Naked Munros
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(Written by Stuart)

Setting off from the small village of Clach Toll (and the grimmest camp site in the world), we headed along an old track into the wilds. Although the weather briefly threatened to turn quite rough, it soon changed into another beautiful day, and before long the clothes were off and we were enjoying the wild remoteness as nature intended. I’d visited this area many times before I became a naturist and I can safely say that there’s something very, very fulfilling about being nude in an environment like this. There are no roads, no people, no fences or other signs of civilisation here, so there should be no clothes either. Standing naked on the rocks before this landscape, with the hot sun and cool air on my skin felt like the most perfectly peaceful moment I could imagine.

Then I looked down

Scrambling up my naked legs were the largest number of sheep ticks I’ve ever seen. I stopped counting at about thirty before brushing them off in horror at the thought of no longer being at the top of the food chain. Midges are bad enough, but these guys will sit there feeding on you for days if you let them! Undeterred, although we never stopped checking our legs, we hung around in that area for a few hours. It was a blissful place to be nude, with the mountains of Inverpolly in the distance to one side and the Atlantic Ocean to the other. We got some amazing pictures on this trip before an approaching weather front made us reluctantly head back to what passes for civilisation around here.

Photographic details