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Burners and Ritual Around a Bonfire Something Naked

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So, Nuduke and I and anyone else who cares to, are collecting TP rolls and other cardboard articles to make sculpture and then burn. It is at the inspiration for Nuduke's sculpture and then, "what the heck" setting it on fire and dancing around it...nude, this year...or last.

Before it confuses the "monthly whatcha been doin' free range nude" thread, here we are:

This is about any ritual, any dancing around any fire, sculpture making, structure burning thing that comes up. I'd suppose that Burningman could be defined as a free range naked place. Saguaro Man in Arizona isn't nude. Both have their own rules, or "ten Principles" This thread isn't just that. This is set something on fire and do what you will naked. The rest is optional.

P.S. The original conversation started around February of 2021 on that thread with pictures.

We have been having a yearly piano burn out by Ajo for many years. A friend of mine owns a pit made to get fill-dirt to elevate a highway. It is ideal for burning big things. He has a friend with a piano store which comes across irreparable pianos during the course of a year.

Unsold Christmas trees and palates are also collected. It makes for quite a show, the old pianos make shapes and colors. We have a potluck. It has gotten out of control, greater than expected and the flames have been seen from the highway, prompting the fire department to show up unwelcomed and unannounced, looking perplexed.

There is a trick to making it last longer, extending the fun, which can be over very quickly. There is a trick to making the flames follow direction instead of just a thing burning up all at once. There is a trick to keeping it in control.

Last time, a band that plays only surfer music jammed on for over two hours as we danced and stood and observed the burn in a grand circle. Surfer music a believe rules in such a case. There's something wild about it.

The time before that, it was lit too soon in the wrong place by an a-hole and the heat nearly melted the bands instruments.

Anyway, it is great fun to dance around this sight, in cloaked capes, screaming like drunken cowboys.

That piano burn sounds fun! We had an all wooden framed piano some years ago.  It went progressively and irretrievably out of tune so we got the council to take it away!  Dang! Should have had a piano fire!
Do you burn them whole ie with the frames in?  Is there danger from snapping piano wires.  I once had the pleasure with several others of breaking up an old cast iron frame grand piano with sledgehammers.  The breaking wires were lethal!  It's a wonder no one ended up in hospital.  What I remember most is the strange strained music at first as the hammers contacted the frame.  Quite spooky as if the piano was in pain!! :)

Right we have a thread for the TR sculpture fire ceremonies.  I am just getting to the end of mine nd will post more pics when finished.  I have run out of TR now and so have no backlog to make the job quicker.  I'm now having to await the natural harvest of cardboard that emerges as we use each roll. 

Mine won't be anything like as big as yours, Jbee!  12 feet tube?!  You're going to have to resort to some glueing and engineering structure to get that to stand up on its own.  Maybe a wooden armature?  I have made the base of mine out of 2 6inch x 5 inch x 9 inch card boxes with a half brick in each and a wooden 2 x 1 stake glued in.  In this way the legs of my sculpture are supported so it stands up.  I hope it's not windy on midsummer!
The whole thing is 5ft 3inch tall and 2 ft wide.  I have added another plane of tubes at 90deg to the original celtic knot.

They are stacked up, as is. There ultimately isn't much left but the wires and metal that holds them. My friend has collected enough to make a short front yard border fence. It is interesting fun.

That tall carpet roll is very stout. The flames may travel up it and shoot the top. It will burn slower that the TP rolls. It may be enough support unless it will fall "timber" twelve feet out. There is much to consider. The idea of flames shooting out of a tube appeals to me.

I have many, but larger cardboard boxes. I'll keep a few, as they may work out some way. The heat would make a cylinder spin on a point with louvers on top....

So, I've nearly finished mine - photos to follow.
But I've been wondering how to perform the burning to make a little event of it.  I've been looking up pagan stuff to see if the pagans have any good ritual ideas (not that I want to associate myself with any particular faith system).  There's lots of stuff, most of which involves writing something on paper and burning it - most of the articles have more text given over to how to burn a sheet of paper or a wad of dry herbs safely than actually any ritual content.
Last time (new year) was a bit of a bodge - I lit the sculpture and sort of walked round trying and indeed failing to feel mystical.  This was probably due to the wife's prior moanings at my doing it naked.  However, she will be banished next time!! :)
My most popular thought for when, is midsummer solstice night (or perhaps dawn about 4am!).  The Wiccans have a fire festival - Beltane- on April 30th/May 1st so I'll stay clear of that! Anyway, I want to keep my hard gluing work on show for some weeks at least just to appreciate it as a work of art (stop laughing at the back of the class!).  The previous sculpture was standing in a room for 18 months!
I found this quotation somewhere "The Element of Fire burns away all that is old and outdated, Fire transforms one state of matter into another, Fire purifies and empowers."  Good thoughts for the turn of the year at solstice.
So Jbee, you are the spiritual ritual expert (what with the sweats and all).  Have you any thoughts on a way to make this little event mean something or at least be a sort of fun ritual.  Note a) it will be brief, a matter of less than 5 minutes, the TP rolls burn rapidly and b) I'm not going to be taking up drums or instruments for this - it'll annoy the neighbours. Naked and as simple as possible for me - it's all in the mind you know...(which is what the men in white coats will say as they usher me onto the big white van).


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