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I have only been here for a very short time, but I do know a lot about blogging as I have 3 blogs and try to keep with what is going on. Which is why I was surprised by all those Tumblr links I see around here. I hate to be the barer of bad news. But have you checked your Tumblr accounts recently?

It may not be there, you see on Dec 17, 2018 Tumblr has imposed a no nude image policy.

The same applies to Flickr which also announced a similar policy. So if you have one or both my advice is to check them out.

Blogger and WordPress has no problems with adult images

Greenbare Woods:
Really the only reason I viewed Tumbler was to see the naked and porn photos.   I have little use for whatever is left. 

I used Flickr for a while to post my photos on-line.  This forum, for example, does not allow uploading of photos but will imbed photos elsewhere when a link is provided.   Flickr deleted my account about 3 years ago so I started my own picture pages  So far my web host service hasn't said anything.  I haven't looked at Flicker since then either.

Web sites that don't allow photos of people are risking going the way of AOHell.  Viewers are moving on.  Some of the Tumblr traffic moved to MeWe which is more like an alternate Facebook without the marketing and censorship.

John P:
Where are "All those Tumblr links I see around here"? I don't know what that's about.

As you say, Tumblr isn't allowing nudity any more, but I say good riddance. Back when it was new, there was a level of freedom at Tumblr that you could respect. There weren't any rules, and they were proud of it. Anyone could post anything, and invite anyone to look at it. Sure, there was plenty of pornography, but that was what the users wanted. For a naturist, it was frustrating to see that hardly anything labeled "Naturist" was at all authentic--it was just another word applied to porn.  But at least naturist material could be there, on the same basis as any other topic.

Then Tumblr sold out to Yahoo, and the restrictions became more and more severe. And of course, the restrictions didn't make any distinction between pornography and whatever tiny amount of non-sexual nudity existed on the site. And then there was the ethical issue, where most material on Tumblr was copied from other blogs, but originally stolen from some legitimate source far away in the past. That, plus requiring viewers to sign in and claim to be adults, made the whole enterprise unusable for naturism, in my opinion.

So now they won't allow nudity at all. Well, I say it's been worthless for years. A bunch of blogs full of material stolen back and forth, with pornography being dispensed under the name of naturism, is something the world is better off without. 

Ed, I'd like to take a look at your blogs. Just don't give a naturist anything to be upset by, OK?

Well, I was looking at uploading a couple photos for a post and logged on to my Yahoo account to get access to my Flickr account. I couldn't get there from there. I haven't uploaded any pictures in over a year, so I guess something happened and I can't figure it out.

Is Flickr no longer affiliated with Yahoo? If so how do I get access to my old photo account on Flickr?

I went and checked a few of my posts that have photos on that service and they are still appearing. So the files are still there on Flickr.

Or should I use a different service. I'll have to figure out how to do this All Over Again!!. Rats! Does a new service just mean different IP address for the photos and the coding for the display on this forum remains the same?


Never Mind! I figured it out. My mistake!



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