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General Naturism Discussion / Re: Dispiriting incident with a member here
« Last post by JOhnGw on Today at 08:59:13 AM »
If I were on a video dancing naked it would be very embarassing for me.
For the dancing, not the nudity.
I'd say, don't be publicly naked, if you don't want pictures appearing.

We have a great deal of stealth activities by the nature of circumstance and law. Most of us came here from the "Secret" Naturist Society. Most of what I do, is not seen by anyone. If I am out in public in any dress or not, there is potential for photography.

DF and in are in a movie on youtube during the 2014 Rainbow Gathering throwing snowballs at each other and dancing during the large group celebration. Nobody asked us. We are still anonymous, we are ourselves, most people don't care who it is on a web filled with people. Nobody that we know has said anything, recognizing us. There is an unflattering shot, but we don't really care, otherwise we would complain. Taking pictures without asking is against the Rainbow Rules, most don't like cameras at all. It ain't rainbow, but there we are dancing naked on youtube.  The problem...vanity.
"if you don't want pictures of you naked appearing on the web, don't take naked pictures of yourself".

Yep, that was true when said.  Today someone else is going to take a picture if you are running around naked.  so..

If you don't want pictures of you naked appearing on the web, don't be naked." 

General Naturism Discussion / Re: Dispiriting incident with a member here
« Last post by pjcomp on September 19, 2017, 11:29:09 PM »
A couple of years ago there was a particularly big outcry when some celebrities had their nude pictures hacked and posted on the internet. One commentator over here was roundly condemned for saying that "if you don't want pictures of you naked appearing on the web, don't take naked pictures of yourself". But realistically he was right; we all know it happens, however much we might prefer that it didn't. To adapt the title of Kevin Costner's movie - If you post it, they will copy it.
General Naturism Discussion / Re: Dispiriting incident with a member here
« Last post by Bob Knows on September 19, 2017, 09:12:46 PM »
There are billions of digital cameras in the world today.  People make something like a billion digital images every day.  People make pictures of everything they find interesting. Their cat. Their kid. Their dinner. And OTHER PEOPLE.  Other people are arguably the most interesting subject of people.

Every time I go naked into the world I expect that someone is going to record a digital image of me naked.  Probably 90% of people who see me are carrying a digital camera.  Many of the cameras have to be within 10 yards to get a clear picture, but pocket camera technology today allows people to get clear images of other people from so far away we don't even know they are watching us. 

Anyone who goes on a public naked adventure such as NEWT has to expect that they will be recorded in a hundred images in every village they pass near or through.  Some people will post the image on social media along with their lunch and their cat.  "Oh look what I saw today, naked people walking through town." 

Another fact of digital life is that pictures of people are more likely to get "stolen" than pictures of someone's lunch or cat.  If we are worried about it we should go hide in our bedroom instead of going naked out into the world.  I'm not worried. I expect to get photographed.  I expect pictures of me to be shared.  I prefer when women share my images rather than gays, but both happen.  I'm not going to stop going naked nor stop posting my own pictures. 

I think we all need to realize that being seen, being photographed, and being shared is part of nude life in the 21st century.  I'm not sorry about that either.  Every nude image shared or seen helps to teach someone that nudity is OK.  Even more educational when its an image of people enjoying ordinary life naked such as my images and the NEWT pictures. 

Don't let the ubiquitous cameras and pictures discourage you from being outside naked.  Humans do not need to hide.  We are all beautiful. 
General Naturism Discussion / Re: Dispiriting incident with a member here
« Last post by jbeegoode on September 19, 2017, 07:17:20 PM »
DF and I don't place our nude bodies with faces on the internet easily. There is potential for it being used misrepresenting us. This goes along with people taking photos with and without asking and then posting them. Soon, you will see pictures of more of our faces posted on my website. There will also be photos of our faces without nude bodies attached. It is a pain, but the world that we live in has these potentials.

I agree with Bob,"Don't let it discourage you from taking pictures."

Trip reports / Re: We Strolled Moonlit, Through the Desert Mountains
« Last post by jbeegoode on September 19, 2017, 03:44:19 PM »
Probably 9:30 to 1:00, give or take a half an hour. I'm pretty sure that it was a weekend. Such detail after 14 years is shakey information.
General Naturism Discussion / Re: Dispiriting incident with a member here
« Last post by Bob Knows on September 19, 2017, 02:21:01 PM »
I understand your concern John.  I post quite a bit of stuff on Internet, written and photographic.  I have found my blog articles copied verbatim on other sites.  My pictures have been "shared" also.

