Naked Munros
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Rapeseed field - somewhere in Bedfordshire along the A1

(Written by Karla)

We also used the Hasselblad as a comparison and came up with one our favourite photos. This is the photo at the top of the page of my bottom. When we decided to close down the old Naked Munros site because of excessive media interest, we used this photo. It reminds me of an album cover from the 70's. I was thrilled when an artist from New Zealand used it as a basis of a painting and sent me a scan. The second photo is also Hasselblad medium format film. When describing the difference between film and digital, I like to use an analogy of painting using oil-paints or water colours. The former has far more colour saturation whereas the latter is more documentary style.

One thing that we learnt from the pictures is that I don't feel too comfortable doing the DOMAI style petite, floaty, girly shots. I much prefer scrambling around, getting covered in peat and frankly just enjoying myself.