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Re: The Secret Naturist Handbook
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Lost Clothing: From The Secret Naturist Handbook

What would you do if, for example, you returned back to the car to find it had been stolen along with your clothing, and the clothing you had hidden for this eventuality was also missing? You are naked, might be miles from home, its getting dark and starting to rain. You are in a potentially serious situation, what would you do?

I'm more worried about getting 20 miles from home without bringing any clothes, and the fuel pump quits, or the battery is dead, etc.  We had a topic about how far can you go from your nearest clothing.  Its a risk when its miles from home, small risk though.

The trouble with small risks is that they become big risks if you take the small risk many times.  Sooner or later the small risk will happen. 

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Human bodies are natural, comfortable, and green.
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Re: The Secret Naturist Handbook
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Gosh, only about 1/2 way through.  Lookee certainly was comprehensive in thinking through the whole field.
Well press on Jbee!  It would be interesting to read more (I usually skim read them!  ;) )

The last article is interesting.  One thing that I tend to conclude, with the benefit of hindsight, about Lookee's thought process about what we now call Free range Naturism, is that he was very concerned with the secret and clandestine aspects of free ranging, the assumption being that one should never be seen.  For instance he remarks about the option of walking home naked "could even be enjoyable but would require some luck to get safely across town without being seen "  The emphasis being on not being seen.  I suspect you or Bob (or even myself in such a situation of crisis) might take the view that in the circumstances we would have a valid explanation for our behaviour and state of undress and simply carry on with the task of getting home naked and brave out any possible encounters or indeed seek help from the police if they were available.