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Trip reports / Martha's Vineyard Moshup beach
« on: August 23, 2018, 02:04:12 PM »
I thought it was time I posted again.

This past weekend I managed to complete an adventure to the accepted C/O beach in Aquinnah, Martha's Vineyard, MA. My adventure was highlighted by a few hours of freedom wandering this beach and also included a long car trip, a ferry ride and an extended bike ride. Only the beach was enjoyed clothes free.
I planned my trip to coincide with a trip organized by the Pilgrim travel club. That way I could expect at least a few like-minded folks on the beach.

As a avid cyclist, the bike ride was a major goal of the trip. I drove to the Palmer lot in Falmouth MA. where I was able to bike on a path to the ferry terminal in Woods Hole. The ferry ride to the island was smooth and enjoyable. Upon leaving the ferry island-side I noted the Pilgrim group loading in a van to cross to Aquinnah. I instead climbed onto the bike again for the 20ish mile island crossing. There is a network of bike lanes and paths that make for a lovely ride most of the way.

When I reached Aquinnah, I headed up to the lighthouse first for a quick photo, then down to the beach. At the sand I turned right and walked to the cliffs, where I spotted the Pilgrim sign. I was relieved to remove the tight-sweaty bike shorts on this hot and humid day. Overall I spent close to 3 hours enjoying the broken sun on the beach. Moshup Beach is known for its steep red clay cliffs at the west end of the local public beach. There are often clothed visitors that wander up to see the cliffs and the butts. ;)

By late afternoon it was time to pack up for the return trip retracing the route of paths and ferry. I was really lucky as the forecast had called for showers and maybe a thunderstorm throughout the day. The storms put on a beautiful light show for the ferry, but held a safe distance until back to the car. I will certainly make this trip again. With luck a few of my friends from Boston's "World Naked Bike Ride" will join in the next time.

Introductions / Hello from Natureboy1776
« on: January 02, 2018, 01:00:37 PM »
Happy New Year,
I go by Natureboy1776 on a number of other forums. I remember Karla and Stuart from IYNO which I aged out of a few years ago. I have visited their site many times but never noticed the forum here until a few days ago. There are a few other names here I recognize. (like FreewalkerMA - Hi Dan). We have hiked together a couple times. I'm located in the frozen north-east US and don't get much free range nudie time this time of year.
I've been a practicing naturist for nearly a decade now and a volunteer for the Boston WNBR since 2012.
It's great to meet you all.

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