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General Naturism Discussion / Re: clothing is really bad
« Last post by John P on Today at 05:42:37 PM »
I don't know what to say about lust. Apparently some people think it's bad.

But Reuben, I think you should be very careful about talking to people about their children, especially if you want to mention nudity. And if you plan to mention lust too, then I can see trouble ahead.
General Naturism Discussion / clothing is really bad
« Last post by reubenT on Today at 03:55:19 PM »
I've been locked out for weeks.   Tried to change my email and the link to confirm the new one kept failing,  click it and it always redirects back to the main sign in page and won't confirm the email.   But I finally got the thought to try a copy and past thing with the address.   Put it in the address bar and go to it that way.   And it worked.   

But anyway.    Lately I've been thinking through my own experience to figure out just what happened in my childhood that made my lust pop up out of nowhere and attach itself to my naked self.   I suffered and fought it for 35 years,  while it kept getting worse.   Finally realized there was no way I could deal with it and just sort of gave up trying.   Started telling God,   "you will have to clean up my mind, I can't do it"  Shortly after starting that prayer the concept of naturism came my way.    It was the last thing I'd ever been likely to do,  I thought naked was always lust inspiring,  and I also had an automatic fear response with the slightest chance of being seen naked.   But the website convinced me what I needed,   and Isaiah 20 convinced me God didn't care if we went naked in public.  So I started intentionally going naked in private work back in the woods,  and it started working,  the lust response started fading.    But now a few years have passed and I've been thinking it through some more,  and I come to realize just what it was that caused my lust to pop up and attach itself to my own nakedness.    I was never naked,   no one around me was either.  I never saw my parents naked.   My mother especially thought all nakedness was sexual and lustful and had quite a degrading way of mentioning it.    She though she was shielding me against lust addictions by shielding me from nudity.   But in reality it had the opposite effect,  it drove me into a lust addiction by default.     And it finally occurs to me;   That's is what's going on all around us now,  all the time.   The children are growing up with no naked people around them.  (skimpy bathing suits don't count)   and it's causing their lusts to grab a hold of nudity to feed off of when they hit puberty,   if nudity were as common as naked hands and faces it would be nothing to the mind and lust could not grab onto it.    So our societies efforts at child protection are actually the very thing that is driving them to lust after same sex,  opposite sex.   and all manner of various of excessive unnatural issues.     So this clothing thing is really big,  even bigger an issue than most of us purveyors of naturism realize.   It's inspiring me to get a bit bolder and talk to some parents of children,  tell them my story of how I got trapped in a lust addiction for so long and what saved me from it. Perhaps save their children from the same difficulties.   I never though I was addicted to porn, because it was not an outward thing.   But I came to realize I really was addicted to porn,  my porn was myself.   And I think it turned inward because I tended to be shy without social connections,  and because naked was a rare thing in my life. 
General Naturism Discussion / Re: People who've given up washing
« Last post by reubenT on Today at 03:14:03 PM »
We don't live in Eden any more.   Even there they swam in the river daily.   But after sin happened we started to die.   Dead skin can accumulate on the surface and needs to be kept rubbed off,    then there are toxins constantly being eliminated through the pores with the perspiration,  and that happens at a slower rate all the time when we're not actively perspiring.  So for good health,  and to not offend those we live with, we wash.    But what soap or other stuff one wants to use may be extra.   And it's best not to use things that could be toxic because the skin takes up things and well as expelling stuff.      Now if we go naked a lot we may well stay cleaner than if we stayed covered.   That is; cleaner biologically.   Not necessarily cleaner visibly.  But there's clean dirt and there's dirty dirt. 
General Naturism Discussion / Re: Pondering Boundaries
« Last post by nuduke on December 13, 2019, 09:17:35 PM »

Good ponderings.  Not so sure about the silly photos.  Makes light of a serious argument.
I can see you have lost some weight, mate.  As I said in another post, you look OK lighter and are probebly well off without the extra weight.
Free Range Naturism / Re: The Secret Naturist Handbook
« Last post by MartinM on December 13, 2019, 09:20:20 AM »
I took to climbing trees again a few years ago. Often when on a naturist walk in the woods, or even a clothed walk, I will climb a suitable tree naked. Many of these are yew trees, but sometimes oak or any other suitable tree. I havenít been up one since October.

I enjoy simply meditating in a tree for a while, contemplating the nature in which I am immersed.
General Naturism Discussion / Pondering Boundaries
« Last post by jbeegoode on December 12, 2019, 10:20:48 PM »
Some thoughts on "mine" and "theirs" and "ours."

Free Range Naturism / Re: The Secret Naturist Handbook
« Last post by jbeegoode on December 12, 2019, 09:12:28 PM »
When I was five or six, I climbed a small fruit tree in the backyard. It was Falls Church, Virginia. We had 36 trees from huge to small dogwood that we would mess with during the five years that my family was there. This day however, I got up and didn't see a way down. I was stuck up there for what seemed to be hours, calling for help and feeling horrible, until a helping hand arrived.

I spent about three hours hiding up a tree near La Paz, Bolivia...1976...I think that that was the last time I climbed one. It takes many muscles that are usually not used together, if much at all. Things forgotten, disused for decades. Perhaps a tree climb is a worthy goal toward achieving youthful dexterity, elasticity and confidence.

I have been to the top of a very tall pine tree not long ago...but it was laying on its side.... ::)

Free Range Naturism / Re: The Secret Naturist Handbook
« Last post by nuduke on December 12, 2019, 07:31:49 PM »

One of my neighbourhood friends as a small boy had an orchard in their backyard and we used to spend many a summer afternoon climbing trees and playing make believe games.  Happy days (ish!).
Trip reports / Re: Grasshopper Point
« Last post by nuduke on December 12, 2019, 07:28:14 PM »

Gosh, eloquently put!  Quite so!
Free Range Naturism / Re: The Secret Naturist Handbook
« Last post by jbeegoode on December 11, 2019, 06:40:05 PM »
I used to hide in trees as a kid when we were playing war games. People just don't look up and I'd ambush them every time. I'd wipe out whole platoons of kids. I never felt more exposed, but the opposite.

A good climbing tree is unusual around here. They are generally not tall, or thick branched. The mountainous trees don't have much lower branches, conifers mostly. They all are rough on the skin, except aspen. There are occasional old mesquite that are suitable, but again, there is that rough bark. We used to have mulberry around here, but they were outlawed a couple of decades ago and died off.

I'm working on the issues, but my upper body strength has dissipated so that I can't safely accomplish climbing. The swinging and pull up are essential to muscles that support like the psoas, and those oblique side muscles. So this is good for us, too.

I have for some reason developed some irrational fear of heights as I have aged. I've been occasionally working with rock climbing to desensitize. It is probably currently for the best, as again, that upper body strength. Maybe my subconscious is telling me something about my condition. My coordination and stretch and balance are coming along after too much disuse with Movnat exercise. Eventually, I should become capable again.

When was the last time someone here climbed a tree? JMF has to an extent. I've just hung from lower branches, myself. I don't think that I have been truly up in the heights since my twenties. We used to climb trees in the park and make elf sounds in the dark when people walked by.
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