Naked Munros
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Stob Dubh - Buachaille Etive Beag

(Written by Karla)

Sitting in the car looking at the wind outside and remembering back to the overcast sky outside the hotel, it seemed plausible that there could be a wind chill on the mountain so I didn't bother packing my cotton T-shirt. I completely forgot that the sun can still heat everything up in September. I packed my technical long-sleeved T-shirt instead. Ten minutes after setting off I was sweltering so I stripped down to my bra and converted my trousers into shorts. By the time we started to ascend I had decided to climb the wee Buachaille naked.

This seemed rather risky considering that we were climbing in one of the most popular parts of the highlands on probably the last gorgeous Saturday of the season, but the weather was too good to be anything but naked! I could see whether anyone was behind us and I could see if anyone was starting to descend. It felt so natural and so much more comfortable. Occassionally I would walk into a little waterfall bouncing down the rocks alongside the path or sit in a rock pool in order to cool down.

Unfortunately we noticed another party catching us up, so as we neared the col between the two peaks I was forced to get dressed again. I really resented getting dressed when the weather was so good. The whole concept of clothes seems so stupid on such occassions but we didn't want to embarress or offend anyone. I decided on a compromise and at the last moment I changed into my bra and shorts again. We soon started to bump into people coming down.

Stuart asked me which peak to climb first and I decided on Stob Dubh, the peak furtherest away that people normally do after the smaller peak of Stob Coire Raineach. Maybe I made the wrong choice because by the time we reached the peak we noticed a large gathering of people on the other peak. We heard later that someone had just 'compleated' all the munros and were drinking champagne! As we approached the summit we passed by a couple wearing heavy fleeces and body warmers. Honestly, on a day like this? We summited, I quickly stripped off and we took some photos.

Before Stuart could do the same a whole bunch of squaddies ascended from the other side. We had to wait for two hours before the peak was free again. We were just about to ask them if they minded us getting naked when they left on their own accord. We didn't mind though, the day was so beautiful and the sun was so warm. Where else could anyone want to be?

It was obvious now the weather was going to hold all day. I had trouble believeing that I was in Scotland and not in Spain. Bidean nam Bean and the Aonach Eagach looked gorgous. Even Ben Nevis was clear! But time was drawing on, the light was getting hazier and the shadows longer so we hurried on from Stob Dubh to Stob Coire Raineach.

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