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Free Range Naturism / Re: In Defense of World Nude Hiking Day
« Last post by ric on Today at 10:27:53 AM »
one thing that has been glaringly obvious in the last few months in the uk is the utterly low standards of the media..... weve been watching the daily downing street briefings on the virus.... after the minister and his 2 officials gave their presentation , there was a question and answer session with journalists... most of the questions were aimed to promote the asking journalists views...sometimes not even remotely relevant to that days briefing.   that was followed by the tv channels expert giving a summing up...sometimes you wondered if hed actually listened to that days briefing.   

more generally the mrs has been reading several of the daily papers websites....either theyve copied and pasted the same press release word for word  .      or theyve actually tried to write their own copy and given wildly differing accounts of the same event.

in short you cant trust any of them to report anything accurately.   to be honest ive given up on them completely
Free Range Naturism / Re: In Defense of World Nude Hiking Day
« Last post by BlueTrain on July 08, 2020, 01:32:39 PM »
For what it's worth, I've seen far more mention of nude beaches in the paper than I have of nude hiking. Practically all have been either neutral or positive. But that was just one newspaper. I imagine that a conservative newspaper would have articles with a more conservative or reactionary point of view. Concerning travel articles in the paper, I'd say that half of the articles were about off-shore destinations (my guess might be way off, though). I wonder if a conservative newspaper ever has articles about, say, the South of France?
Free Range Naturism / Re: In Defense of World Nude Hiking Day
« Last post by Davie on July 08, 2020, 09:25:55 AM »
I've seen far worse articles in our UK red top newspapers. I never like to see the words caution or warning. Do they think we have horns growing out of our heads and eat children for breakfast. A far better word is advise. It's neutral and allows non naturists to be aware and not go further if they are so prudish that the sight of naked flesh gives them an attack of the vapours!

I do think we gave it so much easier here in the UK. I'm joining a group tomorrow and we have no concerns a part from the weather. We will cover up on roads and close to houses and if we see kids nearby. Under the law we don't have to but it saves misunderstandings.

Davie  8)

Trip reports / Among the Gold Miners
« Last post by jbeegoode on July 08, 2020, 03:08:03 AM »
We took a hike up near Prescott, dodging gold miners to find solitude and clear heads.

Trip reports / Re: Roanne river
« Last post by jbeegoode on July 08, 2020, 12:40:16 AM »
Wading through the water surely makes a huge difference. DF and I have been in similar situations and not only went slowly, but just enjoyed the moment. Our longer hikes have become just a mile or two and back on several occasions. It is so easy to get involved and distracted in paradise.
Free Range Naturism / Re: In Defense of World Nude Hiking Day
« Last post by jbeegoode on July 08, 2020, 12:26:31 AM »
It was 107F plus yesterday. Last evening I stopped for gas in just a kilt. As it pumped, I swiped the windshield. A call came from a passing motorist, "I love your nipples." I have no idea what that was about...

...When 100F feels like cool air....

Some people are just more vocal, it seems.
Naturism & Art / Re: What's in this picture?
« Last post by jmf on July 07, 2020, 08:48:42 AM »
Very well done
Naturism & Art / What's in this picture?
« Last post by John P on July 07, 2020, 04:11:09 AM »
Trip reports / Re: Roanne river
« Last post by jmf on July 06, 2020, 10:26:58 PM »
Yes, it's me ;D
Free Range Naturism / Re: In Defense of World Nude Hiking Day
« Last post by Bob Knows on July 06, 2020, 10:15:24 PM »
I was out walking around my 20 acres Sunday.  It was our Independence Day weekend holiday.  Lots of traffic passed by while I was visible from the road on the west side of my land.  I walk about 50 meters back from the edge of the road, but its clearly visible if someone is watching.  Drivers often are watching the road but on holiday Sundays there are lots of passengers going to or from nearby recreation lakes.

One car slowed down, the window opened, and a female looking hand came out and gave a friendly looking wave.  It was dark inside the car so I couldn't see the rest of her.  My guess is that most passing people enjoy seeing an old gentleman walking in the woods.  I've been doing it for more than 10 years now and never had any objections. 

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