Naked Munros
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Meall Ghlas

(Written by Stuart)

Afterwards, we joined a bulldozed track up the mountain, and headed for the top, Beinn Cheathaich. Karla was in a particularly energetic mood that day, and raced ahead, leaving Tamara and I to chat as we carried on up the track. I wonder if the next time we see Karla, she'll be naked? I asked as we approached the end of the path. I was right. Karla had found a nice spot for some pics, and Tamara and I took some.

As we pushed on to the first top, Tamara was struggling, but refused to give up. We stopped just after Beinn Cheathaich for a break, and when we set off again, Tamara was full of energy. We reached the summit quickly. We quickly posed for our first pictures together, the first time we'd had another photographer to take photos of us both on a summit.

It was delightful up there, and I was reluctant to get dressed and descend, but I could feel myself getting cold, so another naked descent wasn't going to happen. We got dressed and started heading down. But I can never resist doing something silly, so when we came to a patch of ice, I stripped off and ran through it. It was even colder than I expected, and the expression on my face in the photos is one of pain!

We found one more spot as the light got a little warmer, and Tamara took one last photo of us. We then proceeded on down and reached the bottom, tired and happy. Tamara was no longer a Munro virgin!