Author Topic: A Secret Naturist Section?  (Read 4861 times)


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A Secret Naturist Section?
« on: July 07, 2015, 08:08:15 PM »
Karla has offered setting up a Secret Naturist section. It is a subset of Freerange. I contended that it would add confusion and splinter discussion, but backed off stating that a certain amount of chaos might enrich discussion coverage and it IS usual for us. I recognize that there are some things like coming out of the SN closet and staying there, that are unique. For example, there are those who like the risk and rush end of being where you are supposed to be when naked. There is more.

I think that SN being a subset, it could be a freely mentioned term throughout, popping up here and there, perhaps to its benefit. The term will eventually lead to a thread and discussion of definition, but it is OUR word and it should be defined somewhere for others, now that TSNS is…gack…ugh…ouch.

Nuduke seemed to be thinking about more of a site within a site.

Balead, suggested pretty much dropping the SN label and declaring all to be free range activity with no specification.
Please, forgive me for any misrepresentation in my synopsis and clarify.

My leanings, at this point, are that specific threads carrying the SN label can be posted by any of us and our subset will be covered. There is no need for a Secret Naturists section. We need to integrate SN, not assimilate SN, or separate but equal SN. It keeps its identity, but doesn't segregate to its own neighborhood. We don't have to raise our fists to SN power, nor go back to TSNS. We are all free range with many variations, basically. So, I have a dream, I've been to the top of the monroe, I have seen.... 

This needs feedback. There will be SN specific threads outside of the section, if the section doesn’t pop up soon and then what do we do? Transfer? Very sloppy and confusing. There is already a being at home thread, a what to do during encounters thread, and more, which can be dealt with in a free range manner or an SN manner. Where would these go and there is no moving them without redundancy and confusion. Again, much of the TSNS was about freerange issues.

I wanna start a "How was your month as SN" thread, but does that need change to "free range" month, which is more of how much were you not clothed this month? This completely flips our Ian's fine record keeping and example.

I vote to let it ride and anyone can start a Secret Naturist specific thread and that’s enough.
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Re: A Secret Naturist Section?
« Reply #1 on: July 07, 2015, 09:31:27 PM »
I definitely agree that we don't need a Secret Naturism section.

I've not read anything on this forum which would not be accepted as "secret naturism" on the old site so I don't see why anything has to be specified as secret naturism on this one. Free range naturism is what this site is entitled, so I think we should forget about the term "secret naturism" and adopt the term "free range" on any topics that we would like to transplant from The Secret Naturist Society forum.

As I wrote before, perhaps over dramatically:-

Secret naturism is dead, long live free range naturism!


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Re: A Secret Naturist Section?
« Reply #2 on: July 08, 2015, 04:07:48 PM »
I don't think we need a Secret Naturist section but, in view of the partially non-free-range nature of many of our trip reports perhaps there should be a trip reports child board in the General Naturist Discussion.
I think my current French trip report really belongs there.

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Re: A Secret Naturist Section?
« Reply #3 on: July 10, 2015, 09:20:53 PM »
No sense or need to have segregated sections, I get the feeling that I'm probably a free hiker at heart, just haven't worked up the nerve to announce to one and all that I lean that way.

After all. So far as I know, my wife is the only person in this town that knows I go naked hiking.

As a result I prefer to mix and mingle and let that infective sense of freedom waft through the room.
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Re: A Secret Naturist Section?
« Reply #4 on: July 16, 2015, 07:49:18 AM »
Just about all SN fits free range category anyway.    Some free range may not be SN,   as in daring to risk meeting more people out there.    but the concepts can merge with full compatibility.   

