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Free Range Naturism / Re: Paper Protection
« Last post by jbeegoode on January 23, 2021, 08:16:19 PM »
I know the Arizona rep. It is basically a legislature watch, fundraising, and referral to the regional guys, who are more experienced.

I've thought about inquiring to be a co-rep to help out in Arizona. Perhaps after covid. It needs a ready to go citizen lobbying group. For now, all of the conservative rallying is distracted by trumpism and its issues.

It is difficult to organize without a specific issue, an injustice, something that ticks people off. A free beach is a focus for a movement. The Redington Pass issue is something like that. It takes lots of energy and time. It makes light on the issue of body freedom, perhaps the bi-product is a clothing optional beach.

Where to begin? What is the best charted course? It is a legal issue, shackles around our bodies. All that we want, the goal, is the option of clothing or not, acceptance for something that shouldn't, in any sense of humanity, be any big deal. So what, you saw a body part. So what, it's a nice day. It is only another body, no biggy. A simple innocent matter of fact. This feels good, healthy, wholesome, so just do it.

An Aside:
Yesterday, I got sucked into bing-watching a Netflix show. The lead roll, needed an alibi. He needed to show that he had had stress, a breakdown and been out of it for three days, or so. He disappeared for three days, he already had a case for stress in his life and body.  To prove himself at least temporarily insane, he walked into a store dropping his clothing and stood there nude. He got locked up for his own good. to protect him, in case he might disappear again. They wouldn't let him go, psych evaluation. He got attention for his scam by simple public nudity with serious consequence. Disappearing for a few days, with no memory is one thing, but it seemed plausible that only crazy folk get naked. People were screaming in the store! "Breaking Bad" Is our media perpetuating an outrageous lie, or what?

Free Range Naturism / Re: How was your month for Free Range Naturism?
« Last post by jbeegoode on January 23, 2021, 12:58:22 AM »
Motherload in the waste basket! I've found four rolls from TP. Recycle, reduce, reuse! ;D
Free Range Naturism / Re: How was your month for Free Range Naturism?
« Last post by jbeegoode on January 23, 2021, 12:49:23 AM »
I'm in! I've got a long Christmas paper roll and one from TP, already pulled from the recycle bin.

Fun ain't pointless. Burns are big fun.

I don't know how many rolls of cardboard that I can use in a year, but I'm just two blocks from the police station. It can't be too big a fire, banging drums and wahoo.  ;D

Dec. 21st solstice/yule, or Dec.31st. As things are going, it will show up very soon again. It will become a tradition. Perhaps I can make a sweat ceremony around it, a fundraiser.

OOh! drop a balloon of acetylene and oxygen on it and rattle the houses like a cannon, mushroom cloud, burn baby burn...maybe not that.
Free Range Naturism / Re: Small naturist ramblers
« Last post by jbeegoode on January 23, 2021, 12:38:28 AM »
Dunno. If you dress up your house instead of leaving it natural, is that a naturist faux pas? ;D

Do you want a tall statue of Venus and a fountain, or a $20 naked gnome?

Such is much to ponder!
Free Range Naturism / Re: Paper Protection
« Last post by jbeegoode on January 23, 2021, 12:35:05 AM »
Quoting Lee: "Nude recreation is the way." They were after free beaches, or call them beachheads. The social changes were to come from these beachheads. It was to be an incremental process.

You get in trouble, who are you going to call? The legal process takes time. There is plenty of that to contact an attorney through the NAC.

You could call the NAC, or email, ask for a good attorney in your area, pay him a retainers free, and have yourself set up to drop your dime in the event. You could keep an attorneys card on hand. NAC isn't a legal firm, its a non-profit.

When I had custody hassles about my son, in teh 1990's I called them. They gave me straight up ind formation. When I called for advice in concern for Redington Pass, they gave me advice, and "keep us posted." They need the grass roots to lead the way. They can only support grassroots. They don't lead the way.

They have local watchers of the legislatures. They help lobby.

They showed up to testify when a Topeka city council was getting proactive about an anti-nudity ordinance. NAC got a call, they showed up, they impressed the council. It stopped.

There is just so much to be done with limited resources and volunteers. We must think local.

There is a new free beach on the west coast of Florida. They participated.

