Naked Munros
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Meall Ghaordaidh

(Written by Karla)

We parked the car in Glen Lyon and walked up. We decided to take the shorter but steeper route and I realised how much more fun it is when you have to scramble. It takes your mind off a laborious, punishing slog and gives you something to concentrate on and enjoy. The weather wasn't that special being somewhat overcast and nowhere really inspired us to take photos.

As we reached the summit we thought we could hear voices but they dissappeared down the otherside of the mountain and we never did see who it was. We reached the summit only to see a large storm front quickly coming in. The wind started to pick up and we decided not to stay too long. Much to Stuart's amazement I started to strip off. If I could get that storm front in the picture then even better! Unfortunately it came in too fast, literally within the minute. So the background just looks grey and uniform. I didn't want to be nude on the summit of a munro whilst it was raining so we only took two photos before hurrying down out of the wind but not escaping the rain. We took an easier descent than the path we took up to the summit as parts of it were quite steep. After Meall Ghaordie I vowed that whenever I reached the summit of a munro I would strip off, no matter what the weather.