Naked Munros
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Meall Buidhe

(Written by Stuart)

The end of the road where we left our car was a familiar spot. We'd parked here five years ago when we climbed the neighbouring mountain, Stuhd an Lochain, a mountain we'll remember for ever as our first ever mountain we descended naked from. But we were heading in the opposite direction today, and as we headed up the hillside we began to encounter other hillwalkers. It seemed that as the first good weekend of the year, everyone was out walking today!

But we're never the fastest walkers, and as the day started to warm up, everyone seemed to leave us behind. As we approached the summit ridge we saw what looked like the last person of the day heading back down the mountain, so we would now be the only people up there.

Karla stopped to put the bottoms of her zip off trousers back on, but so eager was I to summit, I just set off across the summit plateau to the final top. Enthused and delighted in the warm sun, and feeling safe in the assumption we now had the mountain to ourselves, I stripped naked and ran across the mountain with delight. I was surround by a magnificent landscape, with past conquests visible in every direction, from Glencoe, to the Ben Lawers range and even almost to the Cairngorms.

Karla arrived a few minutes later and started taking pictures. The view from the summit across Rannoch Moor was simply stunning, and this place had amazing potential. But after a few minutes, a lucky glance behind me revealed two walkers who had come up a different route just a few hundred meters away. We were as close to being busted as we've ever been yet! I quickly hid behind the summit cairn and started throwing clothes on. I must have had mere seconds to spare when they arrived, but they either saw nothing or said nothing, although they did seem to be in a hurry to leave the summit, even with the magnificent views!

And then it was time to be (almost) busted again! We saw two people at the end of the ridge heading towards the summit. It was going to take them a while to get here, so we kept on shooting, and as they disappeared from view in a little dip before where we were, Karla ran and got dressed behind the cairn.

Putting clothes on again was frustrating. We had descended the neighbouring mountain nude at the same time of year, so we had been hopeful of repeating the experience, but it wasn't to be. But we weren't disappointed, after the severe winter we'd had, getting to the mountains as early as April felt like a real bonus, and its really got us ready for the climbing season to come.

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