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« on: February 04, 2019, 05:03:53 PM »
Best done nude whenever possible.   Protection is needed at times for various elements of the work. (winter mostly)  But contact with the earth without insulating fabric is very good for us, something to do with earth energetics.  As well as eating what the plants produce direct for the best health.
   I grew up with gardening,  my mother doing it mostly,  but my father enjoyed it as well when he wasn't working a job.  She grew up with her father making a living with produce, he did what his parents and grandparents did,  on back into unknown history.
       So to be where I feel like I belong,  I have to do the same.  And since I found naturism the best way to be, as God designed us in the beginning according to the record,  I can add that to it for best physical and mental health. (Close examination of the bible reveals that most people who profess to believe it don't really live it, if they did it would be a wonderful society to live in, considering all the instruction to love each other and do nothing but good, and live in harmony with nature)   I will also add to it my penchant for technical inventions, from old technology to ones that have been invented but haven't been manufactured yet. Manufacture them myself with my home foundry and machine shop. (and electronics when that gets involved) I tried truck driving, but it didn't jibe with my natural nature, big time clash there.   Had to come back to the land.   So I'm working on land clearing, making biochar,  planting fruit and nut trees,  aiming to go full time naturist farmer.  All I have is a rough mountainside, but plenty of it to keep me busy for a lifetime.  So permaculture will be the primary application, with some gardens and greenhouses along the way. Very limited land level enough to cultivate for row crops. Just enough for a few small to large garden plots. The rest of the usable land that's not too rocky or steep is good for tree fruits that can be planted in replacement of the forest trees that do not yield food,  only slow production of cellulose fiber.  I've sold a lot of timber, and busy turning the excess wood into biochar for fertility development with carbon sequestering.   I need a Ventrac mower to maintain the orchards I will be planting.    Can't afford one any time soon,  so building my own will have to suffice.  At least that's the best one I can find that fits my needs, 4x4 with a front deck.   Every vehicle needs to be 4x4 around here,   too much sloping ground with rain and mud all winter to do anything without the best 4x4 traction available.
I usually can't work nude this time of year, too cold,  but yesterday was so nice I did.   The little isuzu pickup that shows up in my picture I'm using to move firewood to the woodshed and biochar making barrels.  I will plant some pecan trees this spring and jujube trees,  and a few other kinds.   Rain moving in this week again but staying warm.   I will work in the shop when it rains too much to work out there.   Also working on finishing the house, but it's getting there and my brother will help out on that.  It's for our parents to live in till they pass on and my brother.  I prefer living in small quarters and outside as much as I can.   Get a greenhouse going and almost live out of it except for a little place to put moisture sensitive books and stuff.

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Re: agriculture
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Your farming endeavors sounds like a really good life style.   I would like to have something similar if my land had any way to do it.  My land here is called "scab" land because it has almost no dirt on the lava rock. 

I used to know a couple of wheat farmers from Kansas.   Their tractors had heated or air-conditioned cabs so they farmed naked all year.   
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Human bodies are natural, comfortable, and green.
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Re: agriculture
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When all of that produce come available and dreams come true, you have said that you have interest in growing for commercial sales. How will you harvest all of that stuff?

Is you family now acquainted with your lifestyle and accepting to find you out working nude?

I've thought of living in a partial greenhouse. DF once lived like that. It was a dome with a greenhouse to the side, which would cool the house with evaporative air system. There were some more conventional homes in my old neighborhood from that model, too. These were were some of the early solar homes back in the early 80's using technology developed at the University of Arizona.
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