You can prepare, pay, worry about the result, lay awake at night. Take a day off to show up in court, spend thousands and the arresting cop doesn't show up, so it all disappears. That can be the penalty on any arrest. Sometimes, cops cite because they are essentially judge jury and executioner. They know that they are not showing up from the get go. Their law, their punishment.

If you don't give them money, if you don't volunteer as a local rep, if you don't get involved, that is why NAC doesn't grow. Wishing just won't cut it.
Free Range Naturism / Re: Small naturist ramblers
« Last post by nuduke on January 22, 2021, 10:32:29 PM »
Oh goodness!  Has everyone got gnomes?  Is this a side effect of naturism?  If so hand me some clothes!!  ::) ;D :-\
Free Range Naturism / Re: How was your month for Free Range Naturism?
« Last post by nuduke on January 22, 2021, 10:28:10 PM »
Now there's a project!  If we all collect finished toilet roll innards all year and glue them up into a sculpture and set it alight on New Years Eve 2021/2 and compare notes!  Anyone up for that?  Or is it too pointlessly silly for words? :D
Factory Farmed Naturism / Re: HB 675 Florida
« Last post by nuduke on January 22, 2021, 10:24:59 PM »
A very profound observation about lawyers!
Free Range Naturism / Re: Paper Protection
« Last post by Bob Knows on January 22, 2021, 08:58:13 PM »
Lets look further at the NAC's self promotion article: 

1. Out of all the nudists and cases in the whole USA, NAC choose a case where there was an "appropriate" designated pen for naturists, but it wasn't clearly marked.  NAC did not cite any case they helped where there wasn't an already designated pen. 

2. NAC points out that the cited nudist could not afford $4,000 quoted to obtain a lawyer.  That legal fee is a HUGE penalty, likely more than whatever fine would be the punishment if guilty.   

3.  NAC DID NOT represent the cited naturist as his attorney.   They apparently wrote a letter to the Government Official, and perhaps spoke on the phone with him.  When the Government Official dropped it's citation, NAC did not know about it, and didn't tell the naturist not to show up for the cancelled court date.

4.  In general, NAC's self written article demonstrates that has not been much if any help for all the Naturists everywhere else in the USA, and not even much help for the lost naturist who thought he was at the designated pen.  NAC is obviously not proactive, and hardly active at all. 

5.  NAC's apparent focus is set in BOLD type by NAC Board Member Richard Mason, "How you can help establish additional naturist beaches:"  They do not appear to support body freedom as a general human right -- such as is recognized in Spain and some other places.  Their play-pen attitude is reflected in their restrictive "Bill of (limited) Rights." 

I have paid dues to the Naturist Society for decades, but over that time I have seen little active support for the kind of free range Naturism that their founder Lee Baxandall advocated.   Their newsletter asks, "Please support NAC on its mission of naturist activism set forth by Lee Baxandall," but, what I have seen from NAC is quite different.  Advocating limits instead of rights, and with very little activism. 

I wish it were different. 
Free Range Naturism / Re: Paper Protection
« Last post by Bob Knows on January 22, 2021, 08:21:59 PM »
I think that each legal problem is unique to an extent. Each lawyer has strengths to address a legal argument. If there was a data base, a list of "nude-orientated" attorneys, there is a danger that the wrong one might be used. There is also, much work to be done to maintain a list on line. The current procedure, is to contact the area rep of NAC and then get the current and best info from them personally. The system is small and can be managed at this time without a directory. Sometimes an attorney isn't necessary, sometimes, the cold hard reality is that there is little to be done. Sometimes a rep from NAC speaking out is enough.

If the current NAC recommended procedure is to contact the regional NAC rep, they should recommend carrying his or her phone number.   If we get arrested we won't have days to look it up.  We could do that if we get a "citation," but not if arrested.   The phone number for help should be carried in our cell phone and on paper. 

I would love to see NAC doing some proactive initiatives and helping arrested nudists in areas other than Florida.  Proactive could begin by looking for nudists who have been arrested (or cited) and actively filing whatever court case is appropriate.   Not even suggesting who to call is about as opposite of proactive, or even helpful, as they can get.

I support their parent group, Naturist Association, with my annual dues, but I would like to see more actual support for free range naturism before sending more money.

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