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Free Range Naturism / Re: The Secret Naturist Handbook
« Last post by jbeegoode on January 18, 2022, 05:44:22 PM »
I would rather die than suffer the imprisonment of the cold misery that I used to live in months and months out of the year. I am now spoiled, to disliking a mild winter two to three months a year. I even intend to break that up with with a trip to the tropical nude beaches.

I like my dry heat. The choice between too hot and too cold, would always be hot.

I remember hanging out in Gulfport, Mississippi, taking a shower, fresh clothing and being soaked by the time I made it out to my car in the parking lot. I remember sitting idly, trapped in Barranquilla, Colombia, waiting for the sun to go down, so I could go outside and move. The original natives in places like that were always naked. Today, they wear light clothing and go to the coastal beaches to cool off in bikinis.

Naked makes heat better, or pretty darn nice.
General Naturism Discussion / Re: tattoos - need advice
« Last post by jbeegoode on January 18, 2022, 05:25:38 PM »
Nuduke commented: "One thing that extensive tattooing does, say if you have an arm or a leg red with them is it makes you rather appear clothed even when naked.  Not great naturism perhaps!"

This question always has had me pondering and curious about perceptions. If one is covered by tattoos, then they aren't actually naked? They are naked if there is no covering. But, wearing tattoos just ain't covering enough to walk down the street. Wearing a tattoo can be "look at me" but they are often placed in discrete places to not be seen. Private tattoos. You appear "covered with tattoos"? People hide tattoos of people wearing clothing. Are tattoos sexy and used like clothing to augment sexual expressions?

Some of the above make common sense, but does any of it make rational sense at all? These are bodies, of which being seen should be no big deal, an essence of reality against projected perception. Ultimately, it is a body with the addition of a tattoo...around we go.

If you are ejected from a resort because of the sexual expression of your tattoo, it would be because you have the inability to become actually naked...there it goes again...
General Naturism Discussion / Re: tattoos - need advice
« Last post by ellar on January 17, 2022, 07:43:31 PM »
@jbeegoode - regarding Lola bunny, you can see her face, but it is facing outwards, not in the direction you are implying. And her short shorts are at knee level ;)

@nuduje - the thing about tattoos is that once you get them you want to display them, so the more you have to more skin you are showing willingly. I never felt about my ink as a substitute for clothing, I just like the looks of it on my body, I feel more confident and attractive with them than without. As per the sexually explicit tattoos, I really enjoy erotic art in general. And for both of my explicit tattoos, I came across either a style or idea soo good, I just had to have them on me. There is no specific meaning behind them other than I enjoy them and i wanted them. I probably going to get more of them eventually, just not that much more, as I am going to run out of the strategically available space for such art. Would very much love to have a full sleeve of erotic art, but I do work in an office, paycheck to paychek, so I cant afford any jobstopper tattoos.
Trip reports / Re: Nude Across America Pt.17: Lake Willoughby
« Last post by jbeegoode on January 17, 2022, 07:23:42 PM »
Tanks.  Sometimes, the simplest things....
Free Range Naturism / Re: How was your month for Free Range Naturism?
« Last post by jbeegoode on January 17, 2022, 07:21:00 PM »
I just got a corona virus this time, not a covid. I got covid in July of 2020.
General Naturism Discussion / Re: tattoos - need advice
« Last post by jbeegoode on January 17, 2022, 07:18:29 PM »
Yea, Nuduke, I like flexibility, change, natural less touched beauty and being naked, so personally a tattoo isn't for me.
An ex-girlfriend used to appear at outside events like music fests, etc. and would hand out fliers. There would then be a booth, often to back it all up. She was promoting vegan eating. It seemed to be making progress.
Introductions / Re: User Name Change
« Last post by Greenbare Woods on January 17, 2022, 06:34:19 PM »
Wow!  After all this time.  Change of branding!
Why the change, Bob?  If addressing you as Bob is still appropriate - are you changing your time honoured handle too?  Do we call you Bob or Greenbare?...Or GW for short!! :D :D
I see you have changed the name on top of your usual profile which means your significant stack of posts is retained also.
I'm now intrigued - I'll have a look back and see if the ID changes in historical posts (I expect so as the forum is a database).

Hi John,   I've been using the name Greenbare on other nudist forums for a couple of years or more.   Green as in Nature. Naked is "green" to use political doublespeak.  Bare as in bare.   I finally decided to delete or discontinue my archaic Yahoo mail address.  While changing that e-mail name it was convenient to uses the e-mail address that has the Greenbare name.   Some web sites demand a last name to create an account, so I added "Woods" as a last name.  I live in the woods and go naked in the woods a lot so that's not a huge stretch.

I hope that's not too confusing.  I did notice that this Free Range Naturism forum changed all the previous posts and wherever the Bob name was used.   I guess GW works.  Or some call me "Green" but I'm not fond of that. 

Interesting post, Bob.
It has seen something of a renaissance during lockdown when there was a large increase in BN membership applications reported in the press.  This may be what the article is referring to.   There were also a report or two on how home naturism was increasing during lockdown as there wasn't anything to get dressed for and people were discovering the body freedom.  But I suspect the trend is transient.  Evidently the French are much more keen on it and it is endemic in German society, I read, but is it on the increase there I wonder?  JMF - you might have better information?
Lets hope the lockdown increase continues and more people take up being naked.

The blog article was written almost a year ago so much of the recent increase in naturism in Europe is likely reported after.   He is right that nudists need to be more public and active in our home areas.  The increased number in BN and other European countries is a good sign. 
Free Range Naturism / Re: The Secret Naturist Handbook
« Last post by nuduke on January 17, 2022, 12:02:15 AM »
I second that, Bob.  It's cold, wet and shivery in our corner of the UK at present.
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