Naked Munros
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(Written by Stuart)

Climbing Driesh is tempting fate. I'd always assumed the name was a typo, from when some visitor from the Ordinance Survey had turned up to map the area and asked a local what it was, and the local had said "its dreich", one of the many Scottish phrases for "its raining". Whenever I've thought of climbing it, its always been at the back of my mind that I'd end up with terrible weather and have to make the "how was Driesh?" - "oh, it was dreich" joke at some point.

But the weather gods were kind, and our trip started early afternoon from the Glen Clova car park. We began the trek up through the forest tracks, and we wandered into what could only be described as an invertebrate orgy. Every kind of six legged, eight legged and more legged creature we saw was busy shagging like crazy, either whizzing by in the air, or lying in the middle of the path. Clearly there was something in the Glen Clova air that day!

As the walk continued up through the forest it soon opened up into Corrie Kilbo and the long path that leads up to the col between Driesh and Mayar. When we reached the col, we turned left, past some ptarmigan and up the steep grassy slopes, eventually reaching the large cairn and trig point of Driesh.

As usual, we were the last ones there of the day, and we had the whole mountain to ourselves. Although the summit is one of the flatter and duller ones as munros go, the lingering snows of the previous harsh winter made for some beautiful vistas to Loch Nagar and beyond. But time was getting on and the not-so-quite-flat-and-boring summit of Mayar awaited us.

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