Naked Munros
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Meall Corranaich

(Written by Karla)

When we first attempted this munro we had only just moved down to the south coast. It was Easter 2006 and we were back for the first time. The weather was not kind to us and the weekend was drawing to an unsuccessful close. So on the last day we camped at the bottom of it and decided that we would give it a try anyway. The thermometer in the hire car read two degrees Celsius above zero. That was OK though, even if it was going to be much colder at the top of the mountain. The main worry was the strong wind that had plagued the weekend.

As we walked up I nervously looked at the clouds flying past. We could see the higher parts of the munro and other mountains nearby. There was a dark black sheen to the summits that looked like frost. As we gained height the ground temporarily flattened out and we were hit by the full force of the wind. It had increased as expected. Judging by today and previous weather reports, it was easily 50mph. Then the thought occurred to me. What would happen if my clothes were blown away in the wind? With a heavy heart I decided that we had to turn round. We were just being too desperate. Still, I might as well get a photo of the conditions. I picked a spot which was slightly sheltered from the wind and Stuart watched through the view finder as my skin turned a uniform shade of deep pink from the wind chill.

Photographic details