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I understand there are clubs just for men.
General Naturism Discussion / Re: Nudes in the news
« Last post by BlueTrain on Today at 09:03:04 PM »
The ordinary and accepted behavior of one generation can flip two generations down the line, in a manner of speaking. There are lots of examples. Slavery is perhaps the best example and it doesn't seem like there is really yet a consensus, to be honest about it. It's also another example of selective application of what is acceptable. In other words, if slavery is acceptable, then logically, anyone could be a slave. But enough about slavery.

Smoking was considered acceptable when I was little. That is, you could smoke almost anywhere and tobacco products could be sold to anyone. That's not generally true today. Ironically, certain other products for smoking seem to becoming more acceptable.

We, or Westerners generally, have always had a highly developed sense of hypocrisy. We looked the other way; we pretended things didn't exist or happen; and the law was anything but evenly applied. I imagine the reason was that people really didn't care. People on the other side of town was at the bottom of the list when it came to city or government services. But we didn't care because everything was just fine in our part of town. We never had a homeless problem because our servants the police ran them out of town or even arrested them. Every now and then a do-gooder would manage to get a slum neighborhood torn down and replaced with nice high-rise apartments and feel proud of their accomplishment, totally ignoring the fact that in reality, a neighborhood where people lived had been demolished, forcing the residents to move away. On more personal levels, we pretended that the neighbor who kept late hours was still a good husband or that another neighbor really didn't drink too much or beat his wife because we minded our own business, even if it was sometimes discussed over the kitchen table or the backyard fence when the kids weren't around. And sometimes lives could be destroyed by unfounded rumors. All of these things still happen, unfortunately.
Trip reports / At the Hot Springs: Part III
« Last post by jbeegoode on Today at 07:57:04 PM »
The sting, the melting and a reprieve from the incessant cold wind.

General Naturism Discussion / Re: Nudes in the news
« Last post by jbeegoode on Today at 07:26:29 PM »
The overview doesn't relate where this becomes a problem. Most are common behaviors. Some are very common. Much of it is caused by oppressive, suppressive, social impositions that healthy nudity can diminish or make disappear. Some of it is nothing about nudity.

There is vague, grey line vehemently debated among these professionals about much of this. The question is, at what point does it define as a disorder?
Free Range Naturism / Re: Nudity in Temperature Extremes
« Last post by jbeegoode on Today at 07:16:05 PM »
Seriously, Do you think that a swishing kilt is a mosquito repellent? Are you outrunning them?

If you sat still and relaxed would they then become a bother?
Our non-landed club in the 1990's had been doing well, 70 dues paying and a core of regulars. It was mostly daily run by a woman. She was the one who answered the phone. Then, she married and moved north. Our group eventually became a men's group without her. We disbanded. A few friends kept in touch. It just wasn't the fun that it had been and women didn't come back. No hassle, just no other women for women.

That club keeps gay men out, too, it would appear. There is no mention of two men as a couple.

General Naturism Discussion / Re: People who've given up washing
« Last post by jbeegoode on Today at 07:02:07 PM »
I watched "Stink" on Netflix last night. It's about toxic chemicals in everyday substances. Stuff that gets into pores, you breathe it in, unlabeled fragrances, buyer beware, unproven safety. The guy bought his kids a pair of pajamas online and they smelled too strong. He had them analyzed and discovered a bunch of toxic soup. Digging deeper, he got business run around, political coverup and corruption, multi-100 million dollar lobbying, misinformation and a USDA and EPA that is just a marketing arm of irresponsible corporate greed.

80,000 chemicals that haven't been studied, and those that have been and deemed harmful and banned are still being used flagrantly and unregulated. Fire retardant chemicals are wrapped around kids every night.

Out of a list of thousands, just five chemicals had been found harmful. In the EU however, 1200 have been banned from teh same list. There are different products for USA and then much of the rest of the world, gets the safety that we don't. Some businesses are effectively and literally using USA as a dumping ground. Even China has more chemical safety regulation.

The jobs, economic argument that government just gets in the way and is inefficient has gone hog wild.

It is just a huge experiment and we are all guinea pigs.

USA babies are born with as much or more of the toxic soup in their bodies as their mothers.

Is all of this just a freakout where over-regulation would not allow innovation and kill business? Most of this stuff in our bodies is harmless trash? Well it builds up, much of it is affecting cell balance and some actually affects DNA. The documentary puts emphasis on scents. All products have scents to sell their stuff. There is no disclosure required for scents, but it is a major source of the thousands of chemicals, which are not natural fragrances, but petroleum products faked to smell nice.

In the EU, GMO is banned, hundreds of these toxic things are not given the benefit of the doubt, the milk and cheese are not slammed with antibiotics, PCB, everybody gets good healthcare, baby leave, vacation time, and multi-party systems make for often real democracy and representation. It isn't on its way to being another third world country. It still isn't where government doesn't really care about people, just the power and economic interests of an elite. AND much of Europe is now reasonable about nude bodies, where people and social interactions control a body, so the government stays away from the freedoms of individuality.

Last night, I was actually considering a move to sunny Spain. When I visited there in the 1960's, it was a place where the water was dangerous to drink, and turds floated around a break to the beach area. Times have changed. I'm sticking to sweats, exercise. The best that I can do is to use "7th Generation" products, not eat meat, except wild and get home grown foods. Now, where's my old copy of "Mother Earth" mag?

I've been swimming at a club (with a Speedo!). I get this chemically treated water all over me. I feel a layer, but I feel somehow antiseptic clean. I wash that off in a water that is obviously unfit to drink (I can taste that). Then, there is the water treatment in the jaccuzzi there, where heat opens my pores to...

So, people don't wash. I think that that is a half measure.
The well behaved have facilities withdrawn because of the badly behaved yet again.
General Naturism Discussion / Re: People who've given up washing
« Last post by BlueTrain on Today at 05:27:38 PM »
Oh, dear!
Posted on Twitter August 18, 2019.

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