Many people get used to sites like Facebook, Twitter, etc., which encourage viewers to "SHARE" content.  Many other sites have a row of "f" "t" and other buttons that "share" the post to Facebook, Twitter, etc.  One effect of that kind of sharing is that many users just assume that whatever is posted anywhere on-line may be "shared" whenever they like.

With my own material, blog and photos, I post it with the intention of generating a wide distribution.  The more people who read and see my material the more successful I have been.  Nothing I produced has ever "gone viral" as they say now, but some of it does get shared sometimes.   

I understand your concern with material containing a copyright notice.  People should see the notice and respect it by not sharing it or "stealing" the material to recopy elsewhere.  I would be more upset if the material showed up on a PAY-TO-VIEW porn site where someone is profiting from my products. My photos aren't very porn oriented so that hasn't been a problem yet.  Simple hiking photos of men or women hiking nude outdoors aren't porn either to that's not likely.

I'm not innocent either.  I click the "share f or t" button sometimes too.  Sometimes I save the image that was posted if I like the picture.  I get to see my saved images next year while the source has moved on long ago.  Saving an image only takes a right click. The whole Internet and web browser software is set up to do exactly that.  When we post our material into that place knowing everyone can "steal" the image with a right click we really need to expect that at least someone will want to copy and save it, if it was a good picture.   

I'm on both sides of this behavior.  I haven't copied any of your NEWT pictures, not the sort of pictures I copy.  I doubt you have copied any of my pictures or writing either.  When I post on Internet I assume it will get copied and shared.  That's the nature of the beast, like that old saw about heat in the kitchen.

Don't let it discourage you from taking pictures. 

General Naturism Discussion / Re: All Things Sauna
« Last post by jbeegoode on September 19, 2017, 08:20:04 AM »
General Naturism Discussion / Dispiriting incident with a member here
« Last post by John P on September 19, 2017, 02:58:23 AM »
This relates to an incident that took place a week ago, but I've let it rest for a while. As some people know, I went on the Naked European Walking Tour this year (with a pre-trip trip and a post-trip trip also), and I've been posting my photos from that journey in batches in the Trip Reports section here. The week before last, I reached the point in the travelog where I actually got to the NEWT location in Austria.

Last year there was a thread here where we discussed the topic of pictures stolen from Internet sites, usually to be used on people's blogs or on sites like Tumblr, and I made my opinions (negative!) pretty clear there. Our host Stuart made his own contribution to that conversation, and he agreed with me.

So, I posted my first set of pictures from NEWT, and as I did so, it occurred to me that now I was with a mixed group of men and women, my pictures might become more tempting to thieves, because they're basically voyeurs most of the time, primarily interested in pictures of women. So, I added a note about claiming copyright, even though it's not legally necessary (what's yours is yours, and you don't have to tell anyone so). I thought at the time, "Yes, that'll stop them", but at least I did something!

I thought that if (when) my pictures were stolen, they'd end up in some string of Tumblr sites that I'd never hear about, and I wouldn't mind much. What I hadn't expected was that a member here would steal from me for the benefit of his own pathetic blog! But that's what happened, in less than a week. The individual involved was KENSUNWALKER. As is entirely typical, he selected a picture that recognizably had a woman in it, and he gave zero credit to me as photographer, and didn't identify the location or occasion. He also added a title right in the picture, "Freehiking Europe"--to discourage theft, maybe! As far as the lack of information is concerned, that's the way the process has to work, because a thief can't say very much about his merchandise, and certainly won't identify his victim. I posted a fairly caustic response to the picture, and Ken did remove it.

As I said, it's been a week since this occurred and I still don't know what it's reasonable to think about it. My first action was to remove any other pictures that would be tempting to thieves, and in future I'll be selecting pictures to be all male when people are clearly shown. I think this will protect both my friends and myself, because I expect those are the only ones thieves would take, but of course I recognize that with a few days to do their work, Ken and others like him had ample chance to take what they want from the first set. I said in the title that this has been a discouraging experience, and it's put me off sharing photographs on the Internet. But it's probably effective just to say that I'll avoid most pictures of women, and it doesn't distort the overall atmosphere too much, because we guys are usually a pretty large majority anyway (and is that related to the demand for pictures of naked women, one wonders?)

I'd really like to hear what Ken thinks about this incident and how he would explain his policy on obtaining material for his blog. As far as I can tell, it's "I'll take whatever I want from wherever I find it, and I don't care what the owner thinks about it", but maybe he has some other way of describing it. In the message where I asked him to remove the stolen item from his blog, I made sure to include my email address, thinking he might care to apologize, but no such luck. Well, there's the story.

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