Naked Munros
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Stud an Lochain

(Written by Karla)

When we reached the ridge I was posing naked when Stuart noticed two specks walking towards us in the distance. I posed for a few more photos and got dressed again before walking on. When we passed them by I gave a nice cheery “Hello!”. When we got to where they were when I was posing I looked back and saw how it must have been obvious that I was naked.

The loch came into view and I wanted to take more photos of it but time was pressing on and we decided that it was more important to reach the summit and take some quick photos on the way back. Apart from anything else there would be a different light later on in the day which would probably look so much better.

There was insufficient wind for paragliding on the smaller hills down south but at the summit it would have been quite paraglidable, except for the ridge along the bowl which was blowing around 20 knots. It was this mountain that started us thinking about the possibilities of bringing lightweight kit up with us for such days. Flying down from the summit would have been a delight but we found a way of walking down which was equally as pleasant.

After we both stripped off at the top of the mountain we decided that the ambient temperature was so nice that we would both walk down the mountain completely naked (except for the bag, boots and hat). I have to admit though that I was more nervous about the lack of protection for my skin if I slipped on the way down. And I had to carry my camera with the cold metal bouncing against my skin. It was much nicer when I finally managed to squeeze it in Stuart's bag and my body warmed up from the exercise. The colder air became quite stimulating.

Back across the bowl I was adamant that we were walking past the classic shot for the loch and the summit. I was very keen to get the classic shots with a nude in the foreground. Stuart disagreed saying it was later on so we continued. When we got to where Stuart thought it was we found out that the loch was partially obscured. I was very upset that I had missed such a great opportunity although we were both wrong as to where the best shot lay. Luckily we had managed to get a shot of me from the summit with the loch below me but I didn't know how well that one came out as it was taken using slide film and needed to be processed first.

We managed to get quite a way down the mountain with the car in sight before we decided it was better to get dressed again as there were several other cars as well. Being late in the day we expected that other people would be walking back as well.