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Re: Recommended website
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I once worked with a woman that had danced with them in Paris and here. She said they have very strict rules about the physical requirements, height, figure measurements etc. Their intent was to create a almost perfect line of women of all the same features.

Add to that the costume, which made them all look the same, and you end up with a long line of synchronized legs and boobs. She said the headdress they wore was pretty heavy and took a lot of practice to move so that it didn't fall off.

Seen from that perspective, the whole thing was kind of odd.

I agree with your assessment. Vive la difference



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Re: Recommended website
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I was just about to turn 13 in a couple of months. We were about to leave Paris, and were staying in an old in-town hotel. The night before, I had caused the entire hotel to be awakened, and the door broken into, because I didn’t awaken to the noise and knocking as my parents returned. I was supposed to let them in. The old place only had one key.

The folks wanted to see the Follies one last time. It was decided that I was old enough to go with them. It was after all art, they said. Have I made clear the subtle decision making compromises and justifications? I was seen with new light as mature and promoted by necessity.

I sat somewhere about fourth row centered, dad wanted to see the art up close. The young budding boy got a kick out of his new unsheltered privilege. “Wait until the guys hear about this,” was cancelled. I had already had to say good-bye to my friends.

I watched my first actual moving nude bodies and of course, the nude ballet. I realized that bodies were fascinating to watch. I pondered why the star wasn’t as Playboy beautiful as the others. When it was a memory, I treated my response as “mature” and “art” and then, I overheard my dad telling a friend that, “Yea, we were close enough to see the pubic hairs,” which was my observation and sentiment. “Oh boy,” did I think that that was a sexy treat, but I kept my cool.

Saturated by old European art for several years prior, I had grown to know how to separate the sex and the humanity and art of the nude body, but there was a continuing confusion of any black and white demarcations. American culture dominated my outlook after that, until I had a shower with my girlfriend at 16. I then discovered a wholesomeness that I was not aware of. It ultimately took the experience of social nudity to come to realistic terms, which was later, during the late 1960’s early 1970’s.
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