Naked Munros
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Beinn Ghlas

(Written by Karla)

It was a glorious summer's day and we met up with two of Stuart's friends, Jamie and Deirdre. Our fitness levels were greater than theirs because we had been spending the last year and a half trekking up hillsides with heavy paragliders on our back. And besides which, Jamie and Deirdre have a more relaxed attitude to life, probably in proportion to the amount of tea they make. So when summit fever kicked in we ended up rushing off to the top and left them behind. Now being an exhibitionist at heart, I wasn't new to the idea of getting my kit off at a drop of a hat. A couple of friends of ours collected photographs of nude photographs outside UK landmarks. We had tried lewd exhibitionist type photographs and also more tasteful nudes. We found we preferred the latter. So what with it being a nice day with gorgous views and having some time to kill, I decided to get a few photographs.

By the time Jamie and Deirdre joined us I was clothed again. We then had to wait even longer while they had their own much needed rest and I realised how cold it could get hanging around on a summit after some nude photography. Once we ready to descend we decided that taking photographs on Scottish munros was really fun and that we should record the ascent and descent as well as the summit. So we decided to go down the other side of the mountain via the smaller track. Having had a much longer rest than Jamie and Deirdre and also being cold and needing to warm up, Stuart and I rushed on ahead wanting to take more photos.

By the time we got down the car park was virtually empty of cars. Jamie and Deirdre were still up the mountain and old habits die hard. So I had my photo taken in front of the signof the visitor centre to really establish beyond doubt where I had stripped off. By the time Jamie and Deirdre joined us I was clothed again but they had seen this little pink spec in the distance and immediately guessed what we had been doing.