon water volley ball game. I was immediately invited to join in. Iím not a big time social nudist or averse to it either I just enjoy mindfully walking nude in nature the most so I generally donít to go to hang out nude. I couldn't resist the invitation and was soon part of the rotation. I was a little rusty hitting the net on my first serve for which I was immediately granted a beginners mulligan. I knew at that moment I was among friends and enjoyed a very good time the rest of the afternoon. I forgot all about my leg and I think the jumping around in the warm salt water during volleys was good hydrotherapy. It was a very friendly mixed crowd of young to not yet old well tanned and fit friends. There was good energy here. Everyone truly appeared younger than their  age. I actually started looking around the salt water pool for one of those pods from the movie ďCocoonĒ. One guy looked a lot like Hume Crone and I could swear it was a young Don Ameche who spiked the ball in my face at the net to end a great volly. And yes, that could be a svelte, younger Jessica Tandy standing next to me who had invited me into the game and it sure could be Tahnee Welch I was facing just on the other side of the net. While freehike freehiking off trail in that strange aura I must have left then re-entered a more elevated world. You know that darn third eye of mine has been throbbing for months now and I must have mindfully walked right into the game and a whole new wonderful plane in this world. I found out they play three Saturdays a week with one Saturday actually falling on Saturday. Had I taken my hike last Saturday or next Saturday, tomorrow Iíd have missed this new plane. Chance, happenstance, fate or luck in a universe of Saturdays this Saturday was the one with the space time door I walked through into the game.
Twas gone past Brillig when I left, driving home into the sunset. Floating nude in my tin can I felt twenty years younger which is definitely something worth a report. So here submitted for your approval is my Draft Something to Report Report only to be found at the nude hiking section in the records and files of the twilight zone.

Free Range Naturism / Lake Havasu, Az Area
« on: November 08, 2016, 07:45:02 PM »
Will be visiting the Lake Havasu area for the first time and wonder if anyone has any suggestions on good places for nude hiking and or boating.  We've been to Lake Mojave area many times and midweek this time of year one can rent a boat and boat nude and hike nude around the many secluded coves as the place is pretty much deserted.  I'm wondering if Havasu is the same.  It looks to be more developed.  Thanks in advance for any information anyone can provide and I'll post a trip report on return.

Thanks again,

Introductions / Hello from San Diego area.
« on: November 03, 2016, 06:21:51 PM »
Thanks JB for the site and approving me.  I'll be posting some trip reports intended for the old hiking naked site soon.  Anyone in the area ever up for a hike around De Anza Springs or Borrego or other local wilderness let me know.

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