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Re: FRN During Lockdowns
« Reply #120 on: November 20, 2020, 09:17:48 PM »
When Iím in a socially nude situation, My sense of nudity is magically desexualized. I have experienced the outside world and its conditioning, then find myself in a nude gathering. At first, my eyes went everywhere, from my outside world perspective and habits, then very quickly, it dropped away.

Reentry into the outside world will eventually turn mere nudity back into the same sexual projections.

Sexual thoughts, of course reappear, here and there at a social gathering, but not as much. I keep them to myself, just as I would in a clothed situation. It is self-control, polite socialization, curtesy, effective social functioning. Thoughts, feelings are who we are, but there is choice, as to how to act on them.

In our sweat community gatherings, there is a simple rule against no overt sexuality. It is about worship and community and safe environment, unity, family, celebration, sacred. Our sexuality isnít curbed, our actions of sexuality are curbed. Our focus and activity is different, nudity becomes normalized and comfortable.

The rules of most nude resorts are no overt sexuality. It scares off newbies and divides the participants. You come for a nude day, not a pickup venue.

Social nudity decreases the sexuality of the sight of a naked human. Idealized beauty tends to fall apart. People share feelings other than come-ons. People rely less on fantasy and more on emotional connection to turn on sexually. This clotheslessness/nakedness idea of being more sexual is another fantasy and simply goes away.

What is left is other sexual stimulus, like favored, or conditioned body types, emotional bonding, etc. Curiosity is natural, but being sexualized is uncomfortable for the other, very often. So, one keeps it to oneself, until it is mutually comfortable, or understood to be safe territory.

If, Iím looking for casual sexual relationships and am asked to not to do that at a socially nude gathering, I can easily do that. Social nudity actually decreases my sexual senses. The tease is gone, the mental stripping and forbiddances not there, if all covering is gone, all questions, etc. all of which are set up and reinforced by the outside culture. Just being nude feels really really good, by itself.

All of the above has been anecdotally reported and agreed with by nudist for decades. I have experienced it. It is most common. To characterize other clubs by one experience is erroneous. I have never seen this, on the contrary, I have seen numerous people get kicked out, because of behavior. I also donít doubt that this happened at a club in Washington, years ago. Nude clubs are not there as pickup venues, which threaten spouses, making them uncomfortable, which are bad business, and membership problems, with any club, except swinger clubs.

Nude people act like clothed people, just with their clothes off. If they are taught to act weird they will choose to act weird.
My thinking is that I will be prosecuted for simply being nude, also in some cases socially ostracized. The reason is the cultural and social connotations of sex and nudity not being exclusive. There is a difference that needs to be discerned. The discernment is that sexual thoughts and feelings occur in clothed and unclothed people as natural. It makes no difference walking down the street clothed or unclothed. It is the projection of others whether it is a sexual act to them. It is the intent of the walker whether it is a sexual act. When I can walk down the street to enjoy walking, shopping, or with purpose other than sexual, whether clothed or not, the two states of dress, or unadorned are the same. 

Anyhoo, Iím not pretending that social nudity takes away all of my sexuality. It does drop off a hellofa lot of baggage at the door and make for a nice space. If nudists believed that they were not sexual beings, then they wouldnít have to impose rules and kick people out for breaking them. There have been for decades wide ranging reports that being nude takes lots of sexuality out of the equation. There had been that experience in the world of nude psychological therapies, as well. I believe it to be true, by experiences and testimony over and over again, my whole life.

People are disassociated and discombobulated about their bodies and sexuality, self-esteem, idealization of beauty, the sexualization of each other, and warped into believing their fantasies.
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