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« Reply #15 on: May 05, 2018, 02:18:03 AM »
Logged on this morning and was just poking around because not much was posted in the last few hours.

With regard to the above post about the 10,000 mark on total posts if you look at the “More Stats” page and add up the top 10 viewed topics it’s almost half-million. And that’s only the top 10. The whole site is probably well over a million views.


So, I was looking at my member profile at some of the tracked data. If you click on your username you will be directed to the “Summary” of the member profile. Click on “Stats”, below the member icon and you will see the info of your activity displayed. One of the lists shown is “Most Popular Boards By Activity”.

I would have thought it would be a description of how my activity is distributed on the site, but if I add up the percentages, it’s over 100%. So what does that list represent? Am I reading this wrong?


I can also see what time of day I am most likely online. Sort of interesting especially if you are looking for those that are nocturnal. Don’t forget that the times shown are offset to the timezone in the UK. Otherwise I would be a night owl by Pacific Time Zone reckoning.

If you randomly select a member you are unfamiliar with and if they have yet to post anything, you would expect to see something like,  “This member has yet to post.” Implying that there is a hope and expectation to hear from them.

Instead, the lists regarding the posting data have this announcement displayed,

“No posts to speak of !”

That doesn’t exactly mean that they haven’t posted anything does it? ;) It’s more of a commentary. Not very uplifting. :D Oh well, back to the day’s activities!