Naked Munros
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Ben Chonzie

(Written by Karla)

We decided that this time we would go via another, longer, route via Crieff and Loch Turret reservoir. We had figured out by now that we always start late in the day after a long lie-in of hugs and cuddles which left us no time to travel to any munro too far away by the time we got up. This mountain was no exception.

It was a long walk of several kilometres to get to the mountain before we even started to gain any significant height, but it was still pleasant even if I was worried about how tired I would be at the end of the day. At one point we suddenly realised that we had just walked past a big fat mountain hare sitting still on the side of the track trying not to be noticed. It was the wildlife that made this trip different to the others. The mountain was replete with hares bouncing away as we approached. Sometimes we would catch a sillohette of their heads against the skyline. I realised that it would have been a good idea to bring a telephoto lense and everytime I wonder whether to bring it I always think of Ben Chonzie.

As we neared the summit we started to realise how strong the wind was. I would estimate around 30 knots (give or take 10, my estimations arn't that good ...). Reaching the summit I was glad to see that there was a big cairn to shelter out of the howling gale whilst I undressed. It was certainly cold but fortunately not wet. The views were great though! We continued on from the summit via the ridge to the corbett of Carn Chois, spotting a ptarmigan on the way which was a delight. At the corbett Stuart finally decided to strip off himself, standing on the trig point and exposing himself to the town of Crieff down below. It was the first time I had tried to take a photo of a male nude and I wasn't sure what look to go for. So in the end I decided on pictures expressing the fun and joyfulness of full-frontal nudity!

Unfortunately we didn't manage to get any more munros in for the rest of the year.