Author Topic: Vitamin "D" and Covid-19  (Read 815 times)


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Re: Vitamin "D" and Covid-19
« Reply #15 on: July 30, 2020, 11:45:38 PM »
Stay healthy and have a lesser reaction. So, stay healthy and have the best odds. DF tested negative, then came down with it. She wasn't told to stay away from work, even with symptoms. They refused t test her again. She stayed away anyway. We need our own initiative, as "authorities" are just being stupid.

I got it from her because of inaccurate tests at her work, and people walking around spreading it at her Banner health facility. I got my positive results back this morning. I was told to quarantine until two days after symptoms go away. The stuff lingers, as more and more mild. They usually tell people they're good to go ten days to two weeks after onslaught of symptoms. This is day 18 of symptoms for me. There is no rule of thumb and it is up to us to not listen to the stupidity of ignorant "authorities" corrupted by greed, lies, self interests, who trust and are pressured to trust in "authorities." No politicians, and very few "doctors" are to be believed.

I think that you are correct Peter. The odds are still in our favor, if we are healthy, if we use our common sense and have consideration for the rest of humanity. Wash hands, mask and keep a distance and the odds are really good, the risk is small. Death is unlikely...but you will be very sick and you won't like that, if you are unlucky. My case has been mild, but it really sucked, just the same and I'm not right yet. My thinking is cloudy a lot of the time. Today, I can't breathe very well, I have less frequent less intense headache, and little appetite and this is the best that I've felt since it hit me. This is a relief.

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Re: Vitamin "D" and Covid-19
« Reply #16 on: July 31, 2020, 09:41:47 AM »
popped into another major supermarket yesterday,   stumbled round in mask and steamed up glasses.... 3 tills open .... two had notices up which went summit like..... cashier is deaf and needs to lip read , please remove mask.

weve had measures introduced somewhere up north which includes stay indoors dont let anyone else into house or garden.... but u can still go down the pub or local park to meet random strangers.

leicester is a city now on lockdown because of the number of confirmed cases.    local public health chief went on national telly ,  hes instigated mass testing,  volunteers go round door to door handing out test kits for public to take sample and post back for analysis.   no training on how to take sample or checks on who (or what?) sample is actually taken from.     the guy even stated that the more tests they did the more positives theyed get from people with no symptoms......they know if they mass test there will be more "confirmed cases " so measures to control will be introduced

still actually difficult to get hold of hospital admissions data which is really all that really matters