Naked Munros
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Meall nan Tarmachan

(Written by Karla)

A whole week's holiday was ahead of us but somehow this added more stress to the day. We were still in the mindset from previous trips where there was pressure to bag whatever we could regardless of the weather. During those holidays we would only have a week before travelling down south again. The last two summers had been frustratingly unsuccessful mountain-wise, and the summer before that was frustrating because we had been unable to make use of the good weather. The last time we had bagged a munro had been two years ago and that had ended very badly indeed. So today, I in particular, found it difficult to accept that if we didn't bag this munro, we could just go up another weekend. Today helped us to finally accept the fact that we were properly back.

Walking up we saw some paragliders launching from the hill. Another hobby I had to put on hold until I could return. My own wing had been rotting away in the back bedroom for three years with only five hours flying time on it. I wanted to chat to them but they all flew off before we could reach them. Still, it told us that the wind was not too strong further up. As we approached the summit we saw other people there. Also behind us were a small party who were taking a rather long rest break. I was trying to calculate how long we would have the summit to ourselves. After a while, the other party on the summit decided to descend and the party behind us decided to turn back. We had the mountain to ourselves!

Now I could finally play around and partake in some naturism! Stuart reeled off the shots while I scampered around, clambered up slopes and threw snowballs at him. The wind had dropped, the sun was warm and the banks of the slopes were grassy and comfortable to sit on whilst admiring the views. It would have been lovely to have continued on along the ridge but time was moving on and we had to think about getting back.

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