Naked Munros
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Stob Coire Raineach - Buachaille Etive Beag

(Written by Karla)

We felt alive on the hills. We were back to where we were meant to be. It had been a wonderful day exceeding all expectations. It is rare to have such good weather on the hills during September. The sun was moving lower in the sky and the shadows were growing longer. It reminded me of the time we camped on Stob Binnein during mid-summer, but we knew that it was September and the days were much shorter. It was time for us to descend, we were already past our turn-around time but as the descent was relatively short compared to the walk-in we didn't mind too much.

After a few minutes descent we warmed up again, sufficiently so that we could do the rest of the trip naked. We quickly reached the bottom and started to walk out. The temperature dropped and the wind picked up, particularly when we left the relative shelter of the glen formed by the two Buachailles. We were nearly back at the road and night had already descended. We decided to get dressed again. The car's thermostat read 8 degrees Centigrade by the time we got back but we had hardly noticed it walking naked. We had only known that it was cold when we touched our skin with our fingers and noticed the contrast. A brisk walk can keep you nice and warm! But we did shiver when we sat down to eat back at Tyndrum!

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