  I haven't really told anyone I do it either.    But I do find plenty of place to do it.   Both in work and recreation.  With some risk of being caught at it,  but I've grown to where I'll take that risk if it's not large.    Mostly I'll just wear some light fairly opaque  mesh shorts if the risk grows to more than slight.      The other day I was out digging stumps on the track hoe at the back of the large clearing,  and all the other guys showed up on 4 wheeler and jeep.   I don't think they got close enough to notice my uncovered condition, since my seat area is a bit obscured in the cab.    I swung the machine around the other way and stopped a few seconds to pull the light shorts on I was sitting on, then kept digging.   

  Today I was out there working on the machinery just out of sight of the main road, and then started a fire with a pile of sticks that needed cleaned up.    so didn't actually go completely naked,  but did wear the minimal I could get away with if someone were to suddenly drive in, the briefest mesh shorts I've made.   The breeze can blow right through them and the sun gets through as well pretty good,  so it's just about as good as not having them on.   
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Re: A Secret Naturist Section?
« Reply #5 on: July 30, 2015, 12:29:43 AM »
As you mention, I was thinking some weeks ago about a separate forum to identify the group that hitherto existed on TSNS in case Stuart and Karla wanted to make the distinction amongst other Freerange Chat and out of respect and politeness we would obviously want to comply with that.  That doesn't seem to be necessary now.

But we have moved on.  It looks as if TSNS is no more - period; and our conversations have continued unabated under the generous FRN aegis rather than Lookee's. We have rather taken over this forum, although it was very quiet hitherto, so I do hope we are regarded as adding life, interest and warmth to the FRN forum.

And I have moved on too! Another reason for creating a 'segregation' of SN was to protect the 'identity' of TSNS membership.  But isn't it  wonderful that it turns out there was no magic formula to TSNS.  TSNS was us! And in our new location, wonderfully, we have mostly found each other again and have brought the same 'us' to the conversations here. So our new home is a very comfortable and adequate one and SN or FRN, spouse progress or monthly reports can live in their own threads and topics as on any other forum.  Here in the FRN forum we don't get in the way of the wonderful reports and web content from Stuart & Karla so I hope all is working well here.  I'm happy again! :)

As to the title Secret Naturism, there's nothing special - its just a nice description for the discretion we all exercise when out in nature or walking naked somewhere.  Stuart & Karla are secret naturists too because they don't flaunt their presence when skyclad or seek crowds of climbers, they do it alone together in solitary places such as Munro peaks and beautiful isolated swirling mountain rivers. You, jbee and Duane, Ricc, Davie, Ian and JOhn are free range naturists because you range free in the countryside of nations various.  Dave and I are somewhat more confined to the domestic range and certain specific locations - Freerange sometimes and Secret usually.  So SN/FRN? I agree with Reuben, we are dealing with the same thing and there's no need to be prescriptive of terminology or make silly distinctions, let's just use what terms we feel like.

If we're launching once again into a bit of definition talk (...oh just me then?....I'll get my coat), then, I feel, if there in fact is a difference anywhere, the distinct difference is between, on the one hand - the solitary or social naturists that don't have a fixed range or a single place for our naturism and who enjoy the solitude and the country we walk in as individulas or groups (e.g. SOC); and on the other hand - social naturists who use a fixed, bounded club or area, pool or home and are naked in those circumstances.  Freerange may be SN and vice versa but Clover Spa, De Anza, AHG, Cap d'Agde, jbee's sweat and Noah's Ark swim club are something different as they are bounded and specific in location.  Duane is totally freerange but jbee, myself, JOhngw, Nib and Larry, to name but a few,  cross all boundaries, having used bounded sites, clubs, resorts etc., and that also cycle/hike/walk/stand/lie in nature.  All to different degrees, defying tedious categorisation.
So we can classify the types of activity quite easily. But classify ourselves? Nah! We live in life's many glorious spectrums of activity and being and there's no need to get bureaucratic about taxonomy.  Friends, naturism is a way of eschewing the spreadsheet and the ledger!

Hurrah for having no clothes on anytime anywhere we can and hurrah for this bit of the social media for bringing us together and hurrah to ourselves for being 'us' !