Naked Munros
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Allt Bail a' Mhuilinn

Stuart and I stripped off and entered the pool. It was a gorgeous summer day and the pool was nice and refreshing. The sides of the rock pool were steep and intimate. We spent a fair while just sitting and enjoying the passage of time. As we got dressed and made our way to the car, we noticed a couple of gorge-walkers making their way up the stream in their wet suits and helmets. Another ten minutes later and they would have stumbled upon us. I've done a spot of canyoning in Turkey and really enjoyed it. Perhaps nude gorge walking could be a fun thing to try!

We got back to the car and drove off, trying to catch sight of the spot where we stayed. A little further down the road we realised that cars coming up the other way would get a momentary glimpse of some small naked figures, but not enough for anyone to be sure that skinny dipping was afoot!

So overall a very nice spot but not the most isolated by highland standards.