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Epiphany and Anniversary
« on: June 01, 2020, 03:13:50 PM »
Here in the UK the June sun is beating down. It was on such a day many years ago.....

It was an unexpected afternoon off from college. I loaded up some reading homework  and cycled off the few miles to a friendly wooded area on a high chalk ridge with magnificent views. At that time I had not learned to swim, so a swimming costume did not feature in my wardrobe. Not expecting to be seen, an open backed athletic supporter was the least cover I could manage.

In a secluded area I stripped down to the minimum and read on.

After some time I stopped reading and enjoyed my surroundings. I thought 'It is very warm and I can't be seen by anyone. Why am I wearing anything?' Finding no good answer, the supporter came off, and I became a nudist. it really was an epiphany, as I have tried to avoid clothes ever since.

The Anniversary? It was sixty years ago today.

Does anyone else recall their first nude experience?


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Re: Epiphany and Anniversary
« Reply #1 on: June 01, 2020, 04:45:26 PM »
Its hard to say what qualifies as my first nudist experience was. I started sleeping naked at about age 6 because it was so hot in my upstairs bedroom during summers.  I was sent to YMCA swimming lessons at about age 7 or 8, and the YMCA swimming pool was naked in those years.  At about age 9 or 10 I was sleeping outside in the back yard with some neighbor boys because the upstairs bedrooms were too hot in mid summer.  I was sleeping naked in a sleeping bag because I didn't own any pajamas.  One of the boys dared another to run naked in the dark to the back fence and return.  Soon we were all running naked out the back gate into our school yard which was behind our houses.  Maybe that was the first "nudist" experience -- if you don't count sleeping naked or swimming naked.  That was about 65 years ago.
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Re: Epiphany and Anniversary
« Reply #2 on: June 10, 2020, 11:55:56 PM »

That's a great reminiscence, Barerider.  Would that my own early experience of nudity was so idyllic.
I recall little of my formative naturism.  I dimly remember wanting to be naked as a small boy maybe 8yo although I do remember , a bit like Bob, choosing to sleep without pyjamas in warmer weather in my early teens and relishing the improved experience.  But also I do recall the feeling of it being somehow 'wrong'.  That didn't stop me doing it though! I remember we used to swim naked in the school pool sometimes when allowed a quick dip after some non swimming sport such as running or gym.  When I was a university student that was a period of relative domestic freedom and so I got used to sleeping naked.  Then there is a big gap.  I don't recall actively enjoying nakedness outdoors for many years until somehow or other, and again, memory fades, the desire to be naked became stronger and eventually I reached out to try and find out if it was only me and if it was 'wrong'.  That's when I discovered The Secret Naturist Society website (about 2007) and all the wonderful crew there, mostly now departed our company.  That's when I realised there were lots like me and that it wasn't wrong - just a bit odd in many people's eyes and that living naked was something to be enjoyed, embraced and was a reinforcing life experience, particularly outdoor naturism in nature.


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Re: Epiphany and Anniversary
« Reply #3 on: June 11, 2020, 03:01:18 AM »
Nudity was always a sexy thing, excepting hot humid summer nights in Michigan and those times that the laundry didn't get the highschool suits back in time. I ended up enjoying naked when drunk on campouts, once or twice. Then about 16, I was about to take this sexy nekkid shower with my girlfriend and found the experience to be rather wholesome instead. That's probably the turn to naturism, a change in attitude and perception.
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