Naked Munros
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Geal Charn - Pass of Drumochter

(Written by Stuart)

Karla was getting restless. We were stuck in a mobile home by Corpach and by now Karla was behaving like an energetic puppy dog that had been locked up for way too long. I wanted to take her outside when the wind dropped and throw a ball for her to fetch, but I knew it wouldn’t be enough. We needed a Munro.

The weather forecast suggested that the mass of rain and cloud would end near Drumochter, so we set out to bag the four munros on the west side of the glen. They have a reputation for being a bit boring, but I was looking forward to the views we’d get from the summits over to the remote Ben Alder region. As we approached the parking spot, we felt less than optimistic. Although the peaks were just below the cloud base, the winds at the top were clearly still very fast. Never the less, we set up, hopeful that we would warm up.

It felt great to be back. This was our first time in the Highlands for seven months, and even a windy Drumochter peak was fun to climb. But with every step we felt the wind increase, and every so often we’d see clouds billow over some of our intended summits at high speed.

Before long we reached the summit plateau, and the wind began howling over us. We walked leaning into the wind and a sense of fear build within us at what we would have to do when we reached the summit. We knew that there was no chance of any real naturism today and our interest in the climb was fading fast.

Reaching the summit cairn was scary. We knew we had to get naked, and it wasn’t going to be fun. The air was cold and damp, and the wind was blowing hard (we later found out the temperature with the wind chill was -9C!) but it didn’t stop us, and it was still fun to do. Karla ran around nude for a few minutes, her clothes safe in the shelter of the cairn to do her photos, but the cold began to get to her and she got dressed. Then it was my turn. Cold and windy it may have been, but it felt good to be naked on a mountain top again. I felt alive, even if every second was painful!

And yet as soon as we were down off the summit plateau and out of the wind and rain we felt better. So it was off with the clothes and time to run around on the mountainside! It may be too cold to walk down nude, but we were going to have at least a few minutes of naturism! As the traffic roared through the Pass of Drumochter along the A9 some 400m below us, we ran naked and free across the hillside. We ran up and down the hill, we leapt from rock to rock across the cold wet peat and we even ran around bouncing and dancing with happy naked freedom in some very silly ways